"Lebreau asked me out on a date," Lightning added into the idle conversation she and Fang had been having from the rock she had been sitting on, overlooking the wild plains of Pulse. Fang was laying below her feet on the grassy ground idly chewing a blade of grass, but she stopped chewing now and glanced up through her messy dark bangs to fix Lightning with a raised-eyebrow stare.

"Oh?" was all Fang said in reply, before she went back to slowly chewing her grass blade.

Lightning just kept herself from bristling with annoyance at Fang's apparent disinterest in her statement. It shouldn't and didn't matter to her if Fang cared whether or not she had a date. It wasn't as if she wanted Fang to care after all.

Not at all

With a small huff of air Lightning jumped down from the rock, and began striding off into the wilderness. She needed to stab and kill something...right now.

Fang hurriedly scrambled to her feet, and quickly moved to catch up with the fast moving strawberry-haired woman.

"Whoa whoa there, soldier. Where are you rushing off to in such a hurry?" Fang asked gamely, as she walked backwards in front of the steadily-moving, blue-eyed woman.

Lightning felt a scowl slipping across her lips as she reached down towards her gunblade, pulled it out, and went after the first wild creature that she could find, which just so happened to be standing right behind Fang. Silver Lobos were generally hunted down this close to New Bodhum anyways, so Lightning didn't feel any regret for suddenly rushing the creature with a loud battle cry, which swept her right passed the startled Fang.

Fang almost jumped out of her skin when she saw Lightning sweep past her with a loud cry, gunblade held high as she rushed towards a Silver Lobo Fang hadn't even realized was so close behind her.

Fang cursed under her breath at her almost costly slip-up, as her attention had been so finely-attuned to Lightning and her every move and word. Losing focus like that out here out on the wild plains was dangerous at best, and stupidly deadly at worst. Fang spat out the blade of grass she had still held between her teeth, reached behind her for her ever-present spear, and ran after Lightning into battle.

She was just in time to see the giant Behemoth that was already in standing form, suddenly come out of nowhere and swipe at Lightning with the flat of its heavy, deadly blade.

Lightning who would have normally have been able to sense an ant sneaking up on her, must have had her attention and thoughts seriously focused on something else besides her surroundings, because she never saw the swipe coming until the Behemoth's blade had batted her halfway across the hard-packed dirt ground, and away from the Silver Lobo she had mostly already killed.

Fang let out an enraged bellow and charged the Behemoth, slashing, cutting, and striking the beast in concentrated blows and slices that left the creature howling in rage itself, as it tried mightily to defend against Fang's hard thrusts and strikes. But Fang was complete red-rimmed rage and pure, burning fury as her vision narrowed down to a single point of attack and destroy, all while her heart cried out for Lightning to be alright.

Finally with a final hard, striking stab forward Fang skewered the Behemoth on the end of her spear, causing the beast to topple over dead, it's heavy blade clattering from its hand to land heavily atop the now-cooling corpse of the Silver Lobo.

Fang stood breathing heavily for a few seconds, her arms shaking from the concerted effort of killing the beast now laying unmoving at her feet. Her shaking hands clutched at her blood-smeared lance, as she tried to ignore all the cuts and bruises she'd received from her battle. Then a low, pained moan reached her ear and Fang immediately forgot all about her own injuries, as she rushed over to the barely-moving form of the woman she loved.

"Dammit, Lightning! Why did you rush headlong into a random battle like that! How am I supposed to protect you...when you go off and put yourself into needless danger like that," Fang finished in a soft, trembling voice as she gently pulled Lightning's head and shoulders onto her lap.

"I'm going to have to get Vanille to heal you, and she is not going to be happy about seeing us both hurt. And Serah is going to have my hide when she sees how badly I failed to protect you. Really you silly woman, just what am I going to do with you...because I can't live without you," Fang murmured softly into Lightning's neck, as she held the unconscious woman close against her chest. She didn't know just how extensive Lightning's hidden injuries were, but she suspected broken ribs and bones going by the small dribble of blood coming from the side of Lightning's closed lips.

Fang cursed under her breath as she used the pad of her thumb to wipe away the small line of blood, and then wished fervently that she still had the ability to summon Bahamut. She could then have climbed onto his back, and gently held Lightning to her as he carried them both back to New Bodhum. As it was, while all of the former l'Cie still maintained the ability to use magic after the fall of Cocoon, they had lost the ability to call upon their Eidolons. Fang herself could use a small bit of healing magic, but she had nowhere near the power and ability that Vanille or even Hope possessed. But what she did have would have to suffice, until she could carry Lightning back to New Bodhum to receive better healing from their friends.

Fang closed her eyes and focused on the small, roiling core of pure white energy within her, that represented the magical power inside of her body. She focused and pulled on the small bit of it that was reserved for the magical healing part of herself. As she already knew it wasn't much, as the vast majority of her magical ability was devoted to pure raw power and magical strength, for attacking and crushing her opponents. But she had just enough healing ability to let it trickle out and spread out over Lightning's prone form in a white, sparkling light which then sunk down through Lightning's clothes and down into her skin.

Fang could now feel the damage done to the woman in her arms and with a small grunt of effort, she set about healing and knotting back the broken ribs that Lightning had received when she had been hit by the Behemoth's heavy blade. She also managed to knit back together Lightning's punctured lung, which had been the cause of the blood trickling slowly from her lips.

Unfortunately it was only a patch job.

Vanille would be able to do a much better and more professional job of healing, but at least now Fang could carry Lightning back to New Bodhum without worry that she would cause further injuries to the woman she loved, nestled protectively in her arms.

With a soft grunt Fang slowly rose to her feet, gently picked Lightning up and settled her carefully against her chest, before turning around and heading back towards New Bodhum...back to their home.

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