Caroline opened her eyes slowly to the weak warmth of the first rays of sun that started coming inside of their luxurious hotel room, she was resting on her side with her back to Klaus, she was naked and there was an expensive soft sheet covering her fairly from her chest down, she had her arm close to her heart while his arm was under her pillow but bending around her to hold her in that protective way of his.

She smiled because his forehead was rested against the back of her head and his breath was on her neck, she felt safe like this and it was the best feeling in the world, Caroline tried to be as quiet as possible and swiftly moved to rest on her belly so that she could watch him, she grinned hugely because finally she had caught him sleeping and her happy eyes covered the wonder that was Klaus.

He slept rested on his back, his other hand rested lazily around the sheet that covered him barely and she took the chance to adore his face, she trailed his wonderful features and stopped at his chin to gently stroke it with her thumb, she smiled when Klaus moaned waking up.

She rested her palm over his naked chest enjoying the way that he looked at her with a sleeping daze. "Good morning." she whispered in love.

"You are already awake." he sleepily told her.

She found his groggy voice adorable. "Finally I catch you sleeping and get to stare at you for a change."

Klaus smiled and moved his hand to caress her back. "That's a rare happening indeed..."

She made little lazy circles on his chest and sighed. "I'd get used to rare happenings if I were you."

He crossed his features with a hand looking to wake up properly. "Are you by any means referring to the bridge episode?"

Caroline smiled. "I'm going to marry you... no biggy." she shrugged.

"So you haven't changed your mind sweetheart?" he poked one of her wayward curls.

"I'll be wearing your name soon." she replied happy.

"I wouldn't mind if that's all you'd be wearing for all eternity, if I'm allowed the honesty." he cunningly smiled.

"I bet Niklaus..." she teased him.

They shared a perfect small laughter, they were happy and at peace with how things had come such a full circle for them.

After a slow kiss Caroline nested on his chest. "Nik..." she whispered.

"Yes love?"

"I don't want to go home just yet." she confessed aware that things might not ever be this perfect again.

"I'm not returning without you." he playfully said.

Caroline smiled and looked up at him. "Can we stay one more day?"

"Of course we can Caroline." he answered quietly.

She looked at him in a peculiar way that she knew messed with him, her eyes smoldering and full of fire.

"I know that look through and through." he stated.

She smiled using her everlasting power over him. "Well... maybe we could do a bit more sightseeing and then a little shopping as well?"

"Already I feel the weight of being a husband." he raised an eyebrow.

Caroline kept her gaze on him while moving in bed, he was somewhat expectant about what was going to happen when she moved slowly and seductively straddled him, she bent down and smiled wickedly at him before finding his lips and stealing a soft kiss from them.

She caught his bottom lip between her teeth pulling at it lusciously, loving instantly that he groaned because of that, she stroked his cheek and looked straight into his eyes. "How about you feel the weight of your future wife?"

Klaus licked his sore lip, Caroline knew how to push his buttons better than anyone. "I don't know about that love..." he placed his hands on her back supporting her as he moved to sit up.

Caroline gasped a tad because she felt him ready under her. "Are you sure?"

"It depends on your will to show it to me." he lost his hand in her wonderful soft hair.

Caroline pulled him in for a deep kiss, one that woke desire redder than simple lust and she caressed his shoulders lazily while she rubbed her core against him, Klaus' guttural groan faded into her mouth while they kept the kiss going.

When they parted from the kiss she took him in with a steady motion, she met his eyes in control and that was as exciting as the act of being with Klaus itself, she started swinging her body but laced her hands around his neck. "Don't move..." she asked him.

Klaus couldn't tell what excited him more, the control and power that she had over him in this precise moment or the fact that they had come this far and that Caroline was now so much at ease in their relationship that she was openly calling all the shots.

Whatever it was, it was messing with him a lot and he groaned with the steady motion of her hips, he grabbed her ass hard to pull her to him and she moaned throwing her head back while buckling up to take him faster.

He was so deeply lodged inside of her that Caroline knew that there was nothing of him that she was leaving out although Klaus was a really big man, she swayed hard and fast and rested her hands on the mattress so that she could ride him in that sweet pumping rhythm.

Klaus closed his eyes with a growl, he wouldn't last for long but still she was the one in charge and all that he could was moan her name over and over.

Caroline searched for his lips eager to feel them upon hers, she took another kiss from him but kept on moving, she buried her fingers into the soft flesh of his shoulders and moved faster now, she was moments away from ending it.

Klaus pulled her for another kiss, his hand was in the back of her neck while her hair tickled him and her smell surrounded him.

She whimpered his name when she felt that rush coming over her, he found his release as she tightened strongly around him, it was impossible for them to love each other more than they did right now.

Caroline rested her head against his shoulder a bit tired while he kept her safe and protected by wrapping his arms around her, that was his main duty to the woman he loved above all.

"I love you." she whispered while wrapping her arms around him as well.

Rebekah and Bonnie used a flashlight to lead the path through the dark maze that were the caves, when they reached a fork they both decided to go straight ahead but with the first step came a strong block from their company.

Kol and Damon gave them a serious look and a raised eyebrow.

The girls rolled their eyes in perfect sync.

"These caves are full of traps and it's not a good idea to have the humans up front." Damon took the lead but halted to look at Kol. "You are the immortal one so..." he pointed at the dark ahead of them.

"Why are we even here?" Kol easily triggered one of the traps with his hand.

When a few steel lances were launched brutally to the wall the girls looked at each other.

"Your sister was at Rick's earlier going through the pictures that he took from the caves but there's a part missing, that silly bastard didn't have time to capture everything before he was turned into a vampire and forbidden to go inside of the caves again." Damon said with a nostalgic tone while remembering his best friend.

"So Bekah decided that this was the best idea ever… to venture into a series of tunnels and halls and then inside of a chamber where neither of us can step in?" Kol was unhappy about this.

"Yeah, Bex is smart like that." Damon said as they reached the main cave.

"I'm standing right here..." she hissed at Damon while moving past him and into the cave.

Bonnie simply ignored another one of Kol's scolding looks and followed Rebekah inside, she pointed at the drawings on the wall where the primitive story of the Original family was featured.

Rebekah skimmed through the pictures saved in her phone, she was searched for the missing bits while Bonnie found a place to rest the Black Grimoire that she borrowed from Klaus.

"I found it!" Rebekah exclaimed.

Bonnie used her flashlight to see the drawings that focused on a wolf. "I think that you're right..." Bonnie whispered.

"See how the wolf is in the middle and then all of these symbols are linked to that..." Rebekah moved along the wall slowly.

Bonnie touched one of the drawings. "I recognize this..." she went back to the Grimoire and showed Rebekah one of the pages.

"It's incomplete." the blonde shed some light on the wall.

"Actually Bekah... I think that this is the reverse spell."

"Umm… hello?" Damon waved from the entry. "For all of those who don't speak witch?"

"We found the spell that was used to turn Nik into a wolf on the wall but we also found out that we have the reversing one on our hands." Rebekah pointed at the Grimoire with her flashlight.

Kol nodded impressed. "I'm assuming that this is good."

"Whatever it is we shouldn't stay here for long..." Damon glanced back restless.

Kol was on alert as well, Damon made a hand gesture pointing behind them while Kol nodded.

"What is it?" Bonnie asked in a low voice.

"Stay here." he told Bonnie. "And I do mean that!" Kol added serious.

She nodded and within a blink Damon and Kol were gone.

Rebekah captured the entire spell on the wall with her phone, she was being quick and focused but startled when a loud yell erupted from outside the caves. "Vampires?" she looked at Bonnie.

The other nodded. "Probably, and Damon and Kol are keeping them out of here." she said when a big commotion started, there was a fight going on now.

"What are you doing?" Rebekah asked Bonnie when she saw that the tiny firecracker was ready to leave.

"Your brother is out there fighting so I'm not going to stand here and do nothing about it." Bonnie headed to the entry determined.

"This is the only safe place for us, whoever is fighting their way through my brother and Damon can't step foot in here." Rebekah reminded her before glancing outside.

"You should stay here Bekah." Bonnie said softly.

"I know that you didn't mean that." Rebekah scoffed.

Bonnie smiled. "Then just stay close, ok?"

"Wait..." she asked grabbing Bonnie's arm. "How do I do that thing where you inflict pain on vampires with your mind?"

"Just think about how much you hate them and then use that anger to bring them down to their knees in excruciating pain."

Rebekah nodded. "Sounds easy."

Elijah cleaned his hands in a towel while he looked at the hybrid hanging from the ceiling bleeding from the torturing wounds on his body. "You could make all of this easier on yourself Tyler, just tell me what I need to know."

Tyler drew enough strength to smile. "This isn't the first time you've tortured me... so trust me, I'm getting the hang of it."

Elijah put the towel away to hold a knife. "The issue I'm faced with here is that I'm tired of inflicting pain when you won't tell me anything, I don't enjoy the side of bringing someone close to death without a purpose and I'm afraid this is becoming that case. If you can't be of any help to me Tyler, I will move along." he grabbed Tyler's head, bringing the knife to his neck.

Tyler looked at him recognizing the truth in his words. "Finish me off then but you will never know how to kill Matt."

Elijah squinted. "What do you mean?"

"I am the only one who knows how to kill him."

"And why would you share that secret with me?" Elijah asked him serious.

"Because they left me out of their revenge quest, they don't care about me and this is the only thing keeping me alive right now." Tyler answered candidly.

Elijah thought about it for a moment. "Are you speaking the truth Tyler?"

"Bring Rebekah to me, she will tell you if I'm lying."

"Very well." Elijah turned away and left quickly.

Tatia was waiting for him on the patio. "I was looking for you." She smiled at him.

"You shouldn't be here." He touched her arm to invite her to walk back to the mansion with him.

Tatia freed herself from his hold. "You can't handle me like I'm cattle Elijah."

He smiled. "I would never assume cattle was as good-looking."

She tucked her long braid with a whimper. "You are deliciously chivalrous."

"What are you really doing here Tatia?"

"Elijah..." she inched closer to him. "Why didn't you fight for me enough?"

Elijah wavered on his resilience. "You weren't mine to fight for."

"I could have been for it was you that I loved." she said low and seductively.

"I don't fall for your words any longer Tatia, you never loved us." he said looking into her eyes.

Tatia touched his chest, remembering the passionate moments they had once shared. "Who needs love when you can have someone entirely like I had you?"

Elijah looked down on her hand. "You are holding on to something that died along with you."

Tatia's smile faded. "Spending all this time with Niklaus has changed you Elijah."

"No... falling in love with someone worthy changed me." he moved her hand away from his body to ice her advances.

Tatia clasped her lips in anger. "So you have both moved on and forgot all about the sacrificial lamb in your mother's spell."

"I'm sorry that our mother took your life in exchange for what we are now." Elijah said truly regretful.

Tatia came closer to him again and this time melted her body with his. "I'm willing to forgive and forget if you go away with me."

"What are these crazy rambles now?" he sighed.

"Take me away from this forsaken place. It could be just the two of us again Elijah, we could lead the life that was stolen away from us." she begged him softly.

"You made your life with someone else Tatia, you were the first to move on. Remember how I asked you at the time to run away with me and you said that I wasn't the right choice?"

"I didn't want to reject you Elijah but everyone in the village was afraid of your family... and so was I." she stroked his face.

"If you really loved me, you would never be afraid of me Tatia." he said placing his hand over hers.

A single tear rolled down her cheek. "I'm sorry Elijah." she took her hand away from his strong features.

Elijah gasped feeling something cold spreading across his chest, when he looked down he saw a syringe sticking out filled with dark blood, he tried to take it out but his hand was limp and out of control his legs gave in. "What did you do?" he asked falling to his knees.

"The witches brought me back with a price, my blood is like poison and you were the only one who allowed me close enough."

"Dead blood..." Elijah clutched his chest feeling the pain starting to move to the rest of his body.

She flinched a bit when he started screaming in pain but rushed away to where they were keeping Tyler.

"I was amazing." Rebekah was ready to bounce and party.

Damon closed the door of his car with a dry chuckle. "You raised your hand and closed your eyes like you were praying."

Rebekah laughed. "The vampire that was coming for you dropped to his knees, so I saved your life."

"Not quite, because I killed him in the end and he was after you, so technically, I saved your life." he corrected her smugly.

She laughed. "Call it a tie Damon." she hummed on her way to the front door.

"Not even close Bex." he grumbled.

"Perhaps I should start practicing on you, I need to perfect my witch abilities after all."

Damon laughed. "You're like at the very beginner's rookie's stage right now so I'm not that scared of you."

She laughed but something was wrong so it didn't last, she started walking towards the garden with this horrible feeling inside of her.

They were on their way back home but Bonnie wasn't paying attention to the road, she was invested in the Grimoire so when Kol suddenly stopped the car she looked at him confused, he hadn't spoken a word ever since they left the caves and he wasn't talkative now so she tapped the Grimoire in her lap and waited for some kind of reaction from him.

"Don't ever do that again." he said serious.

"Kol..." she tried but he looked fiercely at her cutting her speech short.

"What were you thinking? I told you to stay inside of that cave, where I knew that no one could get to you. Where you would be safe." he snapped at her.

"I don't need you to protect me but you keep treating me like I do." She protested.

He clutched the wheel under his hand furious. "Aren't you getting a little too smug Bonnie? Ever since you linked us that you have this be dammed world attitude and you act like you can do whatever you want because you are invincible."

"Are you worried that something might happen to you?" she asked him quietly.

Kol punched the wheel. "I'm worried because I love you."

Bonnie smiled. "Well it was about time that you told me so."

Kol sighed frustrated. "Really Bonnie? As if you don't know…" he looked away upset.

"If you never told me Kol, how was I supposed to know?" she asked him with a big smile.

"You are deflecting again Bonnie." he said not a bit pleased.

She threw the Grimoire to the back seat and cupped Kol's face to make him look at her, then she moved so that she could get closer to him and kiss him.

Kol half-heartedly answered her kiss.

Noticing it she straddled him. "I love you too Kol." she confessed inside of the safety of his car.

Kol faintly smiled. "Don't be so reckless from now on, I'm not willing to lose you because of it."

"Aren't you full of confessions all of a sudden..." she stroked the nape of his neck.

"Promise me that you will be careful and actually listen to what I'm asking of you." he insisted.

With a smile she nodded and melted into a deep kiss with him.

Tyler used Tatia as his support to walk, he covered his eyes from the sun when they reached the garden. "Why are you helping me?" he asked her blinking and trying to focus on getting the hell out of here as fast as possible.

"It's the price that I have to pay to stay alive. The witches will take my life back if I don't help them kill all the Mikaelsons..." she froze when she found Rebekah standing there with her arms crossed and an angry expression on her face.

"You don't say so." Rebekah hissed furious.

Tatia narrowed her eyes viciously. "One down, three to go." There was an inhuman scream coming from behind her. "Poor Elijah is in pain."

Rebekah clenched her lips in fury. "You are as good as dead Tatia."

The woman didn't answer, she waited for Tyler to do his thing.

Rebekah tried to focus on hurting a snarling Tyler but she wasn't sure how to do this when it came to hybrids, maybe it didn't work quite the same way and she stepped back aware that she wasn't making the tiniest dent.

Tyler's eyes changed color and he pounced at Rebekah ready to chew her bones out of her body.

Damon cut him off with a whoosh. "Easy there, lone wolf."

Tyler growled and jumped at Damon who was able to keep him off by tossing him away from them.

There was another excruciating scream and Rebekah anxiously looked at Damon.

"Go, I got this." he said preparing for a ravenous Tyler who was gnashing his teeth at him.

While Rebekah ran towards the screams Damon kicked Tyler just he was about to bite him.

Tatia tried to make a run for it but stumbled upon an unexpected wall.

"So you are human after all and a double-faced bitch on top of it." Damon made her walk backwards by breathing on her face.

Still she eyed him fearlessly. "This isn't your war Damon, so stay out of it."

Damon shook his head. "You made it my war the day that you swapped body and soul with Elena."

Tatia took another step backwards. "Killing me won't bring her back."

Damon shrugged. "I know." he said and easily snapped her neck.

Tatia plummeted to the ground lifeless.

The view was satisfying but a loud growl made Damon look away from it, he turned around fast but it still was too late because a large black wolf was leaping at him, unable to get away in time Damon cringed when teeth sank into his arm.

He punched the wolf making him recoil and looked down on his infected arm but by the time he looked up the wolf was gone.

Elijah pressed his heart, it seemed to beat and race uncontrollably which shouldn't even be possible, he was lying on the ground with the cold of it consuming his back and breathed hard and sharply.

"Elijah... what happened?" Rebekah reached him out of breath and quickly knelt next to him, when she touched him she felt him cold and it worried her tremendously.

"I'm going to be all right, but you need to call..." A loud scream unwillingly left his throat.

Rebekah was shaking as she nested him against her chest. "Tell me what to do Elijah."

"Call Angelus and tell him that I was infected with dead blood." he panted and closed his eyes tired.

She nodded and nervously unlocked her phone.

Damon arrived just then and crouched closely to them. "What's wrong with him?"

Instantly she noticed the huge tear on Damon's sleeve and pulled his arm to her, gasping when she saw the wolf bite. "Damon..." she looked at him anxiously.

He dismissed it promptly. "It's not a big deal, I still a few hours before I start hallucinating and go all mushy and soft on you."

Rebekah looked at Elijah and then at Damon before pressing one on her speed dial, she needed more than a consultation with Elijah's friend. "Nik... I need you to return home... right this instant."


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