Fandom: Quantum leap

Characters: Sam Becket, OC

Prompt: 30) Drive

Summary: Another jump into the unknown

A/N Written for 100 drabbles of summer

The world stopped spinning. I opened my eyes. Damn, I'd jumped again.

I looked around me, I was in a large battered car. A large man sat next to me, eating a sugary donut. He was in a -

"Dammit Brentforth, drive!" the man yelled around a mouthful. I smiled apologetically, putting the car into drive. So, I'm Brentforth, huh?

The man next to me spat in irritation, leaning across and snatching a lever up. Sirens started wailing! "I know yer green, but yer ain't that green!" he yelled pointing. "After him, he's getting away!"

I'm a cop. Oh, boy!