On the back of Frank's hand, a torn hand twitched, moving towards a forearm before dragging itself to the upper arm with was connected to a torso. It continued in this way until only the head was missing but already the decapitated body was crawling towards the head that lay on the skin, eyes closed and a grimace on their features. Fitting the head back in place, it took a few seconds for the skin to join again and the person's eyes snapped open, a fire ignited deep within their eyes. Groaning quietly, they got to their feet, swaying slightly until they stopped, their ripped cloak fluttering weakly behind them. Looking down at themselves, they were slightly dismayed as they saw their clothes tattered and shredded, showing dark skin beneath which rippled with muscles. Staggering to their feet, they walked over to the edge of Frank's hand, jumping onto a passing nurse's arm, crawling up until they reached their mouth where they climbed in and flitted along the gum line, a shadow in the dark. Finding a small house near the entrance of the body they had infected, the dark virus strolled in, slitting throats without blinking. Soon, they were sitting in a large black armchair, hands laced behind their head while their legs were crossed, showing how they were totally relaxed.

A tall feminine figure appeared in the doorway, cautiously walking, their long serpentine tail swaying about behind them.

"You're late," Ebony, who had somehow survived, stated, sitting upright.

"On the contrary," The female virus said, flicking their lime green and red hair back. "I came exactly when I wanted to. Besides," She flashed a quick grin at them. "You're not exactly in a hurry." Her voice had an Australian accent to it, adding to her exotic appearance. Ebony looked at her, tilting his head slightly. "After all these years," The she-virus muttered. "You've never bloody changed. Still as quiet and weak as always." Before she could start another sentence, she was suddenly held up in the air by her throat, dangling from Ebony's grip like a ragdoll. Throwing her over his shoulder, he smirked as he heard several ribs crack as she landed against the stairs, crying out in pain. Striding over, he crouched beside her, grinning crazily as he grabbed her ankle and easily threw her against a wall, forcing more screams to bubble up from her throat. Crouching down beside her, Ebony smirked.

"I ain't weak anymore, darlin'" He chuckled, the dark tint of insanity audible. "Now, are you gonna do my job for me or do you want more pain?" Hastily nodding, the female virus managed to get to her feet, stumbling out of the house to the sound of laughter following her mockingly. Ebony walked back to the armchair, settling back down while he turned the TV, watching one of the chef shows that seemed to be eternally on TV. Flicking through the channels, he tilted his head slightly but insane fire danced in his eyes as he saw a report about the female virus having just having infected the middle wall of the heart, the myocardium. Anger bubbling, he stalked out, already heading towards the Uvula to leave the already dying body. Meanwhile, the female virus was already at the hand, having exited out of a cut, she was walking to the finger tip, grinning as she saw the person about to shake hands with another person. Hopping onto the other hand, she entered their body, not realising that she was entering the very body that Ebony had wanted her to go in...