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Chapter 5: Meeting Fungus

Charlie took the book.

"I'll read this time," he replied, flipping the book to the fifth chapter.

He cleared his throat.

"Chapter 5: Meeting Fungus.

Now this wasn't so bad either. More like a bittersweet moment actually.

It was after school, and I had just begun to walk home by myself.

Bruno, Rico, and Skeeter were chasing me.

We were running through an ally way.

I was climbing on the brick walls, trying to get them off of my tail. I was in for a serious beating.

Ever since I met them they had been beating me to a pulp.

Rico flew in front of me, causing me to stumble and crash into the garbage cans.

He grabbed me by my tail. He threw me on the ground, slamming his foot on my back.

I squealed in pain.

Bruno cracked his knuckles. An evil smirk on his face.

"Time for the baby to get his daily dose of butt whooping's."

I cowered.

Skeeter prompted me up, holding my arms back, unable to fight back.

"Don't worry runt. This will only hurt… a lot!"

Bruno started punching me over and over again.

He grabbed my fronds and yanked my head back, punching me in the jaw, then the eye.

I fell to my knees, crying in pain. I fell on the ground curling into a ball.

All three of my bullies started beating me senseless.

I placed my top hands over my head, crying and whimpering in pain.

"Say your prayers Lizard boy," Bruno growled at me, preparing to give me one last blow to the head.

I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact.


I looked up to see a red monster with chicken legs, wearing thick three eyed glasses and a blue baseball hat.

He had a rock in his hand, tossing and catching it.

Bruno, Skeeter, and Rico started laughing.

"Seriously Funk? You're going to defend this wimp?" Bruno chuckled.

Funk shook his head.

"I'll give you till the count of three before I throw this at you and leave him alone." His eyes narrowed darkly.

Skeeter snorted.

Funk raised his arm, aiming the rock.

"Fine we'll go. You're just lucky that we decided not to pound you." Bruno replied, turning to leave.

The red skinned monster went up to me as my bullies left.

"Are you okay?" He asked me, helping me up.

My knees were shaking as I held on him for balance.

I collapsed, blacking out.

I awoke later in a bed, but it wasn't my bed.

I sat up in panic looking around.

The kid was looking at me, a wet washcloth in his hand.

He smiled at me.

"Oh good, you're awake! I know I should've taken you home, but I didn't know where you lived so I brought you to my house. I took care of most of your injuries. I hope you don't mind, I also brought you some lemonade, if you're allergic to lemons or can't have sugar I'm really sorry, I can take it back-"

He rambled on and on.

I just stared at the kid and finally I put my hands on his mouth, shutting him up.

I was shaking. My brain wasn't functioning as fast as he expected it too.

I pulled my hands back.

He gave me a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry. I tend to ramble a bit." He chuckled.

I just sat there. I didn't even know this kid. Yet he's playing nursemaid with me.

He fluffed the pillow behind me and laid me down.

"You should rest. Do you know your phone number? I can call your parents so they worry about you."

I nodded my head slowly. My mind still fuzzy.

He started laughing.

I tilt my head to the side.

"I don't mean to startle you, but I guess I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Fungus Oz. And you are?" Fungus asked me.

I looked down.

I was still too scared to speak to anyone.

He lifted my head up.

"Are you mute? Because I'm really sorry…"

I cut him off again.

I shook my head.

"I'm R-Randall." I quivered. It was the first time I had ever spoken to anyone.

He smiled.

"Randall. I like that name. It suits you. So what's your number? Your parents must be really worried right now."

I closed my eyes, trying to remember.

"Uh… 376-824-9978." I replied, opening my eyes.

He wrote my parents' number on a piece of paper.

"Okay, I'll call them. You rest." He told me heading towards the door.

"W-wait a minute! What about your parents? Aren't they going to be mad that you're helping me?" I asked, worried.

He started laughing.

"Of course not! My parents don't mind at all. They're at work."

"Y-you're all alone here?" I squeaked.

Being as young as I was, my adoptive parents never let me be alone in the house, even for a moment.

And my uncle Rhoul had been watching these cop shows lately. He would sit me on the couch to watch them with him giving me nightmares for months.

"I've been able to stay home alone since the beginning of school. You'll understand once you're older, Ran."

My frond rose as I heard the shorten version of my name.

Only Uncle Rhoul called me Ran.

"I'll be back in a minute." Fungus told me, leaving the room.

I sighed as I curled under his blanket.

I sat up, my muscles screaming for me to move around. I got out of his bed and walked around. I could feel the air moving through my fronds. I lifted my top arms and pat my head, not feeling my hat. I looked around for it. I've never taken my hat off, except for bed or taking a bath.

I started rampaging throw his stuff. I didn't mean to go through his stuff without his permission but I needed my hat! I was on the verge of panic.

"My hat. Where's my hat?" I commented to myself, checking under his bed.

Fungus came back in and I tackled him.

"Where's my hat at?" I demanded, getting in his face.

"Y-you're hat?" he stammered.

"Yes my hat! Where is it? What did you do to it?"

He gave me a gentle smile and lifted me off of him.

He pulled my hat out from behind him and sat it on my head.

"I was washing it while you were resting. It was so dirty I thought I should wash it. I didn't think you would go nuts over it being gone. I'm sorry if I worried you like that."

I looked at his room that I had torn apart.

"Um… Sorry for destroying your room. I'll help clean it up since it's my fault."

He looked around seeing his room a mess.

"Sorry," I apologized again.

He sighed. "It's okay."

After we cleaned his room, he sat me back on his bed.

"You should really rest. Your parents should be here any moment."

I yawned. Rest did sound like a very good thing.

He picked me up.

"You know you're surprisingly light for a four year old." He told me.

My eyes widen. He did not just call me a four year old. I glared at him.

"Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

"I'm not four! I'm six! Six! Didn't your parents' tell you not to judge a book by its covers?" I continued to ramble on. I was so upset I didn't bother paying attention to what I was saying. To be honest… It never felt so good to let my anger out.

I usually bottle up my emotions…I still do to this very day, but that's not the point.

He just sat in silence as I continued to go on. I was so engrossed in my rant I didn't notice my parent's come in.

"Well lookie here Cheryal," a voice interrupted me.

I turned around to snap at the person to stare at my parent's legs/stomach. I looked up to see them with my parents.

"Mommies!" I squawked. I cowered under their looks.

They had an amused smile on their faces.

"It seems that our little Randy finally learned how to talk." Emilia replied, picking me up.

"As it seems. I'm surprised his vocal cords are so strong for someone who hasn't spoken over six years." Cheryal mused.

I gulped. "Y-you're not angry… are you?"

They laughed at my question. It was the kinda laugh of amusement that they usually gave me when I said something funny instead of spite like the kids at school would do… and my biological parents. It usually surprised me when they laughed like that.

My paranoia softened and finally subsided as Emilia kissed my forehead. To answer your questions… no I'm not a Mama's boy, as much as my Uncle would like to tease me about it, I'm not.

"Still a little paranoid my little Honeysuckle?" Emilia asked.

Honeysuckle was a nickname that Emilia gave me.

Because it was her favorite flower. (She was really big on gardening)

And 2) Because I would play in the honeysuckle patch as a kid.

And for some strange reason… I kinda devolved a liking to the scent of honeysuckles. Before I could satisfied her with an answer, Cheryal interrupted.

"Well thank you Fungus for watching over our son. You don't know how worried we were when he didn't come home. If you would like come over sometime that would be great."

Fungus smiled.

"I-I-I-I would like that. Th-th-th-thank M-m-m-Mrs. Boggs." He stuttered. He turned to look at me and gave me a dorky smile. "See you around Randall."

I gave a curt nod.

"Good bye Fungus and thank you again." Cheryal replied as we walked out.

As Emilia strapped me in my booster seat, telling me how proud she was that I actually made a friend… though I didn't count him as friend, more of an annoying acquaintance.

"Just thing Randy honey, soon you two will be playing all the time. Won't that be fun?" She asked me.

I just looked down, not wanting to say anything. I was sorta antisocial… okay scratch that… I was antisocial. I didn't like going outside much, except when I was gardening with Emilia. And I didn't like talking to people, unless I had to.

I looked at Fungus's house to see him smile at me and wave good bye as Emilia shut the door. I guess it didn't hurt to say that I did kinda have a friend.


"So that's how Randall met Fungus…" Smitty mused.

"I always thought they met in scaring school…." Lanky replied, as he took the book.

Everyone nodded.

"I guess there was more to Randall than we thought." Sulley replied as everyone murmured in agreement.