[This is how it ends]

"So this is how it all ends." Sam said, quietly. Dean almost didn't hear him over the Impala's purr. Dean glanced over at his brother. Sam was staring out the Impala's window; his brown eyes were taking in the passing landscape. Since the virus spread, there wasn't much to look at nowadays. Dean leaned over and whacked Sam on the back of his head. Sam flinched at the contact. He rubbed the back of his head and glared at his brother.

"Hey, stop talking like that." Dean said sparing a glance at his brother, "We always knew something like this was gonna happen—,"

"We were supposed to stop it from happening!" Sam cut him off, angrily.

"And now we're gonna fix this." Dean said his voice was still even. "The end might be nigh, but we still have time to screw with the angels." Dean gave Sam a small grin. "We make our own destiny."