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Chapter 1- You Slipped Out From Between My Fingers

As always, Kuronuma Sawako returned at seven o clock sharp from her early morning walk. As it was winter, the sun was only just announcing its arrival with its daily vibrancy when she bounded up her front drive. She felt refreshed, and eager to face the day- her jogs usually resulted in her arriving at school half an hour early due to being overly enthusiastic- at least, until she reached her front door. Upon reaching it, Sawako opened it with her new-found zeal and stepped across her house's threshold, opening her mouth to greet her parents- until she remembered. Her voice buried itself deep inside her, causing Sawako to lose all ability to speak. As she recalled the memories from two weeks ago, a single tear managed to seep out of her tightly clenched eyes...

She had returned home, quite happy as it had been a good day at school, to find a woman sitting on her doorstep. Sawako instantly recognised her as her neighbour, Fujimoto Iwase, and was about to greet her when she noticed her red, swollen eyes and slightly blotchy face- and, was it just her imagination, or were there tear streaks in her makeup? Before she could voice her concern, Iwase looked up and met her anxious gaze. For a split-second, a pitying look flashed in her eyes, before it was replaced with a forced air of neutrality- but behind the mask was a profile of deep and utter sadness.
"Ah, Sawako-chan, I was waiting for you, how was school?"
Still studying Iwase's features, Sawako replied, stating that the day had been average, before inviting her inside for a cup of tea. Her invitation was gladly accepted, and Sawako helped Iwase up from the doorstep. As they both made their way to the door, she realised that her parents' car (they only owned one) wasn't parked in its usual spot in the driveway, which was strange as her mum didn't work and her dad had the day off. However, she dismissed the thought, concluding that they had left for a while.

When tea had been brewed, Sawako joined Iwase at the table, holding two teacups and a tray of homemade biscuits. She put two on Iwase's saucer before handing it to her. They sat in silence for a while, Sawako giving up her valiant efforts to make substantial progress into her biscuit and Iwase not even touching hers, taking a few sips of tea before she, too, gave up. Inhaling deeply, she said
"Sawako, you're going to have to be very brave, but I'm always here for you, okay?"
Confused, Sawako nodded, before inclining her head for her to continue.
"I received a call from the hospital just over an hour ago... it seems that..."
She paused, as if trying to find a way to express her feelings without hurting the girl. Eventually, she sighed and decided to just come out with it.
"Your parents went out together to do the weekly groceries. Whilst driving around a particularly sharp turn, they were unaware of the drunk driver driving the wrong direction on the same road- obviously, seeing as they couldn't see around the corner."
She stole a glance at Sawako, who still wore a befuddled expression but was now beginning to dawn on her that her parents were involved. She decided to get it over with, and continued.
"Unable to see him, they turned the corner and collided with his car. An ambulance was called for swiftly, but it was too late. They...they passed away two hours ago..."
Iwase was looking at her lap, afraid to look Sawako in the eye. Mustering up as much courage as she could, she shifted her gaze to the girl. All confusion was gone, and had been replaced with utter shock. Knowing that she would need some time, she gave her a quick hug, told her to call her when she was feeling a bit better, and let herself out. As she walked away, she pitied the poor girl...

Back inside the kitchen, Sawako was sitting with her bangs over her eyes, tremors coursing through her limp body, still seated at her chair.
'How could they...how could they leave me? I never thought, never even considered that one day I'd be left alone because they...died!'
Tears were beginning to gather in her lifeless chocolate orbs, so she stood upon her shaky legs and tried to walk up to her room, to sob to her heart's content. But as the grief-stricken girl stumbled into the hallway, she collapsed on the floor and started to weep there instead. The tears kept pouring down her face, collecting in a puddle at her knees as Sawako sobbed and mourned the death of her beloved mother and father.

She had somehow managed to stumble up to her room, still choking on bitter tears, where she proceeded to flop onto her bed and lament into her pillow. After who-knows-how-long, she regained some composure and walked out into the upper floor corridor. Her room being at the end, on her way to the stairs, she passed her parents' bedroom- or what used to be her parents' bedroom. Placing a hesitant hand on the door handle, she opened the door into the room. Their room was untouched- everything was how it normally was- her mother's makeup and combs on the dresser and her father's ties strewn across the floor. With a halfhearted chuckle, she recalled how much trouble he had deciding on a tie to wear every day. She walked over to their double bed- even if they weren't here any more, if they weren't ever coming back, this room and that bed was still theirs and it always would be. She lay down on the soft mattress, burying her head in the plump pillows She took a deep breath- the pillows still held their scent. She lay there, breathing in the aroma of her cherished parents and allowed herself to cry a little more.

Whilst all this was fleeting through her head, Sawako had succeeded in getting dressed. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, pulling her out of her memories. She gave a little half-smile- the closest she ever got to one nowadays- when she saw who the message was from;

Kazehaya Shouta
Subject: School
Hey! Wanna walk to school together? I'm waiting at the end of your road, beside the cherry blossom trees- take your time!

She ran downstairs, stopping just before opening the front door. She put on the happiest face she could pull off, before opening the door. Closing it behind her, she spotted Shouta at the end of the road. Wearing her mask of happiness, she joined him.

Before he had met up with Sawako, Shouta had been on the phone to Ryu. He had been leaning against a wall and chatting normally, when Ryu brought up a point that had been nagging him for quite a while.
"Hey, Shouta, is everything all right between you and Sawako?"
"Yeah, of course, why'd you ask?"
"Don't play dumb, Shouta. You've noticed too. Something's been bothering Sawako lately, and I know that you've figured that out because all you do in class is stare at her depressed face with a puzzled expression. Yes, I did notice."
"I-it's not like I stare at her all the time!"
Spluttered a now red-faced Shouta
Just then, he heard the sound of a door opening. Seeing Sawako, he said goodbye to Ryu before hanging up the phone. He turned to face her, only to see her 'happy face'. He'd noticed that she'd been trying to hide the fact that she was upset from him, and was hoping that her halfhearted smiles would do the job. But, she didn't realise just how much he cared- he'd always know when something was bothering her. Deciding to confront her later, Shouta acted nonchalent throughout their walk, but Ryu's question was buzzing away at the back of his brain. Maybe...maybe it really was his fault?

The day was relatively uneventful until lunch. Shouta invited Sawako to eat their bentos together. A blush apparent on her face, she shyly agreed, and as the pair were about to leave, Yano jumped in front of them.
"Ara~! Chizu-chan~! Look, our very own Kazehaya inviting Sawako to eat lunch together~!"
"What a romanticist~!"
Snickered Chizu.
As Kazehaya continued to degrade the snickering girls, Sawako blushed violently, casting her eyes to the floor. 'Even after finding out about my parents' death, things like this embarrass me' she thought, as she fought to keep the blossoming rosiness at bay. Eventually, the brunette simply brushed the comments off, grabbed Sawako's hand, and walked past the two girls, who were now laughing so hard that they were close to hyperventilation. Careful not to tug on his girlfriend's arm, he pulled her to the canteen, guiding her to a table in the corner of the room, all the while Sawako was blushing at his contact on her hand. This was one of the few times that he had taken the initiative to hold hands, so she cherished the precious moment, engraving the feeling of his callused fingers in hers. When they had both settled at a table, Sawako reached across it to get her bag, which was dumped on the far side of it, opposite both of them who were sitting side by side- after all, they had to share one bento. (A/N Shouta forgot his, okay?) However, it never reached its destination, as another hand intercepted it, clinging and once again entwining her fingers with its own. She looked up in surprise at its owner, to see Shouta, bangs over his eyes hiding most of his face from view- but she could easily tell that he was blushing. The tomato colour kinda gave it away. Suddenly, the vision of her sitting on that dining room chair after hearing the news about her parents attacked her brain, and threatened to bring tears to her eyes. However, she fought to remain happy for Shouta's sake, and didn't succumb to the sobs. Keeping her facade intact, she asked
"What's wrong, Kazehaya-kun?"
Seeing his face abruptly cloud with apprehension, Sawako gave a gentle little half-smile and squeezed his hand.
"You can tell me anything, don't worry! What's bothering you?"
Seemingly reassured, Shouta looked her in the eye and with a determined air, said
"Kuronume, don't pay heed to what those blockheads say, okay? If they ever hurt you, just tell me, and I'll sort it out for you. Got it?"
"Hahahaha~! Of course, silly~!"
Sawako didn't realise that Shouta was using a round-about way of finding out about what was troubling her. Taking a deep breath, Shouta started
"Kuronuma, I've been meaning to ask; wha-"
He was cut off by the ground around them beginning to shake.

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