*Authors Note*

Whowee! One book down, and yes, there will be a sequel to Heat. MY question, however, is if you're all willing to put that sequel off in order to explore more of the Imprints and their tales. Also, many of you have noted that Brighter Than The Sun Itself is incomplete-and this is why:

BTTSI was my first Pack Chronicles novel, and when I began writing it I was inexperienced and less in touch with myself as a writer, and therefore I feel it can be improved and modified. BTTSI is also the LAST novel in the Pack Chronicles, therefore it will be the LAST to be finished-also tying into the fact is that the final battle scene will be the biggest I've ever written, and so I will save it for last. The Chronicles are written in this order:

Young, Fun, and Hot-Blooded: Jared and Kim

Pitch: Paul and Haley

Cursed: Quil and Claire

Saving a Miracle: Jacob and Renesmee

Heat: Embry and Arbor

Brighter Than The Sun Itself : Seth and Analee

Pitch, Cursed, and Saving a Miracle will be written next in that order to fill the gap between Young, Fun, and Hot-Blooded and Heat! Then, I will write the next installment to Heat and return to Brighter Than The Sun.

Remember, you can always ask me questions through review or PM, so please don't be shy! And I love reviews, they inspire me to write more because it lets me know what the readers want to hear!

-xoxo, Sixth.