Teenage Dream

Mesa back! So Love Always was a huge hit and well I've been having this idea in my head and we're going to high school. Who doesn't like high school with the sports, the nerds, jocks, valley girls, the populars, the losers, and all the drama? Point being Angel and Buffy will meet in high school as teens. With this and my other stories I have repeating dialog and such because things just fit in certain places. So don't be surprised if you see similar things

What's in store for this story? Well it appears that you liked Buffy as an ice skater so she will remain as one. You also seemed to like Angel full out Irish and that will also remain. So let's see where this story takes us as for some like me go back to the halls of our alma matars and relive those glory days.


Buffy is a new kid in town moving from New York City with her mom and kid sister Dawn. The three girls set up shop in sunny Sunnydale California. Of course going to a new school and meeting new friends is always a challenge but Buffy can handle anything…right? AU, no vampires and such rating T-M. All characters belong to Joss and I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel this is for entertainment purposes.

Chapter 1 School Hard

The welcome sign came and passed by as Joyce Summers drove in the small car with her two daughters. Buffy Summers was a sixteen year old and then you had little Dawn who is six. Both girls were very outgoing and loud and fun to be around. California where it's summer year around, beaches, Hollywood and skate boards. Sunnydale was just an hour or so from the big city of Los Angeles. But this little family was done with the big city and it was time to settle somewhere quiet. The move out here wasn't because Joyce had a job offer but more or less the girls rolled out a map of the USA and they pointed. Sunnydale was a town not an everyone knows everyone town but smaller than New York City by far. Would the girls miss snow, the cold weather? Maybe but to be so close to the beach to where you could go every weekend that wasn't bad.

Joyce drove as the radio played and Dawn leaned forward to try to flip the station. These three have been driving almost none stop across country a week to be exact with staying at hotels overnights and a few places of sightseeing. Joyce had hoped to have moved before the school year had started but not everything happens the way you wanted but the girls were starting school about a month in here in Sunnydale. Dawn couldn't reach the radio yet and Buffy laughed which made Dawn a little bit more angry

"Don't fight girls." Joyce warned her daughters as Dawn sat back in her seat folding her arms and pouted. Buffy settled back down waiting to get to their new place. There were palm trees and the sun was so bright. This was very different than New York as Joyce turned into a neighborhood and down a street called Revello Drive and pulled up to the house number of 1630. It was a nice house, two stories and a porch. The girls lived in the city which meant they lived in an apartment never a house. Joyce stepped out of the car looking at their new place smiling and Buffy looked up and down the street seeing little kids playing and people in their yards. It was a Saturday afternoon and Buffy and Dawn would start on Monday. The three girls walked up to the front door and Joyce opened it and they walked in.

"It's big." Buffy said as she looked around heading into the living room off to the left and Dawn went right to the where the kitchen and dining room was. The two girls walked around and met up in the den and walked down the hallway to where the stairs were and all three headed up. They turned left and there was one bed room to the right then a bathroom and then another bed room and across that bed room was the master room. Buffy took the bigger of the two bed rooms and looked out the window to where she could see the street. The room was empty for the moment but the moving truck would be here within a few hours.

The evening had come and most of their stuff was still in boxes and furniture was spread out everywhere. Tomorrow they would try to unpack everything that they could, put the beds together and such. The dining room table wasn't set nor did they have food so it was Chinese takeout and eating it on the dining room floor.

"You two like the place?" Joyce asked and her girls nodded looking around. "Of course it'll look more like home once we unpack." Joyce assured them. The three ate and Joyce took out the three fortune cookies and handed them out. Buffy opened hers and looked at the little strip.

"Love is like wild flowers…it is often found in the most unlikely places." Buffy read her cookie.

"A thrilling time is in your immediate future…hmm ok." Joyce said and set down the paper and ate her cookie.

"Something you lost will, will turn up." Dawn read and then her eyes widen. "We didn't forget anything did we?" And Joyce smiled while tucking some hair behind Dawn's ear.


The alarm clock went off and Buffy sighed while rolling over and shut the thing off. The weekend ended too soon and she was tired from unpacking and they still had a ways to go. She threw the covers off and headed to the closet to see what to wear on her first day to a new school. Nice boots, a skirt that reached her knees and a nice blue blouse should do the trick. She let her blonde locks fall around her shoulders and looked into the mirror for an inspection.

Downstairs Dawn was up and sitting at the table eating as Buffy came down and saw her mom making coffee.

"Ready?" Joyce asked and Buffy shrugged while sitting down and sighed. "It'll be fine," Her mom assured her and Buffy nodded.

Joyce dropped Buffy off first since high school started first. Buffy looked out the window to the school as there were tons of kids outside roaming around. It wasn't different from New York but she knew no one.

"Remember see the principle first and have a good day." Joyce said and Buffy nodded and grabbed her backpack and opened the car door and stepped out.

"Bye Buffy!" Dawn waved to her big sister and Joyce waved to her daughter as Buffy waved back and headed off.

A boy with moppy hair skated on a skate board weaving through the crowds of people and they dodged him. But then he caught site of a blonde girl walking up the steps and lost focus and skated right into the railing of the steps. As he tried to straighten himself up a red head giggled.

"Whatever Willow." He said and she helped him up. "Oh I did want to talk to you." And the red head nodded. "I'm having trouble with the math."

"Ok which part?" She asked.

"You know the math." The boy repeated and she sighed. "Please help me?"

"Ok but I won't do it for you Xander." The red head said.

"Oh thank you." Xander said as they headed inside to the school.

"Hey," Another boy said. This one had bleach blonde hair and ring in his eyebrow. His real name was William but everyone just called him Spike. He was into the heavy metal, grunge look and he was an exchange student from England but his family ended up moving here.

"What's up?" Xander asked as the three walked together.

"New girl." Spike answered.

"Oh yes I saw pretty much a hottie." Xander stated and Willow rolled her eyes. "So tell you know anything?"

"Uh well she's a girl and she's new." Spike said and the three headed down the hall and saw another friend at his locker. He shut his locker and swung his bag over his shoulder.

"Dude you look like how I feel." Spike said and the brown haired, brown eyed teen said nothing.

"I'm tired." He stated.

"Well yeah you know you don't have to work all the time." Willow added.

"I'm a hundred short from the bike I want." He replied.

"Really? Nice." Xander held up his hand to do a high five but didn't get one as Angel walked away. "Or not that's cool."

"Well how many more hours do you need Angel?" Willow asked.

"By the end of the week." He answered. This was Angel O'Brien, sixteen, strong and an Irish man. His family owned the Irish pub down town a local hot spot. His cousin Doyle just graduated last year from Sunnydale high and is now at UC Sunnydale and took Angel's Plymouth so now he had no wheels. But just a while ago he saw a motorcycle and determined it was going to be his. So he's been working at the pub every night to save up. Pat O'Brien's was the pub's name, it was named after his father Patrick and he and Angel's mother Clair owned it. His family came from Ireland when they were young like fourteen or fifteen. So Angel was first generation American but fully Irish. More family came here and the O'Brien family expanded here in Sunnydale. Once in a while they would take a trip back to the mother country.

In the principal's office Buffy sat there as the man had her file and it was sealed too. The man was a short guy and had a rat like face too.

"Welcome to Sunnydale High school Miss Summers." The man said. "I am principle Snyder and you will call me principle Snyder." Buffy nodded. "We are good school and that will not be tarnished so I suggested you stay out of trouble." Buffy sat there thinking did he just make a treat. "Now here's your schedule and remember being on time is late being early is on time." Buffy nodded while taking the paper and got up.

The hallways were clearing as she looked at her schedule, first period Trig in room 301. 'Where's 301? Where am I anyways?' She asked herself staring at the paper but then she walked right into someone.

"Oh I'm really sorry." She said looking up to a huge kid, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Its ok it's my fault." He assured her. "Name's Riley Finn."

"Buffy," Buffy held out her hand and they shook.

"Need help?" He asked and she showed him her schedule. "Just take these stairs go to the third level and it'll be at the end of the hall to your right." He said and she nodded.

"Thank you." And Buffy was off but Riley couldn't help but watch the small blonde head up the stairs. 'Whoa,' he thought and kept walking. Buffy walked down the hall and found the room. She snuck in and sat down not wanting to make a scene as more people came in. The teacher came over smiling and she knew she would have to talk but the instead the teacher asked her how she was and wasn't going to do that which made Buffy feel a little better.

Class was under way and Buffy did her best without a book but a brunette was kind enough to share. Meeting new friends wasn't so hard. But the bell rang and everyone scrambled to get out.

"Hi I'm Cordelia Chase," The brunette said holding out her hand and Buffy shook it.

"Buffy," And she packed her books. The two got up and left the class.

"If you need a text book there's some in the library." Cordelia stated.

"Oh good." Buffy wasn't told where she could find any books from the rat faced principle.

"I'll take you there." Cordelia offered and Buffy followed. "So where are you from?"

"New York City." Buffy answered as they got out into the hallway.

"Really?" Cordelia sounded excited. "I'd kill to live in New York so close to that many outlets." Buffy nodded smiling.

"Yeah," And they kept walking.

"Well you'll be just fine here if you hang with me and my crew." Cordelia started to explain as they walked and then Cordelia found her chance to see if Buffy could hang out with her. "Willow," She said and the red head looked up after taking a few sips from the water fountain. "Nice dress," Cordelia was only being mean. "Nice to see you found the softer side of Sears." Buffy stood there and was actually taken back, she thought Cordelia was nice.

"Well my mom picked it out." Willow stuttered a little.

"No wonder you're such a guy magnet." Cordelia was now just being really rude. Willow then just walked away. "You really want to fit in here know your losers. Well the library is right there. You should hang out with me at lunch." Cordelia then turned away and Buffy stood there.

"How about no and just say I did." Buffy muttered to herself and went into the library. Like most libraries it was quiet and she saw a man in a suite.

"Aw yes?" He asked in an English accent. "Wesley Widum Price." He said rather cheerfully.

"Yeah I need these." Buffy handed him her schedule.

"Right away Miss Summers." And the peppy English librarian went to the back.

After receiving her books Buffy headed down the hall and then for a second time ran into some one. She dropped two of the books.

"Oh sorry that keeps happening to me." She apologized and the boy smiled and bent down picking up her books. She looked up to the boy and her heart raced. 'Oh-my,' She thought to herself. He had the most beautiful brown eyes, spiky brown hair, dark jeans, nice black shoes, and black shirt that hugged his body just the right way.

"It's ok," He said as he handed her books back. He wasn't into blondes but this one, wow he thought and those green eyes and that smile.

"Still sorry," She apologized again and he smiled. 'Ok that smile, is he trying o kill me?' "I'm, I'm Buffy."

"Angel," He stammered. "Is me, hi," 'Get it together.' "Well maybe I'll see you around." And Buffy nodded. "Maybe at school," 'Ok quit while you're ahead.' "Since we both…go there." 'You idiot.'

"Ok," Buffy giggled and they walked away slowly in awkwardness.

"We both go to school?" Willow asked with a smile as Angel just sat there saying nothing as they sat outside on the lawn eating lunch.

"Great pick up line mate." Spike commented while sipping his red Gatorade.

"Yeah very suave." Xander poked fun at him. Angel was a smooth talker to women if he wanted to be but with this one well he lost it. Again he didn't say anything. But as if the day couldn't get any worse it was about too. "Hottie on the radar coming in." Angel looked behind him and quickly turned around and for the first time Willow saw him blush a little.

"You've must have made an impression." Spike added. "Didn't think you were in the hallway that long."

"Why do we hang out?" Angel asked. Willow looked up as Buffy came closer and then see saw Angel. 'Oh no uh, just be cool.' She told herself. 'Oh god he's so hot I just want to…no bad Buffy very bad get your head out of the gutter.'

"Willow?" She asked, she felt bad for what had happened earlier.


"I want to start over as in hi I'm Buffy," She said and Willow smiled.

"I'm Willow and this is Xander, Spike and Angel." She pointed to each one and Angel and Buffy looked at each other and they both fought to not blush.

"Hi," They all said together.

"So I was wondering if I could," But before she could finish Willow scooted over on the bench and Buffy took a seat.

"So," Xander started. "Where you from?"

"New York, my mom and my sister we moved here." Buffy explained, Angel just sat on the ground and listened her voice was pretty she was pretty.

"Why?" Spike asked.

"You know new place kind of thing." Buffy said and they nodded.

"Well welcome to Sunnydale hope you enjoy your stay." Xander added and Buffy smiled. "So what are your dreams, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Yeah any dark secrets we should know about?" Spike asked and Willow shook her head knowing they were just being pains.

"It's just best not to pay attention to them." Willow suggested and Buffy smiled.

"My bitch-o-meter is going off," Xander said while looking off to the distance and a group of girls came over one being Cordelia and they giggled. Angel sighed which Buffy noticed.

"Buffy I thought we were going to hang out?" Cordelia asked as two girls stepped forward. "Oh you haven't met Harmony and Faith." She introduced the two others a blonde and a brunette. "So," Buffy just sat there looking to the people she just met, stay with what the girls would call losers or go with the future beta kappa girls? "We'll forgive you for this mistake and help you figure out the right people of this school." Buffy looked back at the new friends she could have.

"No it's ok I'm good but thank you for thinking of me." Buffy said and the three girls looked a little shocked as they stood there. Cordelia then looked to Angel and the three girls turned around and left scoffing. She looked around seeing her new friends.

"Nice," Xander said smiling as the little group just got a little bit bigger.

"So Angel that new bike," Willow started knowing there was instanced attraction between Angel and Buffy. Buffy turned to him.

"Oh uh yeah maybe after this week I can get it." Angel answered and Buffy fought hard not to smile.

"Hey Friday night we should all go to the Bronze." Willow suggested.

"What's that?" Buffy asked.

"Pretty much the only good club in this one Starbucks town." Xander answered. "Next to Pat O'Brien's."

"You know DJ sometimes live music." Spike clarified.

"Pat O'Brien's?" She asked.

"Yeah the Bronze it's ok," Angel jumped in.

"Oh come on Angel," Xander then turned to Buffy. "Pat O'Brien's Irish pub Angel's family owns pretty cool place." Angel then turned to Xander giving him that 'I never did like you and I'll kill you later.'

"You're Irish?" Buffy asked and Angel refocused his attention to Buffy.

"Yup he can even speak in it too." Willow was really trying to play match maker.

"Yeah I can and yes I work there." Angel answered, 'Ok he was hot to begin with but now, oh no don't get all red.'

The rest of the day went by and Buffy was now home. Dawn wasn't yet and neither was Joyce so Buffy unpacked some more but Angel quickly invaded her mind. She's seen very cute men but Angel, Angel was something else. But no, no boys right now she had focus and get everything back in order but Angel. Then of course her knee started to ache a little and she sighed. Just as she went to sit down the phone rang. Her mom got the phone working and she picked it up.

"Giles," She said with a smile. "Yeah we're doing pretty well all set up." She listen for a moment. "Really?" She asked with some excitement. "When?" She waited. "Oh cool I can't wait," Then the man spoke. "Of course I'll tell mom and Dawn they'll be so happy." Another few seconds went by. "Ok bye." She felt rather happy she met a cute no that was an understatement, very and highly attractive boy and her former coach just called to tell her he was moving out to LA. Over all it was a good day for a Monday. But Friday night she was going out with her new group of friends with Angel, she needed to unpack and make sure she had the perfect outfit. Then the front door opened and she knew it was her mom and sister.

"Buffy," Dawn then came in. "What was your school like?" She asked and Buffy smiled.

Angel walked into the pub as it wasn't busy yet and he walked across the place to the back and ran into his mom. She had brown reddish hair, brown eyes and fair skin. She smiled seeing her son and walked up to him.

"Mo mhac conas atá tú?" She asked.

"Good." Angel replied to his mom as she kissed both his cheeks and hugged him and then his father came in smiling.

"How was school?" Patrick asked and Angel shrugged.

"You still want to work?" Clair his mom asked and Angel nodded. "It's a nice day you should be out."

"It's ok just another week besides it's not like I have much of a life." Angel stated and then someone pulled him in a headlock and Angel tried to get it out. "Get off Doyle." And his cousin let go.

"Hey, hey," Patrick started. "You two want to kill each other fine but don't do it in my restaurant do it out back so I can spray down the blood." He joked and Clair playfully smacked him on the arm.

"You still working for that motorcycle?" Doyle asked and Angel nodded as he headed into the back. "What you trying to impress a girl?" He asked and Angel said nothing as he grabbed a baseball cap, put it on and turning it backwards and found an apron. "Touchy hey since you're back here cook me up some corn beef and cabbage huh?" Angel just glared at his cousin and walked further into the kitchen where there were more O'Briens, eight uncles, six aunts and they were all related not counting the ones that were married into the family plus all the cousins. There were O'Briens everywhere in Sunnydale it was like the godfather Irish style. Most of the cousins were grade school. Angel and Doyle were the oldest cousins next to Collin who was three years older than Doyle. Not everyone in the family worked at the pub but they did hang out here quite often. Angel reached for a bowl to mix potatoes as mashed potatoes sell and fast. But as he started to chop up potatoes Buffy, the new girl was on his mind which making boxty was more pleasant.

And there's chapter one Angel and Buffy as teens; that spells out drama right? But it's all good well sort of. There's a lot that hasn't been explained thus more chapters soon. Let's see where this takes us. What do you want to see? Can't guarantee it'll be in it but any ideas where I'm taking it? So…you like it so far, should I continue? More to come, comments and reviews are welcomed.

What Claire said to Angel: My son how are you?