A/N: Characters are gender-swapped. Enjoy!

"The nerve of that-that-human!" Flame Prince rambled. Angrily, the fiery prince threw one of his chairs against the wall shattering it. Flamba quickly ducked avoiding the shower of splinters. "Who does she think she is? Toying with my emotions like that, disrespectful much? I am a prince, and I wish to be treated as one." Flame Prince continued as he wrung out the odd substance from the firecrackers from his clothes.

"Boy, the longer you keep rambling about this girl, the more you'll be convincing me that you like her." Flamba laughed.

"What?" Flame Prince shouted, his hair burning brightly. "I haven't been "rambling" about her!"

"You've been talking for three hours." Flame Prince looked out the window seeing the sun rise above the grassy hills. It was pitch black outside when he returned.

"Well, I still should not be treated like that." Flame Prince stammered.

"Have you even heard her side of the story? I mean really, Prince. Don't you think you're being just a little irrational? I know Fionna and she would never-"

"You're taking her side?" Flame Prince questioned angrily.

"Hey, I'm just thinking out loud here." Flamba said raising her stubby arms in defense. Flame Prince growled in annoyance.

"That's it! I'm going to go to her stupid tree fort to teach her a lesson!" Flame Prince said interrupting the fire creature. His fists burned with hot flames.

"Wait, what? Flame Prince really! I think you just need to calm down a bit and think about what you're doing. "Flamba pleaded.

"Shut it! I'm a prince! I can do whatever I want!" he yelled, his flames getting hotter and brighter. He was getting ready to fly out the window when Flamba grabbed the bottom of his pants holding him back.

"FP you really need to think this through! I mean, it's going to-" Flame Prince didn't care, his body burst into flames as he flew out the window igniting the grass he flew past. Flamba looked up as the sky darkened matching the hotheaded prince's mood. "…rain."

"…and then she was all 'He's mine, tomboy!' and I was all 'Yeah right!' and kicked her tiara off." Fionna laughed as she and Cake walked down the grassy hills of Ooo.

"MmHm. Dang Fionna you would do anything for that Prince Gumball." Cake teased.

"Heh. Yea well…" Fionna blushed at the thought of the bubblegum prince. Suddenly, thunder ripped through the skies and Fionna looked up at the dark grey skies. The black gloomy rain clouds began to engulf the little, puffy white clouds and cover up the sun.

"Oh glob. Rain?" Cake shivered as a gust of wind blew through her fur. Fionna felt a stray rain drop fall on her face one after the other. Lightning lit up the sky. Cake's tail frizzed and she shrieked in surprise before she made a dash for the tree house.

"Cake, wait! Come back here!" Fionna yelled angrily at the startled cat.

"Sorry Fi! I don't want to get my fur wet! I'll meet you back at the tree house, ok?" Cake yelled in reply. Fionna growled in frustration as the rain came pouring down.

The rain came down in thick, heavy drops soaking the lone adventuress. Fionna shivered as more and more rain fell making her clothes stick to her shivering body.

"Dang it, Cake! I can't believe you just left me out here in the rain! " She grumbled. Her nice black shoes and white socks were now coated with sticky mud and grass.

"You could have at least brought me my umbre-"Thunder cracked through the skies. Fionna yelped in surprise and dove in a bush. "Stupid rainstorm." She muttered. Fionna peaked through the leaves to see where she was.

"Not that far from the tree house I guess." She looked over to the distant pond where a two-headed duck pecked at something.

Something, or was it someone?

"Huh?" Fionna squint her eyes. It was hard to see through all the rain, but even with the violent fall of rain hitting her face, she could tell it was someone.

"Hey! Shoo! Shoo!" Fionna yelled and dashed out of the bushes waving her arms at the duck that flapped away quacking angrily at her. She glanced at the figure that lay on the ground.

"It's a boy." She whispered, and he seemed awfully familiar. "Hey, are you ok?" Fionna said shaking his shoulder. She rolled him onto his back so she could see who it was and she gasped falling back into a muddy puddle.

"Who was that?"

"The prince of the fire kingdom."

Cake's words echoed through her mind as she stared at Flame Prince.

"The prince of the fire kingdom." He was on the ground; his fiery hair extinguished and colors all a dull red-grey.

The first thing that came through her mind was to run when she remembered that Cake told her he was actually evil, but then she remembered how cute he looked when he blushed.

"No. No Fionna. You can't fall in love with him. He's evil, you're a hero, and you slay evil." She said to herself over and over. She glanced over her shoulder to see the prince, soaked, cold, and most importantly, weakened.

"I can't just leave him here. I'm a heroine and therefore it is my duty to save everyone, even villains! Right?" Fionna questioned herself. Another roll of thunder pounded through the skies and raindrops came down harder than ever, their heavy drops only making the mud muddier and the cold colder. She made up her mind. Without hesitation, she knelt down and lifted the shaking prince in her muddy arms the same way she did when she first met him. His clothes were muddy and soaked making it hard to keep him from slipping in Fionna's arms. Thunder ripped through the skies causing Fionna to jump.

"We should hurry and get back to the tree house." She said with a shiver and ran towards the tree house Flame Prince had been set out to destroy.