~Cairistonia's P.O.V~

Guys! I tell this one! Calix, Devon shoo! Cherry dear you can stay here with me! (Devon: I feel betrayed *walks away pouting*) (Cherry: Why? I need to get a check-up from Kaoru… *Blushes and runs away*) DEVON get back here! Cherry left me and Calix isn't very helpful (Devon: Calix is a bitch *laughs* IMA GO SUCK JAYYS DICK!) JAYY! Get Devon back here NOW! (Devon: That bitch don't control me!) (Jayy: Hey!) (Devon: Love you! *runs and sits next to Christie* Hi! On with the story!)

Next thing I knew I saw three heads staring at me. A girl with spiky blue hair, with amber eyes and an irritated expression about sixteen years old, a ten year old girl with red and brown hair with green eyes and strange ears, and my sexy Calix. (Calix: Fuck yea bro!)

"Who the fuck are you?" The blue haired girl asked. I magically grabbed a blue bar of soap from my pocket and shoved it into her mouth.

"Oi! No cussing around me!" I replied with a tickmark on my head, The bluette gave me a glare to set rain on fire, then spit out my bar of soap and hit Calix square in the nose.

"OW! You skank!" Calix removed himself from the people around me and started chasing after the golden-eyed person, leaving me with the ten year old girl, who I instantly fell in love with.

"Oh I just love you!" I grabbed her not knowing her name, and pulled her into a huge, her head burrowing in my chest. Calix and the blue haired girl stopped running in circles to stare at me. (Calix: Well Duhhh! My head is the only one that has the right to be there!) (Devon:*smacks him* Don't talk 'bout My Chris like that)(Me: *sighs* Devon, Calix I will freeze both of you!) (Both: *shuts up*)

"Um… Miss? Please remove my face from your chest area." A muffled young voice came from my diaphramial area. I did so, pouting the whole time,

"My name is Cherry." Her voice was like wind-chimes.

"I'm Devon Stark." The blue haired girl walked towards us, leaving Calix clutching his crotch on the ground.

"My name is Cairistonia Elodie Luciene. Christie for short… And that boy on the ground is Calix Sage, y miester."

"Your miester is gay." Devon smiled; her teeth were sharp like sharks.

"Devon, he obviously has feelings for Christie so can't be a homosexual." Cherry's young voice argued.

"Do you guys even know what a miester is?" I asked the two clueless girls.

"Ummm… Like a joker in a kingdom right?" Devon said while trying to kick Calix as he crawled towards her. Cherry giggled.

"No watch this… Calix!" I grabbed his hand and transformed into my weapon form, a silver pole with a blue eye on the top, a long curved blade with blue and red triangles decorated the deadly blade that was part of me, he swung me around a bit. Pride evident in those purple eyes, my reflection appeared in my blade. "I'm a human weapon."

"Cool! That's like my Zatch!" Devon jumped up, a fluffy white flying toy with a crystal on its head and a staff in its hand.

"I'm Zatch Kupo!" The little toy spun in a circle, before bursting into a bow and arrow that Devon caught with ease.

"KAWAII!" I tackled her again, but this time she was cold.

"I'm a human computer." Cherry's voice said cold as ice.

"Aww Cherry! I love you!" Calix just sighed and shook his head.

"Christie… Down girl." I got off of Cherry and pouted.

"But I love Cherry!" I whined while Cherry laughed.

"Computers are incapable of loving you back, though." Devon thought out loud.

"I'm special. I feel emotions." Cherry sounded a little smug.

"Devon you just jelly that I love Cherry! Cherry dear, do you love me?" Calix started to chuckle in the background and picked me up.

"Nah, but I think Ca-dick over there is a bit jello of you loving the robot." Devon crossed her arms semi-pouting, Zatch giggled.

"Angel-com." Cherry wriggled, trying to get out of my arms,

"Chriiissstiiiiieeeee GLOMP!" I then tackled Devon hugging her. "I love my cool blue haired friend! Calix doesn't like me! We are just partners." (Devon:*laughs* Eff you! But you bruised my ribs for like 3 days when you did that*)

"…Right." Devon slightly pushed me back, stepping away as my arms dropped. Calix was obviously crestfallen at my statement. He cleared his throat and looked serious again.

"Right then, so does anyone have any clue where the hell we are?"

"It appears we are in a party, Kupo!" Zatch said,

"Mushroom Land." Devon poked a giant mushroom that was next to her. "Gross." Cherry's eyes went out of focus, strange computer noises coming from her.

"We are in a place called Wonderland." She stated simply.

"Are you shitting me?" Devon said punching through the head of a mushroom. (Devon: hehehe…. Head.)(Me: PERV!)

"Wonderland? Christie don't run…" Calix looked around for me but I had disappeared, exploring. "running of." He finished the sentence when I screamed. A humongous card like person was running at me.

"AHHHH! CALIX! HELP!" I transformed my arm waiting for backup. Devon straight charged it and sliced the monstrosity in half after freezing it, and it was all over.

"Watch yourself." Devon smiled at me as Zatch returned into his moogle form. I grinned, transforming my arm back and linked her arm with mine.

"Yeah, yeah, no exploring for Christie!" Just then Calix and Cherry walked out of the thick bushes with a small man with a large green hat.

"Thank goodness you're here! Now I can have my tea!" Everyone but me stared at him like he was insane.

"Oh tea! Yay! May I have some?" I asked politely, Tea is amazing.

"Can I have coffee?" Devon shoved her hands in her pockets, kicking up dirt.

"I can drink." Cherry stated, swinging on her heels.

"What? Coffee? Why? Its my un-birthday!" The crazy hat man said.

"Un-birthday is redundant, Kupo!" the white toy put into the conversation. I just looked at Devon and mouthed.

'Coffee?' While I saw Calix sneaking a glance at me. I didn't know what was wrong, was my hair messed up? Was my jacket off?

"Coffee's yummy." She smirked at Calix. "Imma call you Darius, cause Calix sounds to cool to be your name." Cherry covered her mouth to stifle a giggle while I just lost it, I was laughing so hard I was doubled over.

"My. Name. Is. Not. DARIUS!" Calix got pissed and started running after Devon. I sighed and turned to the little man.

"Excuse me sir, but do you happen to some water?" The top of the hat opened and a cup of water came out, he took the cup and handed it to me.

"Here you go Dear!" I smiled and nodded my head in thanks as I turned to face Calix. My blue eyes grew brighter as I stretched my arm out to Calix and the water obliged doing exactly as I wanted it to do. It froze his legs, I giggled when he fell.

"Devon unless you want to end up like Calix, I suggest you be nice." She smiled a toothy grin at me.

"Okay but I'm wiped. Let's crash okay?"

"I can create tents and stuff from plants… Plants have water." Calix eventually got up and groaned, rubbing his head while I walked over and held his hand. "Sleeping arrangements?" He smiled.

"I crash with you if you let me." His face turned red. "Of course so that if we're attacked you don't have to worry 'bout waiting for backup!"

"Awww! I love you! Your such a good friend!" I said hugging him.

"LE FRIEND ZONE!" Devon yelled from her small campsite, I rolled my eyes.

"What else would he be my blue haired DORK!" I said laughing once again.

"Oooo I smell some, Darius just got BURNED BITCH!" Devon was rolling on the floor laughing, Cherry sat on a mushroom in silence. I got up and stuffed another bar of soap in Devon's mouth which made her gag.

"What did I say about Cussing? Cherry dear, would you like to sleep with me?" I said with a hopeful smile on my face. I always wanted a little girl and here's my chance.

"No thank you, I don't require sleep. I'm going to try to find out where we are. Sweet dreams!" The young girl said smiling at me.

"Aww Okay Cherry! Devon do you want a tent?" I asked her before I did anything.

"Nah I'm good over here! I'm not gonna sleep for a while anyway." She was watching little Zatch chase rocking-horse flies.

"Alrighty!" I backed up a bit and imagined a tent with a bed inside and waved my arms around like a madman, I could feel my energy flowing into the plants to shape them. I opened my eyes proud of my work. I turned to look at Calix to smile but my muscles screamed no. The world started to spin, I thought to nobody in general. 'Whoops…. Used to much again.' Then it all went black. Dreaming the same dream I always did.

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