John heard the smooth purr of engine pulling up beside him. He turned to see a jet black car parked against the pavement next to him. Mycroft. He pulled open the door and sank into the plush seats, splitting his time between watching Anthea's speedy texting and staring out of the window at the London scenery. He felt a buzz against his leg and reached into his pocket, pulling his phone out.

Where are you? –SH

John tapped out informing the detective of his current destination, Mycroft's manor he assumed. Moments later came the reply.

Want me to come get you?-SH

John smiled at Sherlock's protectiveness; he could just imagine the detective pacing around the flat, cursing his older brother under his breath, for dragging John away. The blogger smiled and replied to Sherlock's text, insisting that he shouldn't worry and would be home soon. The engine cut off and John opened the door, steeping out onto a gravely driveway. John wandered up towards the house, feet crunching on the small stones. When he reached the front door it opened to reveal Mycroft Holmes. The eldest Holmes brother looked impeccable as always but in John's eyes it had always been the younger sibling who had the good looks. The taller man ushered John into the house, whisking him down numerous highly decorated corridors before offering him a cosy looking armchair by the fire.

Mycroft stood opposite the ex-army doctor, surveying him, "Hello, John."


"I assume you know why you are here?"

"Actually, I don't."

"Well it has come to my attention that you and my brother are in a relationship." John blushed slightly at Mycroft's words but bristled with annoyance.

"How did you know? We haven't told anyone."

"I have my, ahem, sources." John rolled his eyes at Mycroft's words but allowed the eldest Holmes brother to continue speaking, "Whilst you have been beneficial to my brothers health, I would advise you not to get into any sort of relationship with him. He hasn't been in a relationship before and will most probably hurt you."

John visibly tensed at Mycroft's speech and replied, "Just because it's his first attempt at a relationship, doesn't mean he will make it go wrong. I love your brother and I have done for a long time now. You can't stop how I'm feeling."

"Sherlock doesn't fully understand emotions; he will break your heart just for an experiment."

That was when John lost his rag, he knew he would regret it but in that moment he was so angry, he picked up the mug of, now cold, tea and threw it at Mycroft before storming out of the room.

Mycroft heard the slam of the front door and sighed, trying to remember how to get stains out of his expensive new suit.