AN: Now I have cheated a little bit because technically the prompt word was loyalty. However I used loyal because it fitted better.

Anyway, this is a poem-style one.

I wanted to try something new and I had this idea at like one am.. (I always get my best ideas in the middle of the night..sigh).

So yeah, enjoy.

(my unofficial name for the is 'four words are enough', you'll see why soon)


Prompt word by: Merthurr


Four words are enough.

I love you John.
All for you John.
I'm doing this for you.
That's what Sherlock said.

I believe in Him

Please be strong John.
Stay strong forever John.
I'm never really gone.
That's what Sherlock said.


I believe in you.

Dry your tears John.
Warm your heart John.
Don't weep for me.
That's what Sherlock said.


I still believe you.

I'm a fake John.
Moriarty's a fake John.
It was all lies
That's what Sherlock said.

I don't believe lies.

Are you okay John?
Sherlock is dead John.
He has no pulse.
That's what they say.

You don't believe really.

He loved you John.
Nobody but you John.
That's why he fell.
They think it's comfort.

I believe in Sherlock

I loved him Lestrade
I adored him Lestrade
I lived for him.
That's what I say.


Believe in a detective.

But he's gone John.
Never coming back John.
Left in a grave.
They tell me again.

Believe in the detective

It's really dark now.
Life is dull now.
Sherlock was my fate.
Life isn't worth this.

I believe in him.

Just move on freak.
He's finally dead freak.
He's gone for good.
Your words cut deep.

Please come back Sherlock.

The lights have gone.
It's heavy under here.
I'm not very strong.
Not strong without you.

I have to believe.

It'll be better John.
I promise you John.
Life will turn bright.
Lestrade does not understand.

I trusted you.

You promised me something.
You weren't a fraud.
I know you for real.
I love you Sherlock.

I believe, my love.

I believe in Sherlock
Moriarty was definitely real.
Lestrade was drawn in.
John Watson remains Loyal.

Forever and always, Sherlock.

I will stay loyal.