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"Hatter?" a young voice called, Hatter heard the young girl's footsteps as she walked into his office. He spun around in his chair and smiled at her. She flung her long plait over her shoulder and grinned, "Hatter what are you still doing here?"

"Just finishing some paper work, I thought you'd gone back with your father." Hatter frowned as he placed down his tea.

Sparrow shook her head, "Nope. I wanted to see you."

Hatter had another thought, "Does your father know you're still here?

An embarrassed smile grew on her face as the girl said, "You won't tell him will you?"

Hatter sighed and was about to say something when the sound of glass shattering interrupted him. The pair looked in the direction of the sound, "Come on. Time to go." Hatter whispered as he took his young friend's hand and led her through the secret exit.

Suddenly the world spun and Hatter and the girl were running for their lives, the sharp whiz of bullets speeding past them filling the air. A cry from behind him alerted the Hatter to trouble. He turned to see Sparrow fall, her blood already staining the floor around her. As quickly as he could Hatter ran back towards her and scooped her writhing body up into his arms. And again he set off running, charging through the streets of Wonderland until he could lose his assailants.

He crouched in an alleyway with Sparrow clutched in his arms, watching helplessly as blood poured from the wound in her side. "Hatter…" Sparrow whispered hoarsely.

"Hey, I'm here." Hatter soothed, brushing a stray strand of hair from her pale face.

"Hatter, promise…" the young girl's body shook as she hissed in pain, "Promise you'll stay."

"I promise," Hatter said, knowing full well the cost of breaking such a promise.

Hatter let out a sob as the light left Sparrow's eyes, they flickered closed and her breathing slowed to a halt. She was dead.

Hatter woke with a cry. "Sparrow!" he gasped, it took him a moment to realise where he was. He was on the sofa of Alice's apartment, where he had slept for two nights in a row now. He sat up and pulled the sweat soaked blanket off himself. He glanced around and quickly located his hat; Mrs Hamilton had placed it on the new hat stand Alice had bought especially.

Hatter sighed and made his way over to the door that concealed Alice's room from him. He thought about seeing if she was awake, but better of it. Alice could have a terrible mood when she just woke up. Instead, Hatter made his way back to the sofa and sat down; he glanced out of the widow in front of him and saw a cat grinning at him. "Cheshire?" he whispered as he quickly made his way over to the window. As he approached however, the cat disappeared, literally. "Stupid cat." Hatter muttered. He opened the window and let the icy night air wash over him.

"Hatter?" Alice said, startling Hatter.

"Alice, what are you doing up?" he asked as he spun around to face her.

"A question better put by me to you, seeing as you were the one who woke me." Alice smiled gently. Hatter noticed her eyes slowly take in his bare chest, and he suddenly regretted taking off his shirt, he was frozen with the window open.

"Ah… I just couldn't sleep." he said as he shoved the window shut and moved swiftly across the room, picked up his shirt and pulled it over his head in one fluid movement.

Alice smiled again before asking, "Bad dream?"

"Something like that." Hatter muttered as he glanced again at the place where Cheshire had just been. Alice sat down on the sofa, and patted the empty place next to her. Hatter thought about it for a moment, before joining her on the sofa and letting her pull him closer in to her.

"Want to share?" she asked as she rested her head against him.

"Nah… it was nothing really. Just a bad dream, you can go back to bed if you want." Hatter tried to reassure her. But from the raised eyebrow he received, Hatter could tell it wasn't working. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling, blinking tears from his eyes. Eventually he spoke again, "I have to go back to Wonderland for a little while."

Alice pushed herself up and turned to look at Hatter, "Why?" she asked quietly.

Hatter just shook his head and turned away, desperately trying to rid himself of the terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Alice sighed and cocked her head slightly, "I wish you'd tell me what's gotten you so upset, Hatter."

Hatter smiled ruefully before turning back to face Alice, "It's fine. Please Alice, just leave it now."

"Fine," Alice nodded, "but you're not staying on the sofa then." And suddenly she grabbed Hatter's hand and dragged him across the room to her bedroom.

Hatter whispered his protests, "No, Alice! I told your mum I'd stay on the sofa! I don't want her to-" Alice placed a hand firmly over his mouth.

"Just shut up already." Alice laughed; she quickly removed her hand and shoved him into her room before he could argue further. With a quick grin in Hatter's direction, Alice spun and kicked the man onto the bed. He let out a confused squawk as his legs disappeared from beneath him.

Alice laughed as Hatter sat up quickly. "Don't ever do that again… please." he gasped, a small smile spreading across his face.

"Finally," Alice said, mirroring Hatter with a smile of her own. She lay down next to him and closed her eyes, within minutes, she was fast asleep.

Hatter glanced down at the absolute love of his life, she looked so peaceful, a smile playing on her lips and her right arm gently hugging Hatter's waist. He brushed a dark strand of hair from her beautiful face and kissed her forehead. But he knew he had to go, there was no use pretending. The cat had come to remind him of his promise, and now it was time to face the consequences.

Silently Hatter slipped out from under Alice's arm and slid back into the living room, he collected his hat and grabbed a pen and paper from the coffee table. He quickly scribbled a note on it and made his way back into Alice's room, where the looking glass stood. He placed the note on the bed next to Alice and stood in front of the glass, for a moment, he simply stared at his reflection, taking in the ruffled hair and sleep deprived eyes. And then finally, he took a breath and stepped forward into the filmy surface of the looking glass.

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