I decided to write a non-Mario story for once. Since I saw this category was dying. Oh well, this story is about Starfy and Moe's friendship.

Disclaimer: Starfy and Moe belong to Nintendo.

Best Friends Forever

Starfy and Moe were having a picnic just outside of the Pufftop castle. They talked about their latest adventure.

"That was really weird, when Bunston fell on me and woke me up from my nap that day," Starfy said. "I had no idea what was going on!"

"To think that that started my whole relationship with Ruby!" Moe added.

"You like her, don't you?" Starfy teased.

Moe blushed (If that's even possible for a clam). "Well, kinda…"

Starfy gave him a knowing wink. "It's okay; we won't talk about it."

Moe reached for his sandwich. "Did you like those little quizzes that my siblings gave you?"

Starfy looked surprised. "Wait; did you have anything to do with that?"

Moe blushed again. "Yeah. I asked them to do it. I wanted you to have more fun and stuff…"

Starfy laughed. "Oh, so I'm supposed to have fun while saving the world?"

Moe blushed even redder. "Um, I just thought… I mean, I didn't want you to be too stressed out. Like, you didn't seem yourself, really…"

"That's so nice of you," Starfy said. "You're a really great friend."

Moe smiled. "You are too," he said.

They finished their picnic and went back into their castle. Starfy and Moe talked a bit more, in Starfy's room of course. Starfy sat on his bed next to Moe, talking away. He suddenly began to feel very sleepy. "Hey Moe, I'm tired. Would it be okay if I… went to sleep now?"

Moe glanced over at the clock. It was 10:34. "Yeah, sure," he said. His jaws parted in a huge yawn. "I think I'd better get to sleep as well."

Starfy smiled and snuggled up under the covers. "Good night Moe," he said.

"Good night Starfy," Moe responded.

"You're the best friend in the world," Starfy murmured, letting his eyes close.

"I would say the same to you any day," Moe whispered. He left the room, looking over at his shoulder once before leaving for the night.

That night, Starfy dreamed about him and Moe going to an amusement park. They went on the Ferris Wheel and a rollercoaster. And Starfy enjoyed every minute of it.

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