Summary: England, in an attempt to get rid of his most hated enemy (Spain), casts a spell that will erase his existence. As usual whenever England tries his hand at magic something goes horribly wrong, leaving Romano to deal with the many different personalities of Spain. That sounds like a normal day for Romano, right? Well it would be if it weren't for the fact that each personality has its own personification now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia in any way shape or form, Hidekaz Himaruya does.

Warning: Later chapters will contain explicit language and BL (BoyXBoy). There may or may not be graphic scenes later on, it depends on how comfortable I am writing them.

"That bloody bastard. He's pissed me off for the last time!" An irate England snarled, striding through his house towards his study, already thinking of what curses he could use, which ones would cause that Spanish git the most pain.

Upon reaching his study he flung open the doors and started to search the shelves for his spell books. There had to be one that could offer a spell or a hex gruesome enough, right? Though, if worse comes to worse he could always cast a spell on the arse's precious little South Italy.

He was about to do just that when one of the old tomes he rarely used fell to the floor, opening to a page that presented the perfect spell to the infuriated Brit. A twisted grin quickly spread across the country's face as he skimmed through the spell.

"To destroy one's enemy, the power you seek, to divide his strength, and leave him weak. You must this spell repeat…"

Arthur had never used this particular spell before, he was not quite sure what the spell promised in its cryptic words but as long as it destroyed one's enemies then surely it was good enough!

He quickly read the spell aloud, chanting words so old even he had forgotten most of them and their origins. Despite this, he was sure he was pronouncing them correctly and he was positive that when the room lit with a brilliant green light that he had cast the spell flawlessly. All that was left was to wait for the next world meeting to roll around; then he could gloat when the Iberian nation failed to arrive.

Oh yes, Arthur was sure that nothing could deprive him of his victory and that nothing could dampen his mood, not even that hamburger loving America. Especially not him.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain returned the ancient tome to its proper shelf before deciding to leave it on his desk where it did not face the risk of falling again. He was not certain the old book would survive another fall, besides he didn't not know if he would have need of it again. After all, he had been wanting to knock that accursed frog down a few pegs recently.

He left the room, smirk wavering as he briefly contemplated whether this was a little extreme when all Spain had done was accidently run into him at the World Meeting today; no doubt he'd been chasing Romano again. He quickly shook this thought from his mind and firmly affixed his smirk; assured that he was in the right. After all, Spain hadn't apologized had he.

The door swung shut behind England, leaving him unaware of the ancient tome that he believed he'd left sitting closed on his desk flipping back open to the page from which he'd casted the spell before turning to the next page.

"He will be divided, the strength of one shall become three, and the past will be given form. Only through the acceptance of all may the three reunite to become one."

However that couldn't have been too important right?


Spain locked the door behind him, Lovi was always lecturing him about how he forgot to close the doors, so cute. He then shuffled up the stairs, thoroughly exhausted and sore. Why did his little tomato have to punch so hard? All he'd wanted was a hug. Didn't help that someone had tripped him as he tried to catch up to the feisty little Italian. If he were a gambling man he'd have bet it had been England, but they'd been on okay terms recently so it probably wasn't him.

He collapsed into bed, a warm smiling making its way onto his face. He would get to see his precious little Lovi soon. He'd promised all flustered and stuttering that if the Spaniard had left him alone for the rest of the meeting he would visit as soon as he felt like it. He hugged his pillow close. If he knew his Lovi then that meant he'd be here sometime this week. He couldn't wait!

The tingle that ran up his spine just as he drifted to sleep was completely ignored. Probably just excited about seeing Lovi.