"We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey." Kenji Miyazawa

His feral grin spread from corner to corner practically reaching his ears. His pearly white teeth sparkled as the dusky sun glittered through the dirty window, showing off his canine-like fangs. Appo's head was slightly tilted down and his eyes raised up making him appear like the devil himself.

Thea stood before him, blaster aimed directly at his chest. Trying to keep her attention on him and not on the unconscious form of Cody who was slumped in the chair bloody and bruised; her palms began to sweat from her death grip on the blaster and rattled nerves.

"I missed you Red," Appo accent seemed heavier; huskier. "I missed the feel of you under me, the softness of your…"

"Shut it you bastard!" Thea shrieked, her voice rising along with her fear. Beads of sweat started to run down the sides of her head and her heart thumped against her chest. This was her chance, this was everything she and Cody had been searching for and as she stood in front of her assailant, Thea found that her brain and fingers would not coordinate.

Fully raising his head, Appo's blazing eyes met her own storming ones. "Come to shoot me? You want to take my life? For what Red? For him?" Appo pointed toward Cody's collapsed body. "For Coruscant?" He raised a brow at her.

Thea raised her lip in a snarl. "Yes! For Coruscant, for what you did to me, the nightmares, the constant threat that I'd run into you," her chest heaved in exertion and anger. Could this man really be that arrogant?

"You ran into me, actually, it seems like you sought me out," Appo took a step closer to Thea.

"Stay back!" She demanded. Thea pointed the blaster at Appo's face and slightly thrust it in his direction to emphasize her point.

"Or what Red? Are you really going to shoot me?" Appo mocked and took a step closer causing Thea to take a step back. Shoot him Thea. "Do it my pretty, pretty Red. Shoot me, I wouldn't want anyone else to do it," his voice sent goose bumps traveling over her body despite the hot and humid air.

A moan slipped from Cody momentarily distracting Thea and that's all the opportunity Appo needed. He pounced on her, whacking the blaster out of her hands and slammed her up against the wall. Her head collided first, knocking the wind out of her and caused her to see stars. When her eye sight adjusted, Appo was just a breath away. The familiar taste of bile rose in Thea's throat.

"I'm going to make you scream Red," he growled into her ear. Thea trembled violently against Appo. "And I am going to make your boyfriend watch as you writhe and moan under me. Before you die, I want you see what we do with traitors of the Empire."

"Noooooooo!" Thea screamed.

"Cody!" Thea shot upwards from her sleeping position. She immediately reached a hand out to feel for her lover and discovered that he wasn't next to her, causing her to panic even more. "Cody!" She cried out even more distressed. Had Appo really found them and taken Cody to torture him? Would she be next?

She didn't even hear the cabin doors open and close, nor hear him run into the room. It only began to register to Thea that Cody was still with her and they indeed had not been taken captive when his strong arms wrapped around her trembling form and pulled her into his lap. He started murmuring soft words into her ear while rocking her back and forth as if she were an infant needing to be soothed. Finally her senses started to come around.

"Appo caught both of us. I could have shot him but I didn't. I couldn't make my fingers work. I coward out Cody," Thea muttered against his neck. "I fracken coward out."

"Shhh, Thea," his voice was soothing against her aching head. She let Cody's warmth and strength melt into her for a little bit longer. Thea slightly shifted her head and placed light kisses along the exposed skin between Cody's neck and jaw eliciting a small sigh from him. Suddenly feeling the feverish heat and needing more, Thea sat back and before Cody could mount a protest, she pushed him none to gently against the chest so that he was forced to fall against the bed and she was sitting atop of his hips.

Stifling a protest with a smothering kiss, Thea and Cody battled with their tongues for dominance until the need for air became a necessity. She fisted his shirt with both of her hands, bracing herself against his heaving chest for stability and bent her head so that her long red tresses curtained her face from Cody's view.

Closing her eyes, Thea prayed for some type of composure to come back to her, but all she felt was raw, crazed lust and the need to forget. Was this how she would associate sex with Cody from now on? When nightmares drove her to wipe out memories?

Feeling his fingers stroke back some of her hair and wrap around her ear, Thea slowly lifted her head and expected to see anger and/or frustration written on Cody's face. Instead she saw concern and empathy.

"Do you want me to help you forget again Thea?" Cody asked hoarsely. With an aching heart she wanted to answer yes, but she shook her head. "How can I help you?"

"Just hold me Cody. Tell me that you love me; tell me that the galaxy will be beautiful again." Gathering her against his chest, Thea listened to his steady heartbeat rhythmically pound against her ear, slowing down her frazzled nerves. Tucking her head under his chin, she felt immediately felt calmer; safer.

She felt him stroke her tangled hair and the vibrations of his honeyed voice reverberate through her body. "Jeg skal være med deg, uansett hvor du er, du forsvarer deg og veilede deg. Mars på, har ingen frykt."

"That's beautiful Cody," Thea murmured. "What does it mean?"

"I shall be with you, wherever you are, guarding you and guiding you. March on, have no fear." She could feel him take a gulp and then continued, "Barriss taught me a little bit of the Mirialan language. On some of the longer missions, when I had a bit of downtime I downloaded some vids so I could learn the language better. It didn't matter by the time I got back to Coruscant."

They lay in silence for a few moments, Thea shifted slightly so that she could wrap her arm around Cody's torso. How could she selfishly forget that she wasn't the only one in pain?

"It matters to me Cody. I am glad you did."

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