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I was broken out of my daydream by the ringing of the school bell. I looked up at the clock. I couldn't believe that class was already over.

I sat a moment longer letting the people around me get up first. Most people think that claustrophobia wasn't a problem unless I had to go in a cave or something to that extent but I was more claustrophobic in school than anywhere else. People pushing and shoving, crowded hallways, people trying grab their things and be the first one out the door. If I got caught up with any of the above I'd stand still and close my eyes waiting for things to thin out. Normally waiting wouldn't be a problem but I'd been trying to avoid a certain teacher and I couldn't be the last one in the room.

I franticly gathered my stuff and turned to the door just as I heard my teacher speak up.

"Savannah, could I see you at my desk."

I motioned to the door and tried to get the point across that I needed to get to my next class but as I expected it didn't work probably because my next class was lunch.

"Savannah, we need to talk."

The teacher didn't have to explain what she was talking about because I already knew. I'd been down to the counselor a week ago about cutting myself and ever since then I'd been intentionally avoiding people. Taking my time I brushed a strand of purple streaked hair out of my face before speaking.

"What's the problem," I said faking ignorance.

"Your parents are worried about you," my teacher said which didn't mean anything to me. If they really were worried they could find actually tell me and not my teachers.

"I'm worried about me, for Pete's sake!" I said a little louder than intended making a few of the students just walking in look over at me. "Can't you just leave me alone!" I said slightly quieter.

"Promise me you'll go see the counselor later and I will."

"fine, I will," I lied.

She smiled and as I turned to walk out the door the late bell rang. I wandered over to my locker. There was someone standing near my locker.

"Hello," I mumbled kneeling down to my locker to put in the combination.

"Sup," was the answer I received.

I looked up to see who it was. The unmistakable red hair made it obvious it was John. John was one of the bad boys that were way out of my league. I knew him when we were in sixth grade but as soon as we hit seventh he found out that he could be more popular and took the bad-boy route while I stayed the nobody.

I smiled at John. I knew he didn't want to talk to me and if he did he must be pretty board because I'm the least exciting person I know. John walked down to lunch with me. I tried making small talk but I wasn't all that good at it and nothing I said sounded good.

I said goodbye and walked over to the table I normally sit at. Everyone was already there . . . pluse one which took up all the seats. I wandered over and opened my mouth to tell the newcomer to leave when Kara spoke up first.

"Um . . . Savannah, my parents don't think you're a good influence on my and they said I shouldn't hang out with you anymore," Kara managed in one breath.

I frowned. I wanted to tell her that they wouldn't know and that she was in high school now and she shouldn't let here parents pick her friends. I was angry that she would even think about it.

I opened my mouth to tell Kara off but someone else had something to say.

"It's OK, Savvy has other friends," John said wrapping his arm around my waist causing my cheeks to flush.

One, I hated the nickname Savvy but it didn't sound too bad coming out of John's mouth. Two, I don't have other friends and if they're actually John's friends I don't want to meet them. Three, OH MY GOSH WHY DOSE HE HAVE HIS ARM AROUND MY WAIST! I'm not complaining but . . . what the heck.

He guided me back to his table. I wanted to stop and ask what was going on but I couldn't. I just walked beside him pretending to know exactly why this was happening.

Like I said, John was one of the bad boys, which meant that's who he hung out with, the bad boys and their girlfriends. When I say bad boy I mean tats, piercings, the whole nine yards. I knew one of the girls at the table. We were close friend when we were younger but things happened and we weren't all that close now but at least I knew someone other than John.

I sat there and didn't say much that lunch period. It was Friday and they were talking about going and seeing a movie. I wanted to see the movie but my parents would be horrified if they knew that.

"Hey, Savvy, wanna come with us?" Katie, my old friend, asked.

Of course I wanted to go but I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with them. It was that simple. I go with them, I'm now part of their group and I've completely ditched my old group. If I don't go with them, I wont ever get to see the movie, I wont be part of their group, and I wont have anyone to hang out with. I didn't know what to do.

"Cat gotcha tongue?" John teased. "Just meet us there, 'kay?"

I nodded weekly. And if I didn't choose they'd choose for me. Of course. Now I don't have a choice. I've got to go with them or finish high school without any friends.

When I got home I threw my stuff on my bed, grabbed my Ipod, put on my running shoes, and headed out the door. Running always cleared my head. People made fun of me because "the emo" (me) ran track. Why people found it so funny was past me but I'm still running now so you can see how much their teasing bothered me.

I ran about a quarter of a mile before realizing that someone was following me. I kept looking over my shoulder to see who it was but all I ever saw was a blur. I finally got fed up with who ever it was. I stopped running and turned around.

"Who are you?" I asked annoyance obviously showing in my voice.

No answer.

"I know you're there just come out."

"You're behind the bush and if you don't come out willingly I will come over there and drag you out." I had no clue who this person was but if they were small enough to hide behind the bush they were small enough for me to beat up.

The bush rustled around a little and an ashamed looking boy stepped out. He looked about two years younger than me. He had dark brown, shaggy hair, and warm, chocolate colored eyes.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad. I just . . ." the stalker boy mumbled at the ground.

"Why the heck were you following me, creeper?" I said but it wasn't meant in a mean way.

"I was seeing if you noticed."

"I noticed all right," I said smiling. I pulled out my earbuds. "You live around here? I don't think I've seen you before."

He shook his head. "Just passing through."

"I'm Savannah."


We walked and talked for a while and I found out a lot about Darren. His dad was a salesman and they were always traveling. Why any salesman would want to come to the little town I lived in was past me but who was I to judge. I found out that he loves spiders and knew a lot about vampires. He seemed very hesitant about the subject and I almost felt bad about bringing it up but he seemed to relax after I changed the subject.

I spent the rest of the afternoon with him before I had to leave to the theater.

"See ya tomorrow?" I asked standing on my front porch.

Darren shrugged. "I dunno."

"Well I hope to see ya soon. Bye."


I expected my family to be home but I checked and it turned out that my mom was working until 8 and my brother and dad were at boy scouts. I didn't complain. I loved my family of course but I was having a bad day and I was doing the best I could to avoid my parents.

I quickly made a sandwich and ate slowly hoping that something amazing might show up on the news. I wanted something to happen that shook up more than just my life. I wanted something that everyone had a say on. Just something other than me.

I walked up to the movie theater I was almost late. When I got there I saw the four of them standing outside waiting for me. I wanted so badly to walk over there and for everything to be great but I couldn't. I was frozen. I didn't want to be that kind of person. I wanted to be me not them.

I shook my head and turned around to walk back home.

I didn't go home. I stayed out late dodging my parents. I didn't want to go home. I didn't want to do anything. I wanted something new.

I stared up at the night sky attempting to count the numerous starts that flooded the atmosphere. I sent up a wish. A simple wish. A wish to make my life different. So completely different that I don't even know who I was anymore.

I got up and looked at the green glowing numbers on my watch. 10:00. I knew my parents would be wondering where I was. I left my phone back home. I knew they would have tried that first.

I wandered down the street in the quiet, simple, neighborhood. Everyone here was in bed by nine thirty so the streets were completely abandoned. No cars, no people, no nothing.

When I got back to my house I grabbed the spare key to open the door only to find it unlocked. I sighed. My parents were probably waiting for me in the living room.

I slowly pushed the door open. Every light that I could see was out and no one seemed to be awake. I let out a sigh of relief. Another successful attempt at avoiding them.

I walked down the hallway feeling pretty good with myself. My room was at the end of the hallway so I had to pass my parents room. I opened the door just a little to see if they were awake. What I saw scared the crap out of me.

There was a man standing there blood dripping from his mouth, a knife in his hand, standing in a puddle of blood. I slowly backed up. My parents were lying on the floor . . . dead. I bumped into the wall behind me. I glanced back up at the man. He had a terrifying smile on his face.

"Hello, Sweetheart," he crooned before lashing out at me with his knife.

I ducked and ran into my room. I clambered across my bed and grabbed out at my phone. The man was right behind me and smacked my phone across the room. It hit the wall and the battery flew out of it. There went my only chance of getting help.

"Leave me alone. Don't hurt me." I said frightened tears falling down my cheeks.

"Oh, Murlough wouldn't hurt a pretty girl like you," he said wiping the tears from my cheeks. "Just do what you say and you wont get hurt."

I looked up at the large man. The sudden change of mood only frightened me more than him trying to slash my head off.

"Give me your hands," Murlough commanded.

I shook my head.

"I'm not playing around. Give me your hands," he said in a more threatening voice.

"No," I stated firmly.

He brought his knife to my stomach and started making a long diagonal cut across my belly button.

I screamed out. "OK. OK." I thrust out my hands.

The man smiled bringing his large hand close to mine then piercing the skin on each finger.

I yelped pulling my hand hard against my chest. He pierced the skin on all ten of his finger too.

"Hands," he commanded again.

I shook my head furiously.

He brought his knife back to my stomach making another diagonal cut over my belly button making an X. I tried to push him away but he grabbed my hands. I tried to pull away but he was too strong.

"What are you doing!" I yelled at him.

He gabbed my wrists and pushed me back. I hit my head hard on my headrest making me see stars. It took moment for my eyes to focus. All I know is that my arm felt really heavy. You know when you get a shot the feeling of the serum going through you veins. That's what it felt like except my whole arm was like that. Then my chest. Then it felt like I was having a heart attack. I couldn't breath. It felt like I'd just been stabbed in the chest. Slowly the pain subsided.

Murlough got up and licked his fingers. There was blood everywhere. Who know your fingers could bleed that much. That's when I realized it. It was his blood. I now had his blood inside of me.

I suddenly felt sick.

"Get up, Sweetheart," Murlough commanded.

"I'm bleeding," I groaned.

"If you come with me I'll make it stop."

"I'm not going with you."

"Then sit here and bleed to death. See how much it means to me," he said turning to the door.

" I will."

He shrugged and walked out the door.

I sat down on my bed. I was bleeding all over the place and didn't have the energy to go get help. Maybe I was going to bleed to death and my only hope had just walked out the door.

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