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I groped around on the dirty, mud covered floor below me for. I was who-knows-how-far underwater trying to find a medal that could be anywhere. I was pretty much out of air and would have to go to the surface soon but this was the third time I'd made it to the bottom without success, I had to find something.

I squinted my eyes that were already stinging from the cold water. I could almost make out something shinny in the murky water. I forced my numb arms to push me through the liquid. My lungs were starting to ach from holding my breath for so long but I couldn't let it out now. That breath still had places to get me.

I thought I had lost the shiny object for a moment and considered going back up for air. I knew it took forever to get back to the surface and I was already pushing my limits. Just as I turned around to head for the top I saw something sparkle in the dirt. The thought to remember exactly where I was and come back after I'd gotten air passed through my head but I couldn't risk losing the medal.

I swam a tight circle and snatched the gold colored metal. I tried to swim away with it but I was caught on something. That's when I panicked.

At this point I'd forgotten everything I learned in training. I knew somewhere in the back of my head that panicking used up more of the precious oxygen needed to live but that wasn't what I was thinking of at the moment. The only thought going through my head was: Oh, crap, oh crap, oh crap. I actually I wasn't thinking 'crap' I was thinking another word that I'm not going to write on here.

I accidently let a little bit of air slip from my nose. I was seriously freaking out now. I tried to take a breath of air to calm myself. A split second later I realized that wasn't a good idea. I had a little water in my mouth now. I knew if I didn't get to the surface soon I was going to drown down here. I decided to try the metal one more time. I gave it a slight tug. A small rock gave way and let go of the lanyard connected to the metal circle.

I had a small party in my head before rocketing for fresh air. It was still a long time until I got to the needed oxygen and the more I worked the more I worried I wouldn't make it. I was probably still 100 feet underwater but my lung hurt like hell so I did exactly what I wasn't supposed to. I blew almost all the air from my lungs and continued swimming with the heavy medallion weighing me down slightly.

As expected I was starting to get lightheaded because I didn't have any air left. I pushed myself higher and higher. Just as I thought I was going to faint and therefore drown my hands broke the surface. I took in a breath a moment to early getting a mouthful of water.

I smacked the troublesome metal down on the hard floor and started coughing hard. I could tell people were running over to me but I was still trying to fill my lungs with air which was almost impossible when you can't stop coughing. I stopped coughing for a moment to puke up some water. I felt a large hand pat me on the back and Gavner's familiar voice exclaiming that I'd finished my second trial.

I coughed a few more time, tried to say something to my mentor but my words slurred and I passed out.

Second trial out of five passed. I was forty percent through.

My first trial, the blooded boars, was much easier. Gavner helped me train for that one. It was a lot like hunting and hunting was one thing I was particularly good at. The trial went fast and I barely got hurt. I didn't sit around and let them come at me when they were ready. When they first got into the pin they were a little confused and disoriented so I took advantage of that. I speared one right there. After that it was a one on one fight that didn't last too long. I speared the second not long after. I managed to immerge with only one small cut. Gavner healed the cut up quick and nothing was found out.

The second trial, I can't remember its name, was a lot harder. It was good because I would have to try hard to actually spill blood on that trial but, on the other hand, I was a bad swimmer. Kurda helped me train more on this trial though there wasn't much to train for since you can't really become an all-star swimmer in 24 hours. I barely passed but it was behind me now.

Darren's in much worse shape. He passed his first trial without too much trouble but his second went a little wrong. His second trial was the hall of needles and one of the needles kind of broke or something. I didn't get the full story but he was in bed all cut up.

"Good morning," Kurda greeted cheerfully, walking into our room.

I had just woken and Darren was still sleeping.

I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see what the blonde had to say.

"No trials for three whole days!" Kurda cheered.

"How come?"

"The festival of the undead."

I gave him a confused look.

"It's a big event that takes place when all the vampires arrive. It's full of ale, fighting, and good spirits. It spans three days and no official business, including the trials, is to take place. it is a formal event so you do have to dress up. Darren needs to wear a cape and nice clothes and you will need to find a dress. You can wear pants under the dress for fighting afterwards but you won't be fighting so that won't be a problem. Now I've got a few things I need to attend to. See you later."

And with that I was left with more things I need to do.

I tried to explain the festival of the undead to Darren before trying to figure out where I would find a dress. I knew Gavner had things to check on so I went over to Mr. Crepsley's room.

"Hey, Mr. Crepsley, do you have a dress?"

The vampire gave me a funny look.

"Yes, Savannah, of course I have a dress, why would I not?"

I pulled a face at his sarcastic remark.

"Well, do you know where I could find one? Kurda said I needed one and didn't remember to tell me when I needed it by."

"You might want to talk to Arra," Mr. Crepsley suggested.

"I'd rather shoot myself," I mumbled, turning for the door.

"Do not speak that way of my former mate," the orange haired man scolded lightly.

"Wait, you two were together!?" I exclaimed just as I was about to walk out of room.

"Yes," he answered simply.

"You have a horrible taste in women," I said shaking my head.

"I was in love with you, if you remember."

He said that right as I had stepped out of the room. I stuck my head in the room and said, "Were you in love with me or are you still in love with me?"

I decided I didn't want to know the answer yet so I took off running down the hall to find the dreaded female vampire.