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"Waaah!" Twilight Sparkle jumped at the familiar voice that nearly prompted her to lose control of her magic and put the book she was reading on fire. She looked towards the window, eyeing the Spirit that stood upon its sill; his long body was too much for the tiny window, so he was bent in half. Twilight put a hoof to her heart, feeling its strong beat.

"Discord- I- you- for goodness' sake, you scared me to half to death!" She exclaimed, trying to calm down. Discord didn't seem to pay any attention to her rushing heartbeat as he waved his hands, trying to grab her attention. "What are you doing here anyway? Did you forget something?

"Twilight, I have something urgent to say!"

"Yes, yes well, what is it?" Twilight demanded, her voice cracked from the shock the Spirit gave her. She levitated the book in front of herself, half trying to continue reading and half listening to him.

Discord paused for a bit, weighing his words and breathing heavily as if he just ran a mare-a-thon. "Remember how I said I'll be back when missing you guys becomes simply unbearable?"

"Yeah?" Twilight carefully replied. Discord took another huge breath before finally blurting out:

"Well, guess what? I missed you. So much that I couldn't stop thinking of it and flied head first into a tree. I can not even think what will happen to me when I start missing others as well. Who knows, it might even kill me at some point."

The book fell to the floor with a silent, soft 'thud'.

"Whoa there Missy, your book will get injured that way. Isn't that what you've been trying to avoid since the day you first read one?"

Only then did the Spirit notice Twilight's awkward facial expression. He stared at her for the longest time before rolling his eyes and then saying, more to himself than to her:

"Oh for goodness sake, do I need to spell it out to you? So Bothersome, you and you mares in general. What is up with that look? I mean, OK fine, I missed you, you don't have to get all weird, staring at me like that. Stop it. Stop it, I said!"

"Discord, you've barely been gone for... an hour."

"And I nearly died!" Discord admitted, the fact he just confessed it frustrating him greatly. "I missed you so much, I though I was going to-"

His mouth was shut as Twilight threw herself at his face, hugging it for dear life. He couldn't help but to smile a bit mischievously.

"Oh, so you catch my drift." He managed to mumble through a face crushing hug. The mare laughed almost without control, her cheek plastered firmly to his like it was the last time she was ever going to see him - or, on the contrary, like he just returned from the overly long trip.

"I missed you so, so, so much, too!" Twilight exclaimed, parting for a moment with his face to give it another good look. Then, as if that was what she had planned on doing all along, she gave him a big smooch on the muzzle.

The Spirit wasn't horrified - at least not in the negative way - by that cute display of love, but it was easy to say he was genuinely surprised, if not even embarrassed. Twilight Sparkle looked a bit expectant, but other than that she flushed to the very roots of her mane. Seeing as he didn't say anything, she was prepared to go into an apologetic fit, when he suddenly complained:

". . . That's not fair!"

She blinked. "Huh?"

"I was supposed to do that first!"


"I'm the guy! Guys always do it first!"

The childish tone of her voice was just too much. Despite all of her efforts not to laugh, Twilight burst into a laughing fit that made the draconequus flush.

"What's so funny? What? WHAT?"

Be it the sheer happiness of the moment, or the utterly childish behavior of the draconequus, Twilight couldn't stop laughing.

She had a feeling she never would from now on.

"Twilight?" Spike descended down the stairs, finding Twilight in the library. "Was that Discord here just now? I thought I heard his voice, but I was too laz- I mean tired, to get up."

"Yes, he was Spike." Twilight confirmed, sitting on the window sill and reading a book.

"Didn't he leave several hours ago, while I was sleeping?"

"He came back; he forgot something." She quickly said. "Also, he decided he'll start with shorter journeys, so we can expect him to stop by next weekend. Good thing I didn't invite everyone for a tearful goodbye, huh?"

"Oh wow, that's great! I really started missing him already - it is too quiet without him around."

"Yes, indeedy-o!" Twilight chirped. Spike looked at her awkwardly, for a moment worrying she was sick or something.

"What kind of language is that? And what are you smiling so widely about? And why in the world are you sitting on a window?"

"Oh it's nothing~"

"Did you just sing-alonged? What's the matter with you? Look at you, you're beaming!" Spoke chuckled in disbelief as he pointed out her features. Twilight laughed.

"I guess today was a good day. Or should I say, a good morning?" She hinted. Spike's eyes widened.

"What happened? Oh please, Twilight, tell me, tell me!" He demanded with an excited grin, but Twilight shook her head as she smiled mysteriously.

"Well, I'm not really comfortable telling it to you this way, alone. I'll tell you next weekend."

"... you mean when Discord gets back?"

"Insightful one, aren't you?" Twilight feigned surprise and laughed before trotting off into the kitchen to get a snack. Spike just stared after her before swiftly leaving the library. The thought of what might've happened between the two was simply crazy... impossible... utterly and undeniably Chaotic!

It was a gossip.

"Oh, Rarity is going to love this."

The End