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Thick waves of sandy blonde hair fell through Lorelai's fingers in the darkness. Her heavy eyes blinked for what felt like the first time in hours; she lay close to her three and a half year old daughter in an unfamiliar bed, an unfamiliar town; yes, she was tired, exhausted, but she wouldn't allow herself to sleep for the fear losing everything she cherished.

Allowing her eyes to divert away from her young daughter's sleeping form to the cell phone clasped tightly in her left hand, she read the display; 3:46am. Lorelai sighed deeply, allowing the fingertips of her right hand to dance gently and freely across her baby's forehead. She wanted nothing more to scoop her up in both arms and hold her tight to her chest, close her eyes and breathe in the sweet scent of her little girl, just like she did when she was a baby; only the risk of disturbing her much needed sleep stopped her. She needs to sleep Lorelai told herself she needs to sleep soundly and peacefully after the two days she's had. Fresh tears pricked the corners of Lorelai's bright blue eyes at the thought of what her daughter might have been feeling; how scared she must have felt without her Mommy and Daddy for two whole days.

Isabel Audrey Danes stirred in her sleep, mumbling something incoherent, prompting Lorelai to lean even closer to her, dropping a soft, shaky kiss on her forehead."Shh Bella" Lorelai whispered, "We'll see him tomorrow" more to herself than her dreaming daughter.

With her head now back on her pillow, Lorelai closed her eyes; forcing herself to stop looking at the clock. 8am they said. A few more hours. If it wasn't for Bella, she'd be there now; at the hospital, pacing the waiting room, sneaking in to see him, bribing anyone she could fin to let her sit with him; anything to put her mind at ease.

Lorelai charged through the hospital doors; like a whirlwind she found the reception desk in the emergency room."My baby" she panted through her tears, "My husband and my daughter... I had a message on my machine from..." Lorelai shook her head, trying to gather her thoughts in order to make sense to the young girl behind the desk, "... the message got left I don't know when, not today." She narrowed her eyes, replaying in her head what the date automated machine told her, trying to allow her aching brain to work out when this happened. "The day before yesterday" Lorelai finally decided. "Please, please tell me they're ok".

Lorelai quickly opened her eyes; she didn't want to relive any moment from the last 24 hours ever again. She just needed him; she needed her family back.

"I'm afraid your daughter isn't here Mrs Danes, after the-"

"What?" Lorelai interrupted the Doctor sat on the chair beside her in the relatives' room. "The message said that she, I don't... what?" Her head felt foggy and she could barely breathe.

The Doctor cleared his throat and began to explain once more "Your husband has been taken for a second surgery; we need to stop a small bleed that-"

Lorelai nodded quickly, growing impatient; she'd heard this before "Yes, he's alive right. Luke's alive? But where is my baby? Why isn't she... oh god, please no."Lorelai quickly stood from her seat; her palms pressed together, she began to pace the otherwise deserted relatives' room.

"Mrs Danes, please, sit down; your daughter is fine. She suffered a few minor injuries, which I will explain further when you're ready. She's been placed with a foster family for the time being"

Lorelai quickly sat up in the bed; willing for her mind just to shut down for even a minute so she wouldn't relive this nightmare for a second longer. She looked down at her peaceful daughter and sighed a small sigh of relief before swinging her legs from the bed and slowly taking the few steps across the hotel room it took for her to get to the bathroom. She turned on the light then looked back at her reflection in the mirror above a simple sink; her eyes red and swollen from crying, her face pale and tired. Her eyes travelled to her slightly rounded stomach and she smiled weakly, placing her palms at either side; blinking back fresh tears, Lorelai whispered "Let's get pretty for Daddy"


5 days earlier...

Luke placed 3 large suitcases in the trunk of Lorelai's car, before turning to face his wife. "Have a god time ok?" He checked, placing his hands on her hips and pulling her close."Take care of April."

Lorelai grinned up at her husband, her hands placed on his shoulders "Luke, she's-"

"17, I know. She'll be at college next year; I know all this. I just didn't think the day I'd be sending her off for her first week long bachelorette party would come so soon" Lorelai laughed at his response before leaning into him for a long tender kiss.

"I'll miss you" she told him sweetly as they parted; her lips still close to his. "Whatever will you do without me for 6 whole days?"

"I'm sure I'll come up with something" he smirked

"Wrong answer" Luke shrugged at Lorelai's reply before she continued."You're supposed to say 'I'm going to sit in front of the TV all week, watching 'The way we were', eating popcorn and-'" Luke interrupted her with a short kiss.

"I think you've got me confused with you" he murmured against her lips. Lorelai grinned, stepping back a little to see his face, while her hands travelled affectionately down his chest."Take care of my baby" her told her.

Lorelai opened her mouth to respond, only for Luke to place his hand on her stomach. She smiled widely, realising he wasn't speaking of April this time. "And you take care of mine" she told him before looking over her shoulder at their daughter giving April instructions on how to hold her Mommy's hair back in case she sick in the mornings just like her Daddy does. She furrowed her brow and shook her head at the thought process of her 3 year old.

"You should get going or I'll have Rory and your mother on the phone asking why you haven't arrived on time" Luke kissed her once more "Have fun and remember... it's not appropriate to share intimate details of our sex life at a bachelorette party when the bride to be is your daughter and you're taking mine with you."

Lorelai chuckled briefly at his attempt of telling her keep private details of their marriage private before kissing him one last time, stepping back and calling for April to get in the car.