Swallows up all my loved ones
Did the Emperor take them?
Do I now stand alone
On the Death Star
My brother stands against the dark ones
I must help him if I can.

All alone on the Death Star
Fighting against our father
Standing against the dark
I still hope that
He doesn't turn away from the light
Let my brother stay alive.

Every Ewok
seems to chant the prophecy unending
Chewie mutters and the ewoks stutter
and soon we will be fighting

You must come to the light side
You must start up a new life
And we musn't give in
When the time comes
You must save the life of your son
And my brother will return

White helmets from olden days
remind me of my mother
An Ewok dies, another life is snuffed out
A new era is starting

Hear me
Its not hard to ignore me
Speaking of all our freedoms
Lost to the Empire
If you listen
You'll understand why I must do this
Look my brother has returned.