Despite the spectacular failure of her attempted reconciliation with Finn over the summer, Rachel Berry thought her senior year was off to a pretty good start. The Glee Club's roster was full (and then some!), her classes were going well and she and Kurt had applied to NYADA.

Life was good.

Even if Finn was still attempting to rekindle their romance. She had grown weary of his hovering and had strategically seated herself between Mike and Noah and in front of Brittany and Santana

This decision had resulted in a pouting Finn, but Rachel tried to ignore him. He seemed unable to grasp the fact that she no longer found such behavior cute.

Instead of being exasperated, she chose to listen to Mike and Noah discuss the absurd plot some action movie they'd

been to see over the weekend. Just as they began to debate whether the submarine expolsion or the tanker truck

explosion had looked cooler, Kurt and Blaine arrived with Mercedes and Sam…and a whole bunch of new kids.

She recognized several of them from classes, most notably Steve, the tall, handsome blond boy, and Tony, the lovely

dark haired boy with the eyelashes, from history class.

"The new kids want to audition," Kurt said happily, before adding, "There was a Slushee incident. I'm fairly sure

Clint over there did the world a favor and rendered Fuller sterile."

Rachel let her eye land on the small boy, who had slipped mirrored shades over his eyes and was leaning against a

wall, a look of thorough disinterest on his face. She was fairly sure she'd heard Tony call him Clint at some point during history. He had been sitting next to the speckled girl with dark hair, who was currently tapping away at her iPhone.

Beside her was a waifish brunette, arm in arm with another rather impressive blonde boy. On his other side, an intimidatingly lovely redhead was speaking quietly to a boy with dark, damp hair, who was wearing a McKinley gym shirt.

She recognized the signs of a Slushee attack victim.

Darn. It'd been almost a week since anyone had thrown one in someone's face. Artie would have to update be ticker clock he kept on his Facebook page.

"How long does this meeting usually last?" Clint asked suddenly, glancing at his phone. "Gotta get out to the lake by sundown."

Steve grimaced. "I thought those folks with the telescopes asked you guys to leave them alone yesterday evening."

"They didn't ask," Tony grumbled. "They told us to get lost, that the grown-ups had work to do."

"Work," Bruce grunted. "There the local branch of S.E.T.I. wannabes."

Clint smirked. "Which is why I have a wheelbarrow full of tennis balls soaking in gasoline at home. We're gonna light 'em on fire and let Thor hit them as high as he can."

Oh, that doesn't sound too wise…though it did sound like something boys would like doing.

Steve heaved a sigh and Rachel was willing to guess that he was the moderating influence of the group. "Please don't start any forest fires. I've seen those public service announcements with the cartoon bear."

" It's always great to see new faces in here," Mr. Schue said, smiling at each of the new kids in turn and waving everybody toward seats. He paused, counting, then said, "Finn, Puck, Mike, can you three go next door and grab a few more chairs?"

As the three of them left the room, introductions were made. Natasha was the scary redhead, Jane, the brunette, the giant blond was Thor and the darker guy was Bruce.

Once everyone had a seat, Mr. Shue continued, "Could each of you sang a few bars? Just so we can hear your voices."

The new kids exchanged glances and hushed whispers, shoving at each other until Thor leapt up and belted out some strange song about war, bloody battles and drinking. His voice wasn't terrible and he was very enthusiastic. Jane's voice was sweet, not particularly powerful, but she did a passable job on Feels Like Home. Darcy's rendition of The Nearness of You was nicely raspy and Natasha belted out Summertime like an old school cabaret performer.

Clint had reacted to her performance with a wolf whistle, which caused her to land a punch on his arm that had to have hurt a lot, but he shrugged it off and let out a bluesy version of New York State of Mind. Tony elbowed a disgruntled Brad away from the piano and sang Every Breath You Take…keeping eye contact with Steve the entire time. Steve's song choice was a classic It Had to Be You, and he had blushed an adorable shade of red the entire time he saying. Bruce was last, looking mildly uncomfortable as he performed Hey Jude.

None of them were spectacular, but none of them made her want to cover her ears in horror, which was a good thing. They could be taught to harmonize and sway in the background and start could never have too many backup singers. Plus, the more members of the club there were, the less chance they had of being disqualified, were someone to get sick before a performance.

All in all, Rachel had to say it had been a good day.

Peering up from his iPhone, Mike Chang wondered exactly how it would be before anyone else realized that their new classmates were The Avengers. Once he'd heard their names, more specifically Tony, Steve and Thor, in a group like that, it struck a chord in his mind and he ran a Google search. Comparing photos (PR shots and candids) of the Avengers to the teenagers in the room, he was pretty sure the team of superheroes had gotten themselves involved with something weird that had turned them back into kids.

How exactly that happened or why they were in Lima he had no idea, but he was fairly sure he wasn't imagining things.

After glee club let out, Finn made a big deal about inviting everyone to go get a coffee at the Lima Bean. Since it was still fairly early, no one had protested, but Jane had stepped to the side to make a quick phone call. She was too far away to hear much of what she said, but, at one point, she raised her voice and asked, "How did he hear about that?"

That had caused a spark of nervous glances among her friends. Steve gave Thor a nod and the big guy strode off, lifting his girlfriend from her feet and carrying her toward a big, black SUV.

Acting as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened, Steve said, "We'll meet you all at the café."

As the rest of the group headed off after Thor, Mike heard Darcy say, "I'm beat. And jealous. Anyone else wish they had a giant boyfriend to carry them around?"

"I do," Tony replied smugly. "Though I think he might spontaneously combust in embarrassment if I asked."

Even at a distance, Mike could see the back of Steve's neck turning red.


Captain America and Ironman…Mike had thought Tina was just viewing things through her slash goggles, but apparently she'd been right about them.


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