I was in a world I once knew. White walls all around me, screams and gun fire coming from all directions. I look up from my hiding place just in time to watch my mother and brother get gunned down. Those men in the large, steel colored armor were everywhere. I tried to crawl further into the vent I was hiding in, but accidentally hit my head on the ceiling. By this time, most of the screams had subsided, so when the loud, dull clank rang out more than one head turned. My face must have turned a deathly white as I laid completely still. One of the armored men bent down and saw me. His face wore a devilish grin as he called out for his team.

I woke up. My heart was pounding rapidly, and I was panting hard. I still remember that day as if it were yesterday, maybe because I dream about it every single night. Luckily, I was not actually caught, though sometimes I wish I was. Since then my life has had little meaning, the only thing that keeps me going is the burning passion of revenge.

After the metal men attacked my vault, they looted pretty much everything. Luckily, I was able to evade them by hiding in a ventilation shaft. Once they left, I scavenged everything I could. After a hour or two of searching, I could only find a handful of stimpacks, about a months worth of food, water, a backpack, and a 9mm pistol that barely worked, and that had no ammo. So I hunkered down for a few weeks, and tried to forget the night that everything changed. Every night it seemed as if I could hear the moans of not quite dead yet men, but when ever I went to look, I could never find them.

After eating all the food I could not carry, I finally left the vault. At first I could not believe my eyes, the world was just so messed up. Everything was basked in an eery yellow glow, hardly anything was still standing. I glanced around, to the east was the ruins of once sprawling metropolis, and to the south there was a small, still standing house. Deciding that would be the best place to start, I began my walk down to there.

As I got close to the house, I noticed a little garden next to the chipped picket fence. A few hardy plants were growing, someone had to plant them. I walked around the house, only to find the door crushed in. I looked inside the hole, but could not see anything out of the ordinary. As I ducked into the hole, a horrid smell hit me. I was standing in what looked like a living room, but with all of the furniture ripped out of it. Down one of the halls, I spotted a pool of some fresh blood. I walked closer to it, and in the process, almost puked because of the smell. Plugging my nose, I turned the corner, and saw the remains what must have been a human. Not much was left, I hoped I would never meet what did this. Huge scratches marked the walls, what ever made them must have had claws the size of swords. I noticed a bloodied crowbar laying on the far side of the room. I picked it up and wiped the blood off on the sheets of the bed. I guess I was distracted, because right after I slid the crowbar inside my backpack, a loud hello came from down the hallway