I spun around; my heart was pounding in my chest. I pulled my pistol out of its holster, even though it did not have any ammo, maybe it could still scare who ever it was. I was pointing the gun at the door, when a man walked in. He immediately raised his arms and said. "Don't shoot!"

I slightly lowered the gun and replied with, "Who are you?"

"Just a local trader, the man who lives here is on my regular route." His eyes flickered down to the ground for the first time. He noticed the gore strewn throughout the room, and muttered "Jesus Christ, not again."

I dropped the gun to my side. "Sorry, you're the first human I've seen in almost a month. You see, I'm new to this world. I was born in a vault. About a month ago some men in metal suits broke in and killed parents and everyone else I have ever known. Do you know who they were?"

"Metal suits... must be the Enclave. Showed up 'bout two years ago. Say there're the government or somethin'. All I know is all they like to do is kill. Sorry 'bout your parents, but you ain't the first, and won't be the last. "

"Well, thanks for the info. Could you point me toward a town or something."

"See that road," He said while pointing out the window, "follow it a couple miles and you'll see Smith's Tavern. There's plenty of people to talk to there."

"Thanks" I said. We walked to the entrance of the house, and from there, parted ways. I walked down a little hill, and then over to the ancient, sun baked road. Rusted, old cars littered the old lanes, their paint faded, and windows smashed.

The sun was just starting to set, so I decided I would need to look for a place to hold up for the night soon. I was walking for only a few minutes, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a oversized, hairless rat. It had yet to see me, so I reached inside my backpack, and pulled the crowbar out. The creature turned its head at the sound, and started to run at me. Sidestepping its initial attack, I was now ready to face it head on. It lunged, once more, at me. I swung the crowbar as hard as I could, hitting its head dead on. With most of its teeth now smashed in, the rat could only lay there, and scream in pain. I stepped over to it, and finished it.

I kicked its limp body of the road. That was the first time I had ever intentionally killed something. I was shocked at how brutally I had handled it. A moment later I realized that to survive in this world, I will need to kill many, many more times. I looked up, and saw that the sun was now half-way behind the mountains. Just ahead was a burned-out car garage. I ran up to it, crowbar clenched in my hand. I turned the handle to the door, and opened it slowly.

I yelled, "Is anybody in here?" When no one responded, I fully opened the door and walked cautiously in. A large, green automobile was parked inside, and car parts were everywhere. A large couch was in the corner. After making sure nothing was in here with me, I laid down on it. As I fell asleep, I could not stop wondering what happened to the owner of this couch.