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Chapter Three

Our kiss lasts just long enough for me to know he's back in control. Long enough to feel his arms tighten around me, pulling me closer against him. And his lips to respond to mine, moving with me. The kiss left an underlying feeling in the pit of my stomach. Was it butterflies? It couldn't be. I didn't feel nervous about this; I was in control, I knew what I was doing. It felt felt like desire or an emotion closely related to that. It left me wanting more. I can only wonder what it left him feeling.

"What was that for?" Peeta asks, exhaling an exasperated breath. His features are calm, but curious. I think he enjoyed it.

I can feel a flush come over my face as I get embarrassed from this question. "You were having a flashback. It was the first thing that came to my mind to calm you down." That was a lie. the first thing to come to my mind was to shake him out of it. But that probably wouldn't have been productive.

He gives me a look, like he can clearly see that was a lie. Luckily, he doesn't push me on it. Peeta just smirks and slightly shakes his head. His arms find their way around me again as he lowers himself onto the blanket, taking me with him.

We fall back onto to the soft, plush blanket, his arms embracing me while my head lays on his chest. I can feel rise and fall of this chest. I can hear the soft thud of his heartbeat ringing throughout my ears.

We find ourselves in a comfortable, peaceful silence. Just enjoying one another's company. Tangled in each other. The silence and time of night is making my eyelids heavy. I try to stay awake, not wanting to miss a moment of tonight. Every time my eyes close, they shoot back open. I don't want to fall asleep.

This happens for a few more times, falling into slumber and jerking myself awake, until I feel Peeta's fingers run up and down my back softly and he whispers, "It's okay, Katniss. You can fall asleep."

"I don't want to, though." the sentence sounds more like a whine than I intended for it to.

Peeta shifts, so that we're both on our sides, facing each other. His fingers are still running along my back, and it's soothing; it's making it harder to stay awake. He looks at me, his crystal blue eyes still shining in the moonlight. They also show the teasing smile he had placed on him. "You need to sleep, Katniss. It'll be okay. You're safe with me." He smile changes to comforting to one.

It's not that I don't trust him if I fall asleep. I don't trust myself. Peeta doesn't know that battle I have with myself every night.

I want to argue with him. Tell him I don't need sleep. I'm not tired. I'm perfectly fine with staying up all night with him. But the way his soft, big hands run up and down my back isn't helping.

I yawn; making some mewing noise that makes him laugh and makes me blush. I'm defeated. Even if I was to argue with him, it'd be pointless. he places a soft kiss to my forehead. I take his other hand in mine and hold it in between us, snuggling myself into his chest. The moment my eyes shut, I fall into a peaceful slumber...for now.

"PRIM!" I screamed at my sister as she freed my grasp and ran towards the wall of black smoke. I yelled for her again, but she kept running towards the smoke and away from me.

The mine in my small town had just collapsed and the town was in a frenzy. Most of the men work the mines. So many families just lost the husbands, fathers, brothers, sons. I just lost my dad.

It was years ago when the mine fell. Prim, my baby sister, was only four. She's just barely old enough to remember things. I, on the other hand, was eight. I remember it all so clearly.

After the mine collapsed, everyone in town gathered at the entrance. We all watched as rescuers carried injured bodies, and lifeless bodies to the surface. I studied each miner as he came out, hoping to recognize him as my father. It wasn't until they brought the last man out that I realized none of them were my father. Then we spotted my mother, and Prim ran towards her. I was screaming after her as she disappeared into the smoke and towards my mother.

Then the scenery shifted completely.

"Primrose Everdeen!" My voice didn't sound like my voice anymore. It wasn't myself calling after her. I looked around; I wasn't in our small town anymore. I was standing in the town square of District 12. It was the Reaping Day of the seventy-four Hunger Games. And Effie Trinket just called my twelve-year-old sister as tribute.

I could see Prim walking towards the stage. I unconsciously stepped into path and yelled after her. But Peacekeepers were holding me away from her. And all I can hear is people yelling my name.

"Katniss!" Someone was yelling, but I continued to struggle.

"Katniss! Katniss, wake up!" I could feel someone shaking me, and the voice calling me sounded familiar. It wasn't until my eyes flashed open and were met with a pair of crystal blue ones, that I recognized the voice. It was Peeta. He was shaking me, trying to wake me from my nightmare. I was still on the roof of the hospital with him.

Once his eyes met mine, the shaking stopped. Well, his shaking of me stopped; I continued to shake due to the nightmare. "It was only a dream. You're safe, you're alright." he kept whispering that in me ear and pulled me closer to him.

"Do you understand now why I didn't want to fall asleep?" That was all I could say. He simply shook his head at me and small smirk appeared on his face.

"Do you always have nightmares like that?" he asked me, running his thumb across my cheek; which I realized was wet. I was crying in my sleep.

I couldn't answer him. For some reason ny voice was stuck in my throat. So I simply responded by nodding. But Peeta wanted more of an answer. I could tell by the way he look at me, a nod was not going to suffice for him. I sighed and tried to gain ability to tell him about my nightmares.

"These nightmares...they, nightmares happen..." I was struggling, badly. I don't talk about them. I like to keep them to myself. They shouldn't haunt anyone else but me. Peeta could see I was struggling to talk about this. He lifted my chin to look at him and cupped my face, locking my eyes to him.

"Don't think about it. Just talk." he whispered, still holding his glare to me. I closed my eyes, trying to flush the thoughts from my mind. But new ones just came rushing in. thoughts of him. His soft breath heating my face. Knowing his mouth his only inches from me. The dire feeling of wanting to kiss him.

Those thoughts aren't helping.

I opened my eyes again to find his staring back at me. How do those crystal blue orbs never faltered to make me want to melt. I took a deep breath, pushing my strange thoughts of desire out and began to tell my story.

I told Peeta of the mine collapsing. I told him about my dad dying, and how that effected my mother...and me. I told him how my little sister would find me in the woods, screaming for my dad to stop hiding. I told him that's when the nightmares started. The memory of the mine collapse replaying in my head every time I shut my eyes. I talked and talked until he had to stop me. I old Peeta everything, except for how I ended up here. I know he could put two-and-two together and know it has to do with my dad. But he didn't push it. He was saving that conversation for a later time.

Peeta had to physically stop me from talking by cupping my face again and kissing me. He did the same thing I did to him. His kiss brought back that not-butterflies feeling in my stomach. He makes me want more of him. He gives me feelings that I've never felt before. or had time to feel before. When he finally pulled away, we both were breathing heavily. His eyes met mine once more; they seemed bluer than before. I decided, he definitely enjoyed it earlier.

"What was that for?" I asked him, smiling.

He just smirked, laughed and pecked my forehead.

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