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He had been fighting beasts for years, but never anything like this.

Lar'zak was a barbarian from the northern kingdom, and had traveled south because of strange rumors of an evil heading towards his mountainous home. Lar'zak had found these rumors to be true as he had passed through Entsteig, running into corrupted, mutated humans, and some minor demons. His sturdy crystal swords, Fulgur and VenoIngis, had served him well for when he had to fight, his enemies stood no chance against him. At the time they were in his bloodied hands, as he tried to fight a higher ranked demon, Lar'zak was losing.

"Hahaha!" The demon laughed in his face, "You think you can defeat me, puny human? You are nothing!" It slashed and gave him yet another gash in his already bloodied chest.

Lar'zak's armor had fallen off long ago, but he knew he was going to lose this fight, after years and years of killing things like this, his age had finally caught up with him.

He saw a small opening to the left of the demon's side and went for it. He sidestepped under the blade it brandished against him, and brought Fulgur into the demon's side, sending an electric shock through it's body stunning it just long enough for him to bring VenoIngis through the chest of the beast. It howled in pain as the sword hissed in it's chest. The greater demon tried to grab him, but he brought his other sword up and into it's skull. The demon stood for a moment, but then started to collapse, falling backwards from the extra weight Lar'zak put on it. When it hit the ground, Lar'zak fell off of the corpse's husk, losing most of his strength.

"Need to quit trying to cook when I don't know my surroundings," he said, chuckling a little before clutching his shredded chest in pain. He noticed that he felt light headed, and quickly pulled out one of the vials of red liquid that the old potions maker had given him back in Harrogath. "Down the hatch" he said as he pulled off the cork and downed the disgusting tasting liquid. Slowly at first, he started to feel his strength come back to him. His chest tingled a bit and he looked down at it, expecting to see horrible gashes. Instead he saw the normal scar ridden chest he had always had.

"By the gods, Maria can sure make some useful things." he mumbled as he ran his hand over his fully healed chest.

Lar'zak shook his head to clear his mind and looked over at the demon's corpse. His blades were still protruding from it's face and chest. He got back to his feet and yanked them out, checking each blade for damage he knew would never be there and slid them back into their old leather sheaths. Fulgur and VenoIngis, were both magic swords that had been carved from a large diamond, Fulgur having the power to stun whoever was hit, with a bolt of lightning, and VenoIngis the power to poison it's foes and burn them with powerful flames.

Lar'zak walked back over to his campsite and looking into the small pot that had been bubbling above the fire during the fight, "Well, at least my dinner wasn't spilled," he said with a small grin on his face.

Lar'zak had learned to recognize the small nice things in life, since he had seen so much killing, in his homeland, and the other places he went. The few friends he had, when they were alive, had told him that he was insane for only looking at and thinking about the brighter side of things, but well they didn't last very long. The few companions that Lar'zak had always ended up dying before he could even call them 'friend'. Just the other day the mercenary he had hired in Kurast to help guard him had died on a surprise attack from a pack of demons. He had learned one thing from that little episode: Don't hire those wimp mages from the 'Iron Wolves'.

Lar'zak sat down on the log he had before the attack and started to eat. The light soup he had made was just the things he could find or capture, a few muskrats, and a few herbs from the nearby pond, it tasted pretty good in comparison to the meat the animals that lived up in the north. Their meat was always tough and tasteless, but it sustained him when he was out on the hunts for his small village, which had been burned down by the same type of demons that he had just killed.

When he had finished with his grub, he washed the small pot that he had in the pond and left some water to boil in it over the fire, seeing as his skin was empty. He was right about to start to get ready to sleep, but a rather dark figure started for his small camp. It was completely covered by a long traveler's cloak, so he couldn't see much of anything. Lar'zak subconsciously grabbed the hilt of the sword on his left hip, expecting this traveler to be hostile, but a small voice in his head he had grown accustomed to when his friends had passed said "It's alright, the traveler is just weary, no need to draw your swords on him." Usually this voice had kept him out of danger, so he let his hand drop back to his side, waved and came closer to the hooded figure.

"Greetings, what are you in need of? If it's water, I have some boiling right now to take the evil spirits from it so you may have to wait a little while, but please stay as long as you need." Lar'zak said with a smile on his scarred face.

"I have no need for water, but I need for you to disappear." the hooded figure said in a raspy voice. The cloaked figure then pointed to Lar'zak and he felt a strong wind start to blow around him. He tried to grab his swords, but his arms were glued to his sides. A bright yellow light enveloped him and he felt himself being flung away from this cloaked character, he tried to open his mouth to yell at it, but no sound escaped. Everything was going by so fast he felt like he would be sick, he was able to turn his head just enough to see behind him, and saw a bright purple portal opening behind him. He kept his eyes glued on the portal until things started to go black.

As he blacked out he saw this odd looking horse looking down at him.