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Twilight looked stunned at her friend who was positively covered in blood and gore, a large scimitar hanging out of her mouth.

"Waht?" The pegasus' muffed response met her ears, only for the mare to look at the blade in her mouth and spit it out onto the ground slapping her mouth together trying to get rid of the taste.

"-and then... Oh hi Twilight!" Pinkie Pie's voice rang out making the unicorn turn around to see the large creature had reverted to his normal form and was now carrying a positively bubbly pink mare. "Hi Rainbow Dash! Hi Apple Jack! Hi Fluttershy!" the mare continued her greetings completely oblivious to the gore coating her normally rainbow colored friend.

The unicorn rushed to the human just as he put down her friend. "Diyoufindrarity?" she asked frantically, her words colliding into each other to the point where she didn't understand what she had said.

The creature only looked down at the pony for a moment, a confused look played across his face. "Excuse me?" it said making her again shutter at it's words.

Twilight repeated herself this time in more an orderly and understandable fashion, "Did you find Rarity?" she said trying to keep herself from hyperventilating from the stress and worry this day had put upon her.

The human shook his head making the mare's head fall only to feel a firm grip on her shoulder. Twilight looked up to find the human down at her position looking her strait in the eyes, "Don't worry, we'll find your friends" he said a reassuring smile across his face.

The unicorn tried to smile back, but found that she couldn't. Twilight turned back to her small incomplete group of friends and let out a sigh just as another howl came from deeper within the town quickly followed by a large crash and a cloud of dust drifting into the air.

The hulking monster had obviously grown tired of the barbarian's hacking at it's hands as the creature chucked the human strait into a large building a ways away from it.

Lar'zak watched the building incoming and let out a yell right before impact only to smash into the wooden housing making it collapse on top of him.

Luck seemed to of been on the barbarian's side, as he found that he had been almost completely saved from the rubble that was piled around him, save a large support beam that rested in his way, centimeters above his body.

Lar'zak felt as though the ancients had forsaken him though as he quickly found it hard to move from the broken ribs and a familiar feeling of numbness in his left shoulder which had taken most of the impact. The barbarian tried to lift his left arm, but it responded only by sending waves of pain up to his head.

'Bugger me, my shoulder' the thought went through his head as he tried to get up and move the beam with his right arm only to find it too heavy to move with one hand.

"Damn it all" the barbarian muttered as he set to the painful work of trying to get his shoulder back into socket, only to be interrupted by large thumps that rattled much of the rubble around the injured human.

A large clawed hand entered the human's line of sight as he watched it fling the support beam away as if it was nothing.

The demon looked down at the injured barbarian, lines of drool coming down from it's mouth. The creature gave out a savage howl before grabbing it's newest meal.

Talmuh looked up to the point of the cry only to hear the female ponies around him chatting away about this and that, all the while Amphalia continued her barrage of arrows never missing a target.

The druid looked towards his companion and whistled catching her attention before nodding towards the town. The rouge nodded in reply before returning to her swarms of enemies she had to take down.

Talmuh looked towards the mares for a moment, worry played across his face before he quickly turned and sprinted from the group.

Stopping at a fork in the road, the druid looked towards the still lingering smoke and dust in the air not too far from him. Talmuh concentrated for a moment before raising his arms and summoning more of the large wolves, along with a lone crow that flew above the trio of canines

Raising his arms again, a small amount of wind formed around the druid protecting him. Talmuh pulled out his cudgle and again set back off for the source of the cries.

Rounding a corner Talmuh heard a bloodcurdling roar that made the wolves beside him howl and he had to cover his ears. When he looked up a giant creature was holding what looked to be another human.

The druid knew what was going to happen before the creature opened it's gaping mouth he knew. Turning towards his animal companions Talmuh nodded and they rushed at the monster.

'Thanks' He thought readying his most powerful spell. A light breeze started blow and large clouds started to gather in the sky bringing showers of rain that came down around the man, but not a drop hit him.

The wind started to pick up and it started swirling around Talmuh picking up small pieces of debris, and throwing them everywhere.

The wind finally peaked and the buildings around the druid shuttered and the hurricane raged around the human. 'Alright' Talmuh thought, 'I'll have to hold this to kill this thing'. This was easier said than done though, as Talmuh was almost on the ground from the drain that the spell had on him.

Lar'zak was about to let out his final battle cry as the creature lifted him over it's maw, but a large piece of rock hit the demon in the back shaking it enough that he flew out of it's grasp. Soon after the impact, a small group of wolves and a crow started attacking the monster as well.

Upon landing, the barbarian got his breath knocked out of him. Not given a moments rest, Lar'zak had to roll to the side to avoid another piece of rubble which was coming on a collision corse for his head.

'Ancients don't fail me now' The thought ran through the man's head as looked back at the source of the heavy winds. The barbarian shook his head as the large creature stomped off towards trying to instead to relocate his arm. Finding a piece of wood on the ground, he bit down on it and started the agonizing process.

Talmuh watched the hulking creature destroy his summoned creatures without blinking, and turn it's attention towards him. 'Uhg I don't know how long this thing will last...' He thought trying to keep steady as the creature approached causing the ground beneath him to shake.

The giant monster started to slow as it got closer to the heavy winds of the hurricane, large pieces of buildings started to collide with the hulking creature slowing it, but making it more enraged as it came.

Ice started to form on the creature as the rains froze on it due to the cold air blowing against it and it let out another roar. A large crack next to the druid caught his attention though. What looked to be the support beam of a broken produce stand was finally giving in to the powerful winds and with another crack it broke off completely flying right into the gigantic monster.

The beast didn't even see it coming, the beam flew right into the creature's side spraying blood into the wind as the beam became lodged in it's side.

A tear dropped out of the barbarian's eye as his shoulder popped back into place. Lar'zak spat out the piece of wood and looked back at the creature to find a large amount of ice had formed on it and what looked to be a support beam was sticking out of it's side.

Lar'zak just ignored it though, in favor of retrieving his other sword that had fallen from his grasp. Rolling his shoulder, he started digging through the wreckage.

Another roar issued from the creature behind the barbarian making him cover his ears as the noise echoed off of the broken walls. Getting on his knees, he started lifting the larger objects, searching for his fallen weapon, only seeing the hilt underneath part of the collapsed roof.

Yanking on the hilt, Lar'zak quickly found that Fulgur was stuck. "Damn it all" The barbarian muttered before jabbing VenoIngis into the debris right above his weapon. The wood lit on fire immediately allowing him to pull out his sword after a few seconds.

Rolling his shoulder again and swinging a few times to test it, Lar'zak turned back to the hulking creature who was frozen in a roaring position.

Talmuh was panting now, looking up at the frozen statue with the support beam sticking through it. The druid poured what else he could into his spell and what looked to be a large boulder flew into view hitting the hulking monster strait in the chest, shattering it.

Letting out a long sigh, Talmuh let out a relieved sigh before falling to his knees. His vision became blurry, but the last thing he saw was the other human that the creature had attacked sprinting towards him, then darkness overcame his vision.