Circus in the Dark Woods

By Leaf the Earth Guardian

Chapter One

The woods sheltered many animals and humans, yet there was something mystical about it at night. Deep in the woods, where the moonlit path wore out and a large span of grass grew, a tall, red circus tent was placed. A small golden star mounted the top and the curtains draped open, inviting anxious guests.

Standing guard were two abnormally lofty figures, both dressed in navy blue apparel. The girl, about fifteen feet tall, had golden blonde hair tied to her left side, and azure strings flung across her bangs. Her dark blue dress covered her expansive limbs and a neat blue ribbon rested on her snowy white chest. The young man, only about a foot taller than his female counterpart, was dressed in a blue tuxedo with black and teal striped pants. His pony-tailed lush silver hair was tucked neatly under a top hat, and a bow tie was clipped onto the white undershirt that was exposed.

Inside the circus were walls aligned with small peepholes; inside those peepholes were small, humid rooms where abused circus performers would be seated, shifting restlessly as their every move was observed carefully by visitors. Straight ahead there was a set of ruby curtains, past them a large stage surrounded by many seats. The performers locked up in the rooms would be released and forced upon the platform, where they would show their hidden magic.

The shows were a scrumptious feast upon the eyes, the children that God had abandoned and suffer the cruel reality of this world. The circus performers themselves had a spark of intensity deep within their marvelous eyes. Though their pain was clearly written through their body, the guests still cheered, and the performers would move on.

Occasionally, there would be someone from behind the cherry curtains of the stage peeking through; the large, shadowed figure would always wear a red bowtie, its vacant white eyes glaring at the performers. It has been told that this thing was the 'chairman', and was 10 meters tall. When the performers entered the back stage, a somewhat gloomy body expression would come over them when they sighted the chairman.

Myths state that the chairman sometimes takes in children that visit the circus; his most recent kidnapping was of a petite brunette named Meiko. She had visited the circus only once, and had observed the performers through the peephole. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time; her short-cut hair whipped around with her as the chairman towered over her, a white toxic smile beaming down at her. That was the last sighting of Meiko before she was taken into the circus, where she now was forced to perform under the demand of the tall chairman.

The eccentric show begins with a gorgeous voice echoing through the circus tent, a pitch that not even the youngest girl could compete with. Astonishing, the figure submerges from the sea of red curtains, her teal hair dropping over her bare shoulders and down to her feet. Her eyes are covered by a long metal eyepiece, which stretches over both of her eyes. In between the silver bars, a slender cyan line slits through, where she could look through. The blue-haired girl wore a sleeveless pastel dress with blue and red floral designs printed on them; the metal frame that serves as making the dress pop was placed on top of those layers. The rosy pink fabric stretches out five feet behind her like a wedding dress; silver headpieces resting in her hair, red square hair bands keeping them in place. Apart from her picturesque appearance, her dress cuts off to show her bloodcurdling legs; they look as if they were cut off and replaced with a goat's legs, her hooves placed in black slippers. She was indeed human…she was named the 'Deformed Diva'.

After her song is completed, the stage turns dark. The clicking of her heels are heard, and heavier footsteps sound through. The lights turn back on; the Deformed Diva has disappeared from the stage, another blue-haired being is seated on a chair. His eyes are shadowed by his dusk-colored hair, his pale face showing no pulse. The boy is wearing a strait-jacket, and, alike the dress on the teal-haired girl, there are red and blue floral patterns on the fabric. Across from the boy is a table, where a large plate piled up with cut off arms lay. He smiles, saliva slithering down his lips and onto his lap, as he devours the human limbs. It is a rather gruesome sight; he is called the 'Beast that eats cold'. The audience cheers, the lights turn off again.

A dragging noise buffers the air. Momentarily, the lights switch on again; but this time, two blonde-haired children stand in place. Once the light adjusts, it can be seen that they are both attached to one large body, sewn marks covering their pallid skin. They seem to match; however, one of the twins is a boy, and it can be seen by his hair being tied back in a ponytail. The other is a girl, a large silk ribbon tied in her hair. Both of them wave at the crowd, who in return applaud the twins' exquisite appearance.

The show is now over; people exit the circus, high chatter about the abstract sights they had just witnessed. The curtains on the stage closed, hiding a cruel world from the public's eye.

Welcome to the Dark Woods Circus.