I zoomed down the hallway. Dodging my fellow students. My eyes glued to the sundial. Come on, come on! I zoomed into Beastology at last minute!

I noticed there were four kids, and a messed up centaur. I sat at my seat then whispered to Aphrodite. "Who are the new kids?" At that moment Madusa said in her snooty voice.

"Their mortals duh Athena. Their names are Jake, Rachel, Marco, Aximili, Cassie, and umm." Aphrodite laughed.

"Tobias" wait...there were four, and a messed up centaur. "Um there's only five." I told them Madusa laughed more.

"You didn't notice one of them?" Then I noticed a hawk land on one of the girl's shoulders.

"Wait. Is that hawk one of them?" I asked befuddled. Aphrodite nodded "See even Bubbles got it." Madusa said laughed.

She attracted the attention of the blonde girl with the hawk. She walked over. "Who are you calling Bubbles?" She asked daring.

"Aph-ro-dite." Madusa said the girl's eyes flashed. In a moment too quick she grabbed one of Madusa's snakes. "STOP YOU'RE STRANGLING HIM!" Madusa shouted.

The teacher walked in. "Rachel Joy Berenson." He said sternly. Rachel let go of Madusa's snakes. Mr. Laden raised an eyebrow at the bird.

"Who's your friend?" He asked.

"Her b-o-o-o-o-y friend!" One of the new kids shouted.

"SHUT UP MARCO!" Rachel snapped coldly.

"Sit down" Mr. Laden said the new kids did as he said. "Today we are going to the hunt, again. You new students. Try your best to be safe."

"Yeah Tobias. Don't get almost killed, or killed for that matter."

((Shut up repair boy!))

"That's Leo's name!"

((Well he is your brother.))

"At least I'm half human!"

((At least I have better stuff to do than play vidio games.))

"SHUT UP!" Mr. Laden, and this brown haired boy shouted. There were some snickers. "You all are going to be paired up. Principal Zeus' orders."

((Cheater)) Tobias muttered. Rachel laughed.

"You are so much like your mom sometimes." Mr. Laden sighed getting a headache.

"Let's go down to Earth." We did, and got started.