Imma Bee Ch. 10

The world around him came back in a haze. His processor was running at a sluggish pace as he tried to register where he was and what had happened. He remembered tracking down Bumblebee's last known location the night he first disappeared. He could recall finding very faint grooves in the dirt that indicated that the minibot had been dragged in a direction before being air lifted. That direction had led him towards the bay area where several fishing and cargo ships were docked. In the distance he had been able to make out an island and guessed that it was the mysterious Dino-bot Island. The guess was given added weight when he had spotted a rather menacing looking figure flying from the proximity of the island. He went to the island to confirm his suspicion and found what he had hoped only to…

"How nice of the Elite Guard to stop by." At the sound of that voice, the elite guard remembered what had happened and forced an instant reboot. He tried to move, only to find that his servos were tightly secured behind him. "I don't often get much company." There standing right in front of him was the Decepticon femme he had heard so much about.

Oh she was a real sight to see, alright. Like a cross between a young mech's wild fantasy and a virus induced nightmare. A curvy frame with black armor with minor yellow highlights over dark purple protoform. Two pairs of red optics peered down into his visor with a glint that was both intimidating and inviting. The white armored cyber may not have known much about organics, but he at least new a dangerous creature when he was faced with one. Slag it, that techno-organic fusion really was something to be worried about. He hadn't even heard her sneak up on him much less sensed another spark's presence! Whatever she was fused with was obviously a master of ambush.

"Can't imagine why…" Jazz had quipped as he carefully tested his restraints. Whatever he was tied with was highly elastic and strong, but it was certainly not metal. "Seeing as you give such a warm reception. " If he could just stall for time, he ought to be able to get free by rubbing his binds between the wall and his armor. "And such a cozy dwelling." He gave a mock compliment as he made a show of looking around in mock admiration, giving himself a chance to get a better angle to start cutting the bindings. "You've got to give me the name of your architect."

The repartee had been met with an amused laugh on the Decepticon's part. "Yes, I must apologize for the clutter." She quipped right back in the same fashion as her captive, acting very casual and proper. "Had a minor setback a delta cycle or so, and found myself needing to reconstruct few things." It had been a while since she had matched wits with another bot, so she might as well enjoy it. "One of those things happened to by my research, but thankfully a bit of the equipment survived and so did the data files." She knew that was what he had been after when she had caught him, but from the looks of it he hadn't had a chance to download anything as far as she could tell. The cube device still plugged into her computer had only bypassed her security protocol and nothing more. "However, as you can imagine, I did had to improvise a few things and as you know when that happens one has to run tests in order to make sure everything works." Might as well give him at least a little warning on what to expect since he 'volunteered' to help.

'Okay, this one likes to play games.' Jazz mentally noted as he gauged the look she had given him. He could just guess whatever she had in mind for him, but if that was the case, best to keep her talking so as to by a little more time. Yet before he could inquire as to what she was planning on testing, a sudden buzzing sound mixed with squeals and shrieks came from above them. Attracted by the commotion, they both looked up to find a mass of green, yellow, and black coming in threw a broken glassed window for an unscheduled landing right in the middle of the room. The elite guard had recognized both as the creature that had led him to come to this place, and their own MIA hybrid. And the scout most certainly had not been happy to be there let alone being restrained by the monstrous creature.

"You found him." Blackarachina stated in a tone of utter satisfaction at seeing the struggling yellow and black bee. "Good. Strap him down to the table."

Not needing anymore prompting, the meaner looking insect-bot began to force its captive over towards an examination table adorned with built in restraining buckles. "Bzzzt! Bzzzeeelllp!" Bumblebee's voice cracked in a high pitch tone as he desperately tried to get loose. "Eeeellllp!" The bound elite guard didn't need charades to figure out a cry of distress when he heard one.

"What are you doing?!" Jazz demanded as the bee-bot had been more or less slammed against the table on his back while the other two techno-organics secured his limbs in the clamps so that he couldn't move from the position.

The outburst had pulled an amused grin from the spider-bot. "This little darling is the latest of my experiments." She stated with a sicken-ly sweet smile as she circled around the bounded bee-bot, much like any predator would do with captured prey. "As you can see for yourself he's one of my successes." To emphasize this point, she forced the captive to turn just enough to show off his antenna and furry chest. Wide, terrified optics met with an equally concerned visor before the yellow helm was forced back down with a not so friendly bang against the table. "He ran off before I could gather the necessary data from the fusion." Without missing a beat the Decepticon went about attaching specialized wires to the Auto-bug's body. "You can imagine how worried I was about him." All four of her red, predator eyes glaring down into the wide frighten blue eyes while ignoring the primitive instinct to wrap the insect up tightly in webbing. "Poor dear's been lost and alone for weeks without any idea of what he became." The terrified look had been a mixed of both apprehension at what was to come and an instinctual fear of the predator looming over him. "But now that he's back, we'll be able to pick up where we left off." Even from his position, Jazz had been able to see the bee-bot's optics leaking as he gave a buzzing whimper of distress.

Detroit: International Waters

The slightly younger jet had been slowed down severely because of both the extra weight and the fact that he was forced to carry his twin on his back in order to be as stream-lined as possible without losing his grip. The second techno-organic that had attacked them had taken off so fast that there hadn't been any time to wait on his offlined brother. He had to carry in order to chase after the creature before he completely lost sight of it. However, even though their botnapper had become a speck on the horizon by the time he was air-born, Jetfire had kept track of where it had been heading to. It had taken him a little time to help his downed twin to reboot, and the fact that the brothers were touching helped the elder bot to climb out of his stasis as he felt his brother struggling to stay air born. He forced his systems to booted up, shook off the static, searched his memory back for a clue as to what had happened and then gotten off his twin and had engaged his own thrusters.

"We is needing to be catching them, Brother!" The blue plane declared as his sibling filled in the gaps for him through their bond.

Fortunately for them the spot had kept a pretty straight flight path and it wasn't long before they found themselves over open water. "Look, Brother!" The orange and white plane pointed towards a landmass up ahead. "It is island of the big bots!"

"That is where we is seeing fight with spider lady and other really big organic." Jetstorm stated in remembrance of their last visit there. Never had the youngling thought he'd ever return to that island again after what had happened with his superior, but considering what had been going on it made perfect sense. "And I is the betting it is where we will be finding Yellow Bumble." Organic creatures tended to hide in organic places. And considering what they have seen so far, that island was the most organic thing on this planet!

Dinobot Island: Hidden Lab

Throughout the examination, Jazz had managed to make some progress with his bindings. He could feel fibers quietly snapping with every rub against the rock and with enough tugging he ought to free himself soon. For what had to be the tenth time in that mega cycle, the cyber ninja glanced over towards the table where Bumblebee had been made to lay down on. So far the Decepticon techno-organic hasn't done anything other than scanning her test subject and reading the vital signs on the computer screen, but somehow the elite guard doubted the pleasantries would stay at that. The Autobug had been buzzing on and off in a nervous fashion while Waspinator loomed over his furry frame, looking like he wanted to eat him. Neither of them may have been as well versed as Prowl when it came to nature and all of its inhabitance, but somehow both figured that the scout was the odd one out in this particular group. The elite guard could only hope that the other two had a much better handle on their own organic halves. Otherwise things might really get desperate for them both.

"There now." Blackarachina suddenly stated after going over and saving all the new data she had gotten. "That takes care of the results." She efficiently removed the wires much like a medic would do with a patient. "Now, into the fusion chamber with him." The spider soon ordered the wasp as she returned to her consul to impute the settings for the next step. "Let's see if we can change him back."

Jazz had almost missed what she said as he attempted to pull his servos free with a good tug. "Whoa, if?"

"It takes a lot of power to merge organic and inorganic material together." The dark colored femme explained nonchalantly as she stayed focused on her adjustments. "Forcing such very different matters to become compatible can be very tricky even if the technological half is sentient." Yet she was positive it had been that exact sentient trait and the liquid metal properties of a protoform that had been a key factor in the fusion. The idea had already been proven twice. "And since merging the two is so painful, I can only imagine how much it'll hurt when a successful fusion is torn apart again." Now it was time to see if the entire process could be reversed with the same method. "But if he survives, then I'll be that much closer to curing myself of my organic infestation." And she was close. She could feel it in her very core that she was close. "If he doesn't…" Instead of voicing the obvious out loud, she had merely shrugged and went back to her settings. "Well, what's science without a few sacrifices?" Just like that, she waved off the possibility without another thought before looking back at the bounded elite guard with a fanged smile. "Good thing we have another volunteer for the next experiment."

Waspinator only snickered at the implication as he lifted and dragged Bumblebee up to his feet. "Bzzzoooo!" Despite their near equal sizes, the wasp was a predatory insect built for fighting and although a bumblebee it the largest of its species, it was still a gentle gatherer. "Baaazz!" Desperately, the scout tried to tear away from the enemy insect and run towards Jazz, but those blasted extra set of limbs help to keep him in place. "Eeelllp Bee!" The bee-bot cried as he was being forced over towards the horrible machine that had made him the way he was now. "Eeelllp Bee!"

Having enough of all of this the elite guard finally broke his mysterious restraints, rushed for the two hybrids and lunged for green and black. "Get off him!" The green techno-organic, shocked by the attack, had released his prisoner in favor of trying to dislodge the robot on his back.

Blackarachnia had quickly rounded the consul to help restrain the cyber ninja only to get cut off by a mass of yellow and black. Bumblebee had scrambled to his feet once he had been freed and made a lunge for the spider only to be dodged as she jumped right over him. With a few quick spins of her hands, the Decepticon femme made a net out of webbing and flung it at the bee-bot like a fisherman. It spread and extended in midair and draped right over the surprised Autobug, effectively trapping him in its sticky treads. Knowing that the bee would be tangled for a while, the spider then turned her attention back towards the ninja bot and her fellow techno-organic. Despite the dim light it shown off the white armor enough times to compromise her aiming and forced her to wait for an opening. In a sudden act of brilliance, Waspinator bucked hard and bended over fast, effectively throwing Jazz right off his back. Rolling into the fall, the elite ninja recovered and sprang back on his peds. Pulling out his energon nunchakus he hopped towards a cracked slab of wall, intending to use it like a spring broad, only to get hit in the right servo with enough force to secure his hand there. He barely had time to see what had snared him only for his left servo to get pinned in the exact same manner. The substance was semi-elastic and strong, just like the mysterious binds that had held him earlier, and with a strangely familiar clear, purplish color… The cyber ninja had caught a glimpse of the main connecting strand before it was snapped clean off with a good tug by Blackaracnia.

With a snarl, Waspinator began to stalk over towards the awkwardly hanging mech. "Stupid Autobot!" That smaller set of arms soon began to radiate with a green electrical glow. "Waspinator not let interfere!" Knowing a plasma charge when he saw one the white armored cyberninja could only brace himself for the blow.

Dino-bot Island: Surface

The jet brothers had been flying over head of the island looking for any kind of opening that their mysterious and violent attacker might have entered through when they had lost sight of him. They had risked being seen by the large flying bot in order to get a clearer view through the trees when a strange flash of light had reflected against Jetstorm's visor. It had been flashing in an irregular pattern that seemed to have screamed for attention without communicating any real message. Driven by curiosity they descended and followed it to a broken glass covering on a small part of the mountain before it had disappeared altogether. When they had landed, they looked into the hole to find their elusive target about to shoot their superior, whom had been pinned to a slab of stone!

"MR. JAZZ SIR!" Twin cries from above rang out shortly before a twister of fire and wind hit Waspinator, knocking him away.

The two younglings instantly dropped from their positioned and found not only their superior, but their mutated friend as well being held hostage in this strange place. "Watch it, mechs!" Jazz yelled loudly in warning as Blackaracnia transformed into her organic mode and lunged at the two.

With synchronized cries, the two younglings split up to avoid getting caught by the creature. Jetstorm took to the air, while Jetfire flipped out of the way landing a short distance from the spider. The hissing eight limb insect didn't come close to looking friendly and from the hostile actions it had just displayed, the orange and white youngling was positive his fear was justified this time. With a sharp flick of his wrist, the fire plane set a small stream of flames at the Decepti-bug's direction, keeping in mind of the small quarters they were all in. The foresight proved to be a wise decision for the predator nimbly dodged fire attack, which left a clear path straight to his netted fuzzy friend. Instantly ducking down low to avoid getting hit, the Autobot was only too thankful that the low powered flames weren't large enough to ignite him, although it was still uncomfortable warm. Jetfire ceased the attack instantly and rushed toward his friend to make sure he was alright, only for something to snag his waist and yank him back like a whip. He was then slammed hard against a battered metal beam, which effectively snapped under the stain and fell on top of him; pinning him down to the ground.

"BROHTER!" Blackarachnia hear the other twin scream before getting slammed by a wind tunnel and pinned right up against the rock wall.

Jetstorm didn't need to know much about organics to know a hostile when he saw one, especially when it attacks his only sibling. Not wanting to even risk this spider getting loose, the wind plane only increased the force of the wind tunnel to keep the Decepticon pinned as he descended down towards his brother. As far as he could figure if he kept one servo aimed at the Decepticon techno-organic, he could use the other to blow the heavy metal beam off his twin. Yet during the making of the plan, the blue Airalbot had failed to notice the other Deception techno-organic recovering from the earlier sneak attack. With his target in sight, Waspinator charged up his stingers and fired right for the youngling's back. The electrical attack shocked the junior guard right out of the air and had him landing hard on his back, instantly scrambling his systems and forcing an all systems reboot to initiate.

During all the confusion, Bumblebee had managed to rip out of the web netting, the heat from the junior guard's attack having dried out its moister, and take to the air. In a high speed upper cut to the jaw, he sent the stinging menace barreling down to the ground. Seeing this the spider let loose and angry hiss before shooting off strands after strands of webbing to try and capture the flying Autobug. Yet even as a larger than life bee, the scout proved to be faster than his deceptive size would have one believe. His versatile wings allowed him full maneuverability to dodge, stop in midair and hover higher, beyond the Decepticon's range of fire.

"Hissss! After him!" The Decepticon femme roared as Waspinator got up from the ground and took off after his quarry, stingers zapping.

Now having the room for an air dog fight, the bumblebee took off through the broken window and into the open air. The wasp cased right after him without hesitation and soon the two were out of sight in what could only be described as an aerial hundred yard dash. The night came alive with the sound of plasma fire, enraged roars, and lots of buzzing. Misfires flew through the sky, tore up the ground and anything in between, attracting the attention of the island's residence. Whom watched in awe at the spectacle and decided to stick around to see who the victor would be.

Back in the Lab

Will these interruptions never end?! After finally getting positive results from all her research not once, but twice despite the primitive and faulty equipment she had been forced to work with, the cosmos is still trying to deny her a cure! She had been so close… So close to finding out if the process could be reversed in the same manner! So what is the equipment had been faulty and most of the repairs had been improvised?! So what if there had been a 78% chance of program corruption?! It gave the desired results in the end, didn't it?! Putting up with minor glitches in the processor is a small price to pay if it meant getting her body back to the way it was!

"Hrrr, fine." The Decepticon techno organic had growled as her sights fell on the stunned junior guard in front of her. "If I can't finish what I started…" With a few strives, the spider grabbed the youngling by his back plate and waist guard and forced him towards the fusion chamber before he could realize what was happening. "Then I'll just have to start over from scratch!" The heavy door gave a heavy clang as she slammed it closed and the lock initiated.

"NO!" Jetfire had screamed when he saw what the femme was intending to do to his twin. "BROTHER!" In his growing panic, the youngling renewed his struggled to free himself from under the beam.

Jazz had managed to get a servo free and had been working on the other one when he heard his subordinate yelling and turned in time to see the blue flyer get thrown into the mutation machine. "STORM!" Fearing for the youngling, he began yanking at his web covered appendage all the harder, trying to get free before the evil device was fully activated.

Jetstorm screamed in absolute panic as the light began to turn on inside his small prison. "Helping me!" His voice could roughly be heard from behind the strong glass. "Somebot helping me!" He didn't want to be used as an experiment. He didn't want to become an organic. "Letting me out!" He had to break out! "Please let-!" His last demand was soon drowned out by the live generators coming alive with energy and his pleading replaced with pain filled screaming. "Daaaaaaaahhh!"

"BROTHER!" Was all the brighter colored twin could scream before the agony his sibling was feeling hit him full force. "Aaaaaaaah!" It was as if his very frame was being drilled into by millions of tiny drill bits digging deeply into every bracket and trying to pull them apart!

Driven by the screams and angered by them, Jazz gave one last violent yank, ignoring the sparks his arm made from the strain, and pulled free. Instantly he flipped over to the console, right next to Blackarachnia as she watched the bar begin to accumulate. "Wha-?!" The spider only had time to see white, before she was kicked dead center and sent flying against the chamber. "D'oh!" The jarring stunned her and caused the machine to beep in alert that the disturbance. A message on the consul indicated that there was an error in the process and that the machine had to resynchronize before it could continue. Instantly Jazz grabbed the lever and pulled it down to the off position before yanking the bar completely off its bolts. "You miserable bot, I'll-!" The Decepticon screeched as she lunged towards him-


In a shower of glass and a flurry of buzzing wings, a mass of yellow and black came barreling down from the ceiling and collided with the air-born spider. The impact sent her flying clear across the room and into a pile of rubble where she laid stunned. The bee bot then turned his attention towards the mutation pod and charged it, nearly knocking it completely off its security hinges. With his sharp digits deep in the seams, and his pincer like feet clutching at the plates, Bumblebee forcibly pulled the door open and off the frame with a squeal of protesting metal. After tossing the piece of metal off to the side, the Autobug dipped inside head first, gathered the unconscious youngling, and pulled him right out. With a single jump and a buzzing of wings, he then landed next to the trapped doppelganger and proceeded to lift the heavy beam.

Having been knocked into stasis temporarily, Jetfire had barely felt something being lifted off him. He could sense his twin nearby, but the signal was dampened in a way that could only mean he was in recharge. Confused the fire plane did his best to reboot until he could at least get a visual reference. "Yellow Bumble…?" The large blur of yellow and black hadn't been too difficult to recognize, but it had been the gradually clearing blue blob that held his attention. "Brother!" With what mobility he had, the orange flyer dragged himself as best he could to get closer to his elder sibling. He was soon aided by yellow armored arm wrapping around his middle and carefully pulling him out the rest of the way while the beam was prompted on the owner's back.

Seeing that the mutated scout was freeing the twins, Jazz rounded towards the console that had his specialized data cube. A quick scan revealed that all data had been copied and downloaded and the time delayed virus had been administrated and awaiting the final command. 'Slag, time delay!' This facility was far too dangerous to be left alone. With his decision made the ninja bot typed in the command for an entire system overload once the cube was disengaged and immediately ejected the device. After sub-spacing the cube, the elite guard turned away from the sparking computer to assist in freeing Jetfire, when a sudden loud buzzing caught his attention from above.

"BUMBLE-BOT!" Like a nightmare come to life, the enraged techno-organic wasp came barreling down on the semi-pinned bee-bot, stingers all aglow.

Yet before the predatory creature could reach his intended target, his flight path got interrupted by a tackling white mass. "Ah-naw ya don't!" Using what momentum he had, the Elite Guard managed to flip the huge insect bot right at the malfunctioning consol.

At the moment of impact, the electrical current running through both the machine and the hybrid sent the entire grid into going critical. The chain reaction was violent and the surge cause the computer and anything connected with it into exploding, causing strong vibration that had the whole structure trembling and threatening to collapse. One particular blast through Jazz off balance as he tried to get to the others by leaping over the examination table. Yet instead of landing hard on his helm, something grabbed him by his ped and he found himself flying upside down and backwards, straight up!

"We gotted you Mr. Jazz, sir!" Jetfire called out over the explosion from his position on Bumblebee's back, as they all flew right out of the broken window. Riding the up draft made by the booming calamity they were easily miles above the island in no time and were streaking across the water below.

"Oooh slag this is high!" The white armored ninja bot shouted as he swung upside down in the giant insect's grip. "This is really high!" Fighting enemies in the vacuum of space was one thing but there was gravity on this planet! "This is very, very high!" Thankfully, Bumblebee soon curved his body so that Jazz had been able to get some leverage and climb onto his back with Jetfire. "Okay… Okay, that's better." He held onto the junior guard in order to stay as far from the beating wings as he could so as not to disrupt speedy flight path. "Now let's get the spark outta here and back to base before something else happens." With any luck that whole fiasco back there had set that spiteful Decepticon femme back a few stellar cycles.

Detroit Air Space

The flight back was thankfully peaceful and uneventful despite the occasional gust of wind wobbling their path. More than likely it was due to the fact that their tormentors hadn't recover in nearly enough time to chase after them. Jetstorm had booted up during the flight wondering what that buzzing noise that was interrupting his stasis nap was and why his berth was swaying. Having sensed his brother's awakening, Jetfire had boldly climbed down from his position on Bumblebee's back and crawled into his arms. The two had then been repositioned so that they were facing the techno-organic so that an arm was wrapped around each of their waists, causing them to have one of their own servos around each of the Autobug's shoulders and their free servos around each other in a comforting embrace. Jazz had been more than happy to stay where he was and, after making sure that Bumblebee was able to fly straight despite the shift in weight, decided to check his data cube to make sure he had downloaded every tidbit of information there had been about the fusion. Satisfied that everything seemed to be intact, the ninja bot made sure to encrypt the files and even backed it up to his own memory core before storing the device for safe keeping. Now that they finally had the info, they can all start working on a way to cure their friend safely and prepare for any outcome these unrefined experiments could bring about.

The coldness of the night had encouraged all inhabitances to stay indoors, which suited the cyber ninja just fine since the combined weight of the twins and himself forced their techno-organic friend to fly a bit too low for his liking. No doubt the cold could be wearing him out about as much as the extra cargo, but like a trooper Bumblebee didn't show any signs of discomfort or strain. Jazz could only hope that the bee-bot could keep up the effort for a bit longer until they were safely out of sight. Soon enough the four of them had found themselves over the Earth Autobot base and thankfully with no witnesses in sight. Bumblebee hovered over the building, circling the spot a few times and swaying in a way that allowed them to see each angle of the building, before finally descending and heading straight for the back entrances that lead directly to the hive. Jazz barely had time to duck down low on the fuzzy back before having everything go black for a few clicks, his audios getting bombarded by the sound of buzzing echoing along the walls, before the light finally returned and he felt themselves land. There were a few hops to help with the inertia before the insect based bot trotted towards the center and lowered the jets down to the ground, allowing Jazz the opportunity to get off his back.

"Now that was one wild ride." The senor guard stated, happy to be on solid ground once more. Needless to say he certainly do not envy the twins in the least.

"I was thinking it being very stable." The brightly colored jet commented in regards to the statement. Considering everything that had happened they had leveled out pretty quickly. "But mission was being glitchy as slag all!"

The white plated superior only chuckled at his subordinate's gift of not understanding the rhetorical. "Heh, no kidding." The youngling's slight naiveté was refreshing after such and night. "But we all got out in one piece, and thankfully not empty handed." He took out the data cube from his subspace to show the others. The twins easily recognized it and broke out into grins. "We'll be able to finally understand exactly how Big Bee got like this and hopefully find a way to reverse it." With any luck the science bots he was tight with could find a way to reverse engineer the process and develop a safe way to use it. "In the meantime, we owe you big time, Bumblebee." The elite guard stated towards the civilian whom at the moment was busily scratching at a large capped cell in the ground. "If you hadn't barged in when ya did, we all would have gotten a full body make-over."

"Yes, I thanking you much for saving brother." Jetfire had declared as he helped his beloved twin brother back up on his peds and over towards there fuzzy friend. "I being very much fearful of losing him."

"I too is wanting to be thanking Yellow Bumble." The blue jet had stated as he approached the techno-organic as he kept scratching at the wax cap, most likely wanting to reenergize with whatever fuel he kept in those other holes. "I is knowing now you is badly going through with organic turning." Even though the young jet had been spared that fate, the first few cycles of the attempt alone had practically deactivated him. Although he had been assured that it hadn't been more than a few astro seconds at least, to him it had felt like mega cycles. "We is promising to help-" At that moment the bee-bot had finally looked up right at him. The white rings were back. "Ah…"

The staring contest had been only a few seconds at best before the large techno-organic suddenly plucked both Jetstorm and Jetfire right off the ground. "Dah!" The two had managed to cry out before getting placed right in the incubation cell that had been opened.

"Whoa!" Jazz found himself instantly jumping back when those white ringed optics locked onto him when the hybrid pounce right over the hole when he had move forward. "Easy…" He held both his servos up in surrender as he slowly backed away the bee turned mother hen. "Easy now…" The bee-bot had let out a short, quick, but loud buzz in his direction as a response. Getting the message the cycber ninja got the spark away from there and crossed the plant lined boarder.

Jetstorm's voice could be heard from underneath the insect-bot as he tried to crawl out; only to be nudged back in again. "Mr. Jazz sir!" Once inside, the insect bot looked in on the two, blinked a few times, and then moved until 'she' was right over the hole, effectively covering it with her body.

"Sorry bots!" The senior guard called from the safety of the boarder as the bee-bot looked at him again, attracted to the noise. "Looks like Bee's thinks it's time to turn in for the lunar cycle and I'm kinda obligated to agree!" Thankfully the techno-organic opted to ignore him in favor of making itself comfortable in its spot, much like a chicken settling down into her nest. "I'll have to catch you two when the next solar cycle starts!" Figuring that the two of them would fair better without him testing the clearly maternal creature's patience, the cyber ninja turned tailpipe and left to contact the others of his findings. "See ya!"

Inside Incubation Cell

Once again the twin junior guard found themselves to be the unwilling guest of their schizophrenic friend. "Now what is we to doing?" The blue brother asked, wondering if they should try to squeeze out form underneath their captor.

His answer can in the form of what passed for a yawn from his twin. "I is not knowing of you, brother, but I go to recharge." There was a sound of a body sliding down a wax covered wall and the elder plane turned to find his sibling settling on the floor. "I am thinking you too should." Being back in the familiar warm, relatively soft confinement with the steady buzzing overhead was surprisingly relaxing.

"You is wanting to recharging when we is being trapped in hole?" The elder brother asked in a somewhat flat tone, not believing what the younger had suggested.

Apparently, from the way the fire-based plane was curling up and made himself comfortable, that was exactly what he intended to do. "It is good recharge in this hole." Jetfire quipped as he rolled onto his side so that his brother could have some room to lie down as well. "Anyway, Yellow Bumble being too heavy for the lifting so what else we be doing?" He knew his twin would reluctantly fold and join him when he was ready.

As he predicted, Jetstorm grudgingly sat down, leaned against the wall and crossed his servos in resentment. "Ooooh, is this embarrassment!" He more or less felt like a sparkling that had been made to be put down for a stasis nap and his sibling was more or less acting like one that accepted his fate.

The younger of the two only smiled in sympathy as he adjusted his positioned so that he too was lean against the wall along with his twin and embraced him. "Just be resting brother." After what had happened back on the island, he knew his brother was more tired than anything else and now that they had an unexpected bodyguard looking after them, he doubted there would be any negative memory relapses that lunar cycle. "All is being better much in next solar cycle."

Smiling with the feeling of comfort radiating through his bond from his beloved sibling, the wind-based plane returned the hug and cuddled closer to his twin. The buzzing was rather pleasant when it was muffled through layers of wax and made it easy to be lured into recharge. When the morning broke the next morning Jetstorm found himself agreeing with his brother's claim. It was a very good recharge.