Imma Bee Ch. 11

Autobot Base: Underground Hive

When Sari had heard the news that Bumblebee had been found, she literally flew from Sumdac Tower straight over to the Autobot HQ without hesitation. She gave a fairly quick greeting to Optimus, as he venture towards the med-bay to check up on Jazz, and headed straight for the Hive entrance. Using her jetpack to hover down the shaft, since it was still broken, the small techno-organic continued to fly over the distance until the many potted flowering plants that made up the boarder line for the wax house came into view. There in the very center of room was her fuzzy best friend and newfound fellow techno-organic buzzing evenly in peaceful slumber. The bee-bot had been curled up, looking very much like a fuzzy puffball, on his favorite spot with a small smile on his face and looking like he was having a pleasant dream too.

Although she hated to interrupt that serine look, she simply had to hug him and welcome him home. "Bumblebee!" She semi-shouted as she ran right up to his head and wrapped her arms around him as much as she could. "You're home!" Her actions had caused the giant Autobug to awaken and returned the jester of affection by nuzzling the girl. "I was so worried about you." When she felt a single servo wrapped around her and gently press her closer, she knew her best friend was there both physically and mentally which made her smile all the more. "Don't ever run away again!" She nearly shouted as she stepped back to look at him in his bright blue optics, hands on hips and mocked frown set on face. "You scared me half to death!" She even went as far as to wag her finger at him like a little kid!

At least the robotic bee had the decency to look guilty, if the drooping of his antenna were anything to go by. "Zzzaarri, Zzzaarri." He apologized to the best of his current abilities as he persistently brought her back into a hug, wanting to assure himself that he was, in fact, home safe, sound, and away from any Decepticon spiders.

"Just don't ever do it again and we'll call it even." The teenager stated as an acceptance of the apology and gently petted at the bee-bot around the nearest antenna. "Man you must've gotten caught in the storm after all to get this messy." She quipped once she noticed how disorderly Bumblebee's fur was. If it had been any longer it surely would have tied with her as the worst case of bed head that one time she ate too many candy bars before bed. "Lets see if I can brush all this down a bit before we meet up with the others." Pulling out her trusty portable hair brush, the little techno-organic, once again, began the task of fixing her large friend's smooth, fine, hair.

The yellow and black scout wasn't sure why he enjoyed the steady strokes of the bristled object so much, but it certainly helped to sooth him when he wanted to relax. The fact that it helped to keep his new fur under control was a plus. It just felt nice to have someone tend to him after the nightmare he had gone through the night before. He couldn't really remember half of it for reasons he could only assume involved him 'bugging out' but he does remember it being seriously tense. If his aching wings were anything to go by, he had been doing a LOT of flying. Possibly hard, fast flying considering the fact that he was sore in other places too, like he had been fighting. Come to think of it there were a few odd flashes of 'memories'… Memories of actual yellow flashes that seemed to indicate- *poke-poke* The sudden poking and prodding had been completely unexpected and had him jumping in place. *poke-poke* It was being aimed right at his mid section, somewhere at his hip or waist. Coming from right underneath him! *poke-poke-poke* What was that?!

"Bumblebee, what's wrong?" Sari asked when her friend sudden jumped and twitched as if agitated. "What is it?!" She became even more worried when he suddenly scrambled up and away from her.

"Finalment!" A familiar thick accent cried out as a blue helmed popped out of the hole in the waxy ground the bee-bot had been sleeping over. "You is most heavily stasis being, Yellow Bumble." Jetstorm declared as he climbed out of his strangely comfortable prison, shortly followed by his twin brother.

"Yes in ways being more many than one." Jetfire giggled as he recalled their earlier attempts of trying to lift the giant techno organic. Lucky thing they found that opening in his armor when he had shifted.

Needless to say, the smallest techno-organic had not expected to see the two of them there of all places. "Jetstorm? Jetfire?" What in the world were they doing down here with Bumblebee? Last time she had checked, they were scared to death of him. "What were you two doing in there?" Seriously this was the last place she'd expected to see them.

"Napping in stasis." Jetfire had answered simply to the question as if it were the most obvious thing in the cosmos.

Jetstorm, however, chose to give a more detail explanation. "Yellow Bumble is to be putting us in hole after we is each other rescuing from bad techno-organics."

The teenager had parroted in some confusion. "Bad Techno-organics?" The implications had her stomach turning in some apprehension. "Plural, as in more than one?"

"Yes." The visor wearing junior guard nodded in confirmation to the question. "One big buzz-buzzing of green."

"And spider lady from island of Big Bots." The amber opticed junior guard added as well.

Blackarachnia… It had been so long that the teenager had forgotten all about the Decepticon femme. The first time they met, she had been so determine to use the Key in the hopes of changing her back into a full metal robot that she didn't even care that her actions were effecting living organics. Optimus had mentioned that she had been experimenting with Meltdown's old notes back at Dinobot Island the last time he had crossed paths with her. Did that mean that she could have had something to do with what happened to Bumblebee? And if she did, how the slag did she pulled that off?! That dodo of a snot blob couldn't even get his own organic mutations to work right!

Now she really wanted to get back to the others and view what they've found out about all of this. "Well I'm glad you've all made up." She took the time to smile in a way that said she forgave the brothers for their earlier slip of the glossia and to thank them for finding Bee. "Now come on!" She soon began walking away toward the hive's ground level entrance while they all got to their peds. Bumblebee had chosen to walk on all fours so as not to make the Jets too uncomfortable by towering over them. "I heard them saying that they found something about the fusion." The Bee-bot had instantly perked at the tidbit of news, his optics wide and antennas erect and alert. They had found something? "Let get up to the base and find out what's going on."

The Bee-bot really couldn't remember much from his misguided adventure, but he could vaguely recall that the Elite Guard were involved, and in a good way. Now to hear that they may have found something about his organic mutation, and that they were about to go over their finds brought a wide grin to his face! To the surprise of everyone, scout suddenly began buzzing and prancing around the group like and excited puppy seeing his playmates come home. He circled around them at least once before transforming into his organic mode and half charge right between Jetstorm's legs from behind, causing the youngling to slide onto his back with a short cry. The action was repeated with Jetfire and Sari soon found she hoisted to the front position near the neck by a front leg. Before anyone could say anything, the bee reared up and took off like a hoarse for the entrance of the hive.

Main Consol Room

The Autobot medic had spent most of the night tending to the strained wires in Jazz's arm while Optimus stuck around to hear the Elite Guard's report on how he had found the laboratory Bumblebee had been held in and confirmed once and for all that it had been Decepticon related. The cyber ninja had also confirm that there had been in fact another flying techno-organic on the loose and it was most definitely hostile. The Great War Veteran had wanted to administer additional repairs to the ninja bot seeing as he had receive quite a bit of damaged for pulling such a junk code ridden stunt and would have dragged the twins in as well if they weren't already being tended to. It had taken some time and a lot of arguing, but eventually it had been Ratchet and his trusty reliable wrench that had convinced everybody to wait until the start of the next solar cycle to view what was on the data cube. Now here they all were gathered around the Great War Veteran as he scrolled though several data packets.

"No doubt." The medic had quipped as he steadily scanned over the data that was rolling up the screen of his consol. "This data tells us everything on how to convert trans-warp technology into a crude techno-organic fusion generator." A few adjustments brought up all the information on the Decepticon femme's latest 'on-going' experiment. "It even goes as far as to explain how the process would effect a subject's frame right down to the motor function." This particular packet of data would assist him greatly when he finally gets the chance to examine the scout. "Now that I have a better idea of what to look for, I going to prep my equipment for a full body check up once I finally get the kid in my med-bay." Without another word the Great War Veteran began heading for his personalized station to both check up on his current guest and begin setting up for the next.

The information was definitely a Well sent to the Autobot leader, for, at last, it gave them all some much needed answers. "You took a real big risk getting this on your own." Still, with Sentinel being temporary out of commission, the young Prime had to keep an optic out for the elite guard team since his ranking automatically made him the next authoritive figure among them.

"Ya don't have to remind me." The white plated guard shuddered at the remembrance of his experience on the island. "If it weren't for Bumblebee, I doubt we would have made it out of there in one piece." That had been far too close a call and after a late night lesson on predatory insects from Prowl, the ninja-bot at least now understood how he had been discovered. He'll be thinking twice from now on before touching anything that even looks like threads of 'webbing'.

Optimus too was glad to here that their smallest teammate was able to handle himself well enough despite his new modification. "Where is Bumblebee, anyway?" He asked the elite guard who currently was bend over the consol's keyboard.

"Probably still incubating the twins down in the hive." The Elite Guard stated off handedly as he tried to navigate data packet after data packet for anything that looked like a theory on how to reverse the mutation procedure.

Suddenly the room was filled with a commotion of young voices yelling and screaming in excitement. The Autobots all turned in time to find a giant size organic bumblebee running along like a train engine right into the room. On it's back there were the identical forms of the junior guards, blue holding onto orange and orange holding onto the scurrying creature, and the tiny form of their once-human friend up front. The large insect would jump and buck randomly while speeding along a made up path just for the sake of moving, causing it's riders to laugh and cheer.

"Whooo-hoooo!" The redheaded teenage girl cheered as she tried to pull off the cowgirl look by having one arm up in the air and hanging on tight by the other. "Yeah, giddy-up, Bumblebee!" Sari cried out as they scuttle around with the speed you would expect from a busy bee running around in its hive. "Giddy-up!" They were even beginning to semi-scale the walls in their race.

"Yes-yes!" The brighter color one of the jet brothers had also been swept away in the fun of their little game. "More up giddying!"

All the commotion easily pulled everyone's attention away from what they were doing to take in the sight. "Heh-heh-heh-hey!" Jazz could only laugh as he watched the young bots in their game. Happy that they were all alright and wholly in tacked. "Looks like you bots are feeling better this cycle." A highly refreshing sight to see after such a gear rattling night.

"Ha-ha!" The slightly younger of the two had simply been giddy as a newly sparked protoforms as they were literally running along the wall in their one competitor race. "Hello Mr. Jazz Sir!" He couldn't remember having this much fun!

Even the elder twin found delight in the highly versatile ride they were sharing. "Yellow Bumbled is riding giving to us!" This experience certainly gave new meaning to the term 'all terrain' vehicle. Who knew organics were so versatile?

"You too wanting join, yes?" Jetfire invited eagerly as their ride hopped and landed right on the arm of a crane and nimbly climbed down the length towards the group.

"O-ho-naw!" The senior guard chuckled good humor-ly as he back up with his servos up in refusal. "I had my fill last lunar cycle, thanks." That and he rather not be under the wielding torch again so soon after experiencing the resident doc-bot berth-side manner. "But ya might want to give Big Bee a break and check out what we've found." Might as well take advantage of the bee-bot's docility before something else triggers his 'defensive' protocols. "Give Ratchet a chance to run a diagnostic on you three seeing as ya'll pretty much shut down after get'n back." Besides the cyber ninja seriously doubted that Ratchet would appreciate the young bots using the scout in such a manner, despite the fact that the Big Bot didn't seem to mind in the least.

"Okie-for-dokie!" With a nod and buzz of approval, the large techno-organic climbed down to the floor and squatted a little so that his passengers could get off his back safely. "Thanking you, Yellow Bumble." The two robotic planes politely stated as they gave the bee room to switch to bi-ped mode.

"Bzzzeeeelllcom." The large techno-organic managed to respond with a smile. A clear sigh to the rest of the team that the three of them have made up and were now friends.

Ratchet's Med-Bay

Ratchet didn't waste any time heading towards his Med-bay and had made sure to scrutinize over the information he had gotten off Jazz's data-cube. This was the fist solid diagnostic he had gotten on their scout and he wasn't about to pass up the chance to use it. With this he'll be able to get his own thorough scan for his records and be able to better to properly care for the youngling now that his entire frame has been more or less compromised by organic tissue. He had originally thought to use the data he had from when Sari needed repairs after her initial 'upgrade', but seeing as a completely different species had been used on the yellow youngling the age old medic wasn't about to take any unnecessary risks.

"Blasted femme must have had a blow out in her matrix." In all honesty, he could have throttled the Decepticon spider. Her own calculations proved that there was a high chance of processor impairment and yet she still went through with it. "I'll have to readjust the circuit scanners to read at this level if I'm going to get a proper reading off the kid." He muttered to himself as he adjusted and readjusted his delicate instruments for the desired results.

Throughout the alterations to the equipment, the single solitary patient in the room had been suffering through a rather nasty memory relapse. The active Magnus had tossed and turned helplessly as horrible images flashed through his processor. "Aahh…!" Images, of his junior guards being carried off into the darkness, his second in command being pounced on and dismembered, the inexperienced repair crew getting taken by surprise and himself being impaled over and over again. "Wha-?!" Buzzing… Loud, insidious buzzing... All he could hear was buzzing!

The shouting had instantly caught the attention of the aged old medic and had him running to his patient's side. His readings didn't show any signs of malfunction or any of form of damage that could be causing this reaction. The only thing the Great War Veteran's scanners could pick up was a highly active memory segment that was looping over and over in the processing network. Whatever the acting Magnus was recalling it was making his central matrix fritz with stress and anxiety. If this kept up, the blue robot was either going to crash into stasis lock or force a instant reboot, and with all the data he had to go through in order to properly diagnose the mutated scout he really rather have the organic phobic Autobot leader in stasis.

Yet before Ratchet could activate his EMP generator, the scanner flashed a warning that the patient was going to reboot. "Dah!" With a cry of absolute terror the recently repaired blue bot sat straight up in his med-berth, optics wide and bright to the point that they glowed white. "Organic!" In his panic frenzy the bot fell right off the berth with a clang.

"Ah crud..." The white and red Autobot mumbled under an intake as the bot was soon on his peds and franticly looking around for an unseen threat. This is going to be trouble.

Assembly Line: Communication's Consol

Meanwhile the rest of the Autobots have been combing through streams and streams of nearly endless data. From basic spacebridge technical babble and energized teleportation to diagrams of several organic insects. There were even DNA structures, which were compared and contract with the building structure of a Cybertronian. Along with all of this were also a few footnotes of recalled memories of the Decepticon femme's own transformation and the events that had lead to it. The idea of taking advantage of the electrical currents caused by the spacebridge when transporting through the galaxy and using it to energize organic material and encode it directly into a protoform was ingenious. From what Optimus had been able to recognize, that the others didn't was that, his once good friend had been trying to imitate her own downloading powers through the experiments. Apparently at the exact moment she had activated her special mod that allowed her to temporary encode herself with another robot's ability, organic material had been introduce directly into her exposed protoform and thusly into her reformatting code. Too all the others it appeared that the Decepticon had figured out a way to break down and digitize the molecular code of an organic species and having it infused with the coding of a protoform. The theory was that the protoform would be fooled into thinking it was receiving some kind of upgrade and thus format the data to fit the frame.

"Absolutely fascinating…" Prowl couldn't help but marvel at what he was seeing as the simulation program as it calculated the most likely traits a test subject would receive from an organic. "And depending on the organic material used, a mechinoid could gain any number of new powers base on the creature their bond with." Yet he knew all too well that for every good quality there is always a down side. "Of course that also means they'll be susceptible to weakness they ordinarily wouldn't have had problems with before."

"The design process is pretty crude…" Bulkhead stated as he focused more specifically on the schematics for the actual fusion chamber. He may not know much about repair and maintenance as a medic would, but he knew enough about space bridges to know that a reconfiguring of that magnitude would not be able to work without a great deal of electrical power. "It could be that in order to successfully encode the organic blueprint into the protoform, it had to constantly bombard it with the electrical current containing the sample." If his recalled studies were anything to go by, it was almost similar to charging a new battery-core.

Jetstorm began rubbing at his upper servo worriedly. "And to be become organic is being most painful…" Seeing the diagram of how the fusion was suppose to work in theory brought up some rather unpleasant memory files for the eldest of the Jet Twins.

Jetfire knew all too well the source of his sibling's discomfort as he placed his own servos on his brother's shoulder in support. "Oh yes, like very much of overly drilling." He could still remember all too well the pain from the feedback.

Bumblebee could sympathize with them easily having gone through the entire process himself. Truth be told, he felt guilty that they had even had the experience to that extreme. If he hadn't had ran away and gotten himself captured, again, they wouldn't have been placed in that kind of danger. It seems no matter what form he takes, he tended to either cause trouble or attract it in some way or another. Maybe he should just stay hidden in his new hive from now on. At least there he had some level of control over the things around him and give him some level of security. However, he semi-depressing thoughts were soon disrupted by a light touch on his shoulder, bringing his attention towards Sari, whom placed a supporting hand on his helm. Another touch at either hand had him looking down at the near identical faceplates of the twin, whom smiled as they offered their own support. To which the now large scout smile softly in gratitude.

"For that last time, you walking malfunction, get back on that berth!" Ratchet could be heard shouting at someone at high volume as two set of ped steps could be heard heading in their direction. "I'm no where near finished with your repairs and I'm not about to have you wreak yourself all over again!" Seeing as the rest of the Earth team as well as the majority of the Elite Guards were in the main assembly line room, there could only be one other bot he'd be yelling at. In a slight panic, everybot looked around for a place to hide the Autobug, but finding nothing sufficient that could possibly help.

"Look you out of date model," Sentinel's voice rang angrily as he approached the frame of the entrance to the main assembly line room. "My soldiers are being taken out by some organic freak and I aim to-!" Just as he turned into the room itself, his path was suddenly blocked by two identical blurs of blue and orange.

"Sentinel Prime, Sir!" The Safeguard jets both cried out and saluted in perfect synchronization; effectively blocking their commander's view from what was housed further within the room.

"What the-?" The sight of the younglings, the blue temporary nearly froze in shock. "Jetfire?" The missing fire based Autobot stood there looking as bright opticed and happy as can be. "Jetstorm?" The wind based Autobot looked none the worse for wear considering that the Magnus had witnessed him being carrying off by a monster. "You're still online?"

A white blur also appeared to his left, turning him away from the main consol and the other occupants. "Well, yeah, of course they are SP." Jazz stated casually as he bought extra time for the Earth Team to figure something out. "Why wouldn't they be?" Luckily Bumblebee solved the problem by scampering up the wall and into the rafters above.

Sentinel for the most part looked like he was on the verge of crashing as he looked from his junior guards to his SIC. "B-b-but, where's the giant organic?!" He even went as far as to look at the Earth Autobots for answers. This was an emergency after all.

In their natural habit as twins, the two planes glanced at each other in perfect unison, for once not needing their bond to communicate their plan. "Giant organic?" They both questioned in stereo while looking back at their superior as if hoping for further explanation to what he was talking about.

"The giant flying organic!" The blue temporary Magnus had insisted with an especially loud bellow at the two before singling out the wind brother making him jump involuntarily. "The one that captured Jetstorm and carried him off to its lair!" The blue commander couldn't believe that they all could just forget that walking nightmare, especially since it had attacked them in the base!

In answer to this rant, the white plated cyber ninja held a fisted servo to his oral drive and spoke into it as if trying not to laugh out loud. "I think he hit his helm harder than we thought." He half murmured just loud enough to catch his superior's attention.


If this was going to work, they had to act fast to keep him off balanced. "Don't you remember?" Jazz quipped as he placed a servo on Sentinel's shoulder as he tended to do when he used his gentle persuasion on him. "You ran off into the factory, rambling on about one of your 'exploits', and fell through a shaft they were constructing for their soon to be underground storage unit."

Prowl had easily picked up on what his fellow cyber ninja was attempting to do. "Jetfire had the exact same accident earlier and thankfully he wasn't harmed." He added the kernel of the truth in order to not only jar the acting Magnus's memory, but also make the lie even more plausible. "I tried to warn you about the danger, but you wouldn't listen."

"And fell exactly 18 cubic units down and onto the building material we were gathering to build the storage unit." Bulkhead had also quipped in, picking up the tale in order to keep the blue Autobot off balance with the extra details. "Including three support rods that would have been used in the making of a new wielding crane for Ratchet in case he needed to repair any large parts from our ship." Knowing his old sergeant as well as he did during his Autobot Camp cycles, the green bot made sure to cover for every dent that would be categorized in the medical file.

"Which all have to be replaced now, thanks to your clumsy aft." Ratchet huffed in a perfect mocked irritation of having to wait longer for his 'crane' to be built. Come to think of it, it might not be such a bad idea to have one of those handy around the base.

Seeing that his once good friend was confused enough, Optimus decided to top off the story and fully deviate the attention away from the incident altogether. "You really need to be more careful Sentinel." He began in his best lecturing tone. The one he would normally save for when some bot, namely Bumblebee, did something extremely careless. "As the acting Magnus we can't afford to lose you so soon after being elected, Cybertron is in enough of an uproar still with what happened to Ultra Magnus." The fire-truck even went as far as to wrap a servo around Sentinel's shoulders and began steering him towards the door. "So please, get back to the med-bay, let Ratchet fix you up, get some recharge, and for the love of the Well, no more talk about your memory relapses of giant organics." Now to make absolutely sure that his 'old friend' would completely forget about the questionable incident, the Prime went for his pride. "Bots are going to start thinking you're already breaking under the pressure."

"Dah-? Wha-?! I am not breaking under any pressure!" The offended acting leader of Cybertron shouted loudly at such an outrageous idea coming from the lowly Prime. "I'll have you know I'm in the best structure of my life stream and it'll take a lot more than a minor fall to scramble my programming!" With that loud claim, Sentinel practically whirled around and faced Ratchet again. "Medic!" He instantly took the energon cube the elder model had been trying to give him before continuing his rant. "Finish pounding out my dents, and after words some-bot get that blasted shaft fixed and sealed!" He immediately ordered loudly to no one in particular, his superiority complex in full swing once again.

While all of the other Autobots made a show of 'following orders' in the hopes of luring him out of the room sooner, Prowl back away discreetly from the group. Knowing that the acting Magnus wouldn't pay him much attention, the ninja still kept his guard up as he glance up towards the rafters in search for their transformed scout. Not surprisingly, the bee-bot had moved from his previous hiding spot, thus forcing the motorcycle to search for the fuzzy bug. Why couldn't that youngling stay still when it counted? Seeing as he couldn't even track the techno-organic through his energy signature anymore, the cyber ninja was seriously thinking of suggesting to Ratchet to make a tracking collar of some kind for the bee. Least that way the team would be able to find him if he ever were to wonder off during a random feeding run.

Yet as he began giving the idea some serious thought, his musing had been interrupted by another voice calling for his attention. "Mr. Cycle-motor?"

The slim cyber ninja turned towards the voice and found the eldest jet twin addressing him. "Yes, Jetstorm?"

Suddenly shy, the wind base plane began rubbing the back of his neck for a few clicks before speaking further. "I is questioning you?" He was even shuffling his peds a little, further showing his youth since he wasn't very good at talking to the nature loving bot. "Please?" In all honesty the only time he had really spoken to Prowl had been when he asked about the tree the bot tended to in his room. Not that he had really been interested in it, but figured he might as well learn of it if nothing more than to keep his younger twin away from it.

Curious as to what the junior guard might want, Prowl faced him completely and gave the young bot his full attention. "Yes?"

"You was before saying Yellow Bumble thinking brother is organic sparkling, yes?" The youngling asked as clearly as his accent would allow him.

This was answered with a simple nod before a verbal response. "That's right."

"And that he was energon given to brother while recharge being?" The blue plane had asked carefully in the hopes that he had heard and remembered correctly.

Again a nod was given before verbally confirming the statement. "Yes, I believe so." What exactly was the point the young bot was trying to make?

"Well…" Soon enough the blue youngling began to smack his glossia a few times curiously. "I too am now having taste of sweetness in oral intake." It wasn't the least bit unpleasant but it was strange to find it there all the same since he knew for a fact he had not consume anything the lunar cycle before and certainly not at all since he had activated earlier that solar cycle. "And if brother and me is in recharge being, how is Yellow Bumble feeding us?"

A rather good question and as the nature loving robot began to ponder, his train of thought was soon interrupted. "I ought to reprimand the lot of you for allowing moving traffic through an underdeveloped area like that!" Right above 'Loud Mouth Prime', completely unknown to the bot, was the fuzzy form of Bumblebee perched comfortably in the rafters and eying his old sergeant below. Or rather his energon cube. "It's reckless endangerment!" Soon enough the scout allowed his surprisingly long glossia to slither out of his mouth and down towards his chosen target. "Blasted organic made structure should've been condemned!" Throughout all his yelling, barking, and complaining, the blue acting Magnus didn't even notice the lighter blue appendage dipping into his cube, draining it dry, before retracting right back up into the techno-organic's mouth. All of this was done in a matter of minutes and the oaf didn't ever realize any of it until he brought the cube to his oral drive. "Wha-?" Surprised by the lack of energizing fuel flowing into his frame, Sentinel looked down only to find his cube was completely empty. "Where's my energon?"

The white and red Autobot took a look and crossed his servos with a securitizing glare. "Well, if that doesn't prove you're more depleted that you claim to be, nothing will." Ratchet stated with his infamous exasperated sigh of impatience for the constant malfunctioning of his reckless patients. "C'mon. Back to the med-bay." Soon enough he grabbed Sentinel by the upper servo and began leading him away.

At this the flabbergasted blue bot could only babble incoherently. "B-but I didn't-!" He tried explaining while racking his memory banks for a clue as to what had happened to his fuel. "I mean-!" He couldn't have just drunk the entire cube just then. Could he?

"Yay-yay-yay, move your fender!" The age-old medic half shoved his reluctant patient out of the room and roughly herded him back towards the med-bay.

The tongue… The way in undulated as it pulled the energon into itself and up towards Bumblebee's oral drive. He had seen it do the process in reverse whenever he filled an empty comb. "Ah…" Prowl had froze in realization at the sight of the theft before meeting the youngling's curious visor which was staring hopefully for an answer. "That's, ah, very good question, Jetstorm." Doing his best to keep any apprehension out of his vocal pattern, the ninja acted as casual as possible as he mocked pondering the young bot's question while slowly backing away. "I'm going to have to research the matter, but once I find out I'll be sure to inform you." The dark colored ninja bot soon made his escape by dashing out the entrance after the others before Jetstorm could stop him; leaving the junior guard highly confused by the incident.