Imma Bee Ch. 9

You ever had one of those days where everything had been running smoothly at first then suddenly does a complete turn around? Well that's what Optimus was having right now. After typing up and saving all of the information they had gone over that morning, the young Prime copied and downloaded it into three separate data-pads. One for Ratchet as a form of medical record, one to give to the Elite Guard should the time comes, and one extra for himself to keep for an emergency. He had been on his way to file each pad in it's place for safe keeping, when he noticed the TV was on and turned to a local weather channel. Seeing a lack of a body watching the screen, it was only logical to assume that Sari was the one watching from the stone couch. His hunched had proved to be accurate when he found his tiny friend staring intensely at the forecast. From the looks of it, there was a random cold front coming in from the north and was suppose to hit Detroit sometime later in the day. When asked about why she had been getting so worked up about this phenomena, she voiced her concerns without hast. Apparently organic bees couldn't survive in cold weather and that she wasn't sure if Bumblebee's organic half would be affected by the sudden drop in temperature. It had already shown that it could sense heat after all. Empathizing with her fears, Optimus considered the risk and voiced that it may be safer for the scout to stay homebound for safety. Agreeing, the hybrid teenager took off to tell her best friend and made a mental note to move the newer flora closer to the hive center so that his bee half would be encouraged to stay put. However, what she found was a seemingly empty hive. Seemingly, because, when she called out Bumblebee's name she had been answered by Prowl whom had been mapping out the internal structure of the hive. As time went by, the bee-bot never came back and the redhead's worry began to grow as she ritualistically checked the weather forecast with her phone.

When it became apparent that the bug-former wasn't returning to the hive, Sari had gone on a search throughout the entire base in a steadily growing panic until it was clear that Bumblebee was no where to be found. Now the Autobot base was full of confusion, worry, and especially near hysteria from their resident human techno-organic. She had been running around the base in a near frantic frenzy looking for her fellow techno-organic, asking anybot she ran into if they've seen him. The answer was always the same. No bot had seen the Auto-bug since the night before. Thankfully Prowl had managed to talk her onto calming down so that they could figure this out rationally. Hence the reason for the team gathering in the rec. room at that moment.

"Are you two sure he's missing?" Optimus had asked as he tried to keep everyone calm and collective.

Thankfully, Prowl had been staying as cool as a cryogenic pod. "Yes." Besides, Sari was panicking enough for the both of them anyway. "I've searched the entire hive." After their little discovery at the rear entrance, the cyber ninja thought it best to further inspect the bee-bots waxy home and figure out exactly how large it currently was. "I've checked every square micrometer of it, including the parts yet to be converted." He had even gone as far as to draw a diagram of the entire layout in order to have a better understanding of the underground structure. "Nothing."

Sari had chosen that time to jump in and give her account. "I checked Prowl's room, Bumblebee's own room, and every heated spot I could find in this place!" She had to have quadruple checked all of those places before admitting defeat and coming in to report. "He's not anywhere!"

"Could he have left on a feeding run?" Jazz suggested, hoping that it was as simple as that. Prowl had mentioned before that the new bee-bot's organic half tended to jump his programming at random intervals.

However, the black and gold motorcycle shook his helm in response to the suggestion. "That's what I thought at first, but we've waited down there for hours and didn't see any newly sealed combs." He knew this from the pattern Bumblebee's organic half tended to follow. It would fill the combs surrounding the very center of the nest where it rested and spread out in a circular pattern. "I've studied his new habits enough times to know the exact time it takes him to collect nectar and return to the hive." The scout's new size may have been impressive, however it didn't mean that he needed to constantly fuel up. Those times he had observed the techno organic's feeding habits proved that he merely stored all supplements within his body in order to transport it back to the hive. "If he had gone out on a feeding run he would have been back at least twice by now and filled another three or so comb cells." He had been fortunate enough to actually witness the process of filling and sealing the combs and knew that the time it took would have certainly kept the bee-bot in the hive for a while before going out again. By that time it was clear that the scout was missing again.

"Has there been any clue as to where he might have gone to?" Ratchet asked, wanting to stay focus the actual problem.

Sari shook her head before answering. "None…" All the while the image of her friend hurtful expression kept flashing in her mind. "Oh man, he was so upset last night… I'm starting to think he ran away." So lost in her own thoughts, the girl didn't see the reaction her statement pulled out of the twin flyers as they looked towards each other in guilt. This was their doing. The scout had left because of them. Because of what was said and how they reacted to his forced modifications.

Optimus had shared in their tiny friend's fears and immediately made his decision. "We'll have to search the city." If the scout's organic half can be affected by a change in temperature, then it was imperative that they retrieve him before the cold front hits them.

"No." A certain voice had spoken out loud for the first time since they've all gathered in the rec room. "We will be going." Jetstorm had stated seriously as he was acknowledged by everybot in the room. "The fault is being ours for Yellow Bumble leaving." His gazed had turn downward in both shame and acceptance of this truth before lifting but up with renewed determination. "We is before being not so nice and we needing to be apologizing."

As to be expected with the two of them, Jetfire nodded in both agreement and acceptance of the responsibility. "And brother and me is flying." He had quipped in reminder to everybot in the room. "We much faster find Yellow Bumble if we go." If anybot had even the slightest chance of keeping pace with anything on the fly, it would be the two of them.

"They will be able to cover more ground than we can on the roads." Prowl stated as a matter of fact in order to add weight to the youngling's claim. "And they can reach speeds and heights we can't if Bumblebee decides to fly off." His efforts were very much appreciated by the younglings as shown in their small smiles, as well as the one from his fellow cyberninja.

The reasoning was more than sound for the Prime to accept. "Alright then, you two head out and search." The two stood straight at attention as their orders were given. "If you do find him try to talk to him and convince him to come home, but if his organic half has been activated, don't engage him." What had happened before in the hive had been pure coincidence so far and there was no telling how the bee-bot might perceive them outside in the open air. More than likely the organic in him might see them as enemies this time around. "Just keep tabs on him and com us of your location so that Prowl and Sari could take over and lure him back." The young Prime knew at least that Bumblebee ought to recognize his 'colony members' and should willingly follow them back home. "Understand?"

"Yes sir, Optimus Prime, sir!" The two saluted in perfect sync before dashing out of the base and launching off into the sky.

Although he had confidence in the two younglings, there was still some factor that the black and gold motorcycle had forgotten about. "While those two search over the city, I'll search on the ground and look into any ground level hiding spot Bumblebee's organic half would find appealing to use." Chances were slim that the scout's organic half would be active considering the situation, but still if this cold front does activate it then he'll most likely seek shelter underground were the planes couldn't follow.

"I'll go with him to back him up." Jazz suddenly volunteered as he step forward.

This was met with a nod of agreement from the Prime. "And while you're doing that the rest of us will monitor and listen in for any strange reports from the local authorities." The last thing they needed was to draw unwanted attention out into the streets.

Without another word, the two cyber ninjas nodded, transformed, and sped off into the late afternoon. Time was against them now, for if the weather report was accurate, then there was a high probability that the bee-bot would be seriously susceptible to the cold. The nature-loving robot knew they only had a few mega cycles at best to find the scout before dark and more than likely he'll be on a roof somewhere, sun bathing for warmth. However if the twins do find him and he runs, he would mostly likely head for a ground level hiding spot. Those were the areas they had to identify and locate. The very first possible location that had come to Prowl's processor had been the local subway, and thankfully he knew exactly where to find one.

Downtown Detroit

Due to the lateness of the day, there were quite a few people out of the road due to the majority of the public getting off work and heading home. The two robots in disguise had been able to get into the city before getting caught in a traffic jam. Not wanting to waste time getting to their location, the two cyber ninjas transformed and quickly made their way towards the roof tops of the larger buildings. It wasn't long before they spotted what they were looking for down on the sidewalks below. A lonely looking subway entrance just off a street way corner.

As they waited for a clear chance to enter without being seen, the elite guard checked the sky and his internal timekeeper and figured now was the time. "Prowl." Jazz had finally said after the long length of silence during their trip. "Not that I'm not a team player, but I'm gonna have to bail on the search."

The motorcycle hadn't been surprised by the declaration. "You want to look for who's responsible for all of this." The black and gold cyber ninja stated as a matter of fact. He had read the subtle signs of from his fellow cyber as easily as he read the twins back at the base.

The answer came in the form of a confirmative nod. "You bots are going to need at least one bot focus on investigating what had happened to Bumblebee." With everything that's been happening and the risk involved, this team obviously needed an ally on their side. "We both know even if we manage to detour Sentinel from their encounter, we won't be able to hide what happened to the kid forever." Preferably one with connections back on Cybertron they can use to their advantage in case something really does go wrong. "If we're going to have the slightest chance of helping him, we need to dig up some info and quick while we still have the time." The trail may have gone cold considering the time gap, but maybe, with a little luck, he could find something they've all missed.

"I'm inclined to agree." Prowl knew all to well that the elite guard was better trained to find such evidence for such a mystery. Yet the element of danger had been made very clear from Sari's first attempted explanation. "But I'd rather not have you doing this alone."

The white armored cyber ninja understood his concern. He rather not be caught by who or whatever did this to their fellow Autobot either. "No need to worry on my account." However, the risk of this happening again to anymore of them plus the added fact that their enemies might employ this tactic themselves was just too high to leave alone. "I can disappear as easily as you can when I need to." If nothing else he had to at least find and destroy the lab if he couldn't find information.

"Alright, here." From his sub-space storage, the motorcycle had retrieved a single data-pad he kept for just such an occasion. "You can find a field report from the time his went missing on this data pad." There may have not been anything he could do about the time relapse, but he could at least give his friend a most detail file about it to better his odds. "I hope you have better luck then we did." He began to turn to continue on his own search for his missing teammate, but not before giving one last glance towards the Autobot. "If you run into any kind of trouble, or if you happen to see Bumblebee, call us." After a nod of agreement, the two went their separate ways, each hoping to find what they both were looking for.

Detroit City rooftops

Bumblebee sat on a dainty little rooftop that someone had taken the time to outfit it with a small garden and dozens of potted flowers, resting after hours of flying. He had been looking for a place to use as shelter for a little while now. He thought about hiding in an ally, but found the space to be too cramped. He thought about hiding in the park, but the fact that there would be a ton of humans roaming around the next day detoured that idea. The option of hiding underground came to his processor again, but knowing Prowl and his extended knowledge of all things nature, it would be the first places the ninja bot would look for him. He can't been found. If his jumbled memories of the underground fight were anything to go by, Sentinel wouldn't forget such a sever beating like that. Those flying twins already shared his distained of organics and wouldn't hesitate to attack him with or without orders. This he believed all to well as he rubbed at his mid-drift again in remembrance of getting kicked.

'G-g-getting away…!' Jetstorm's words echoed loudly in his helm as he remembered their last encounter. 'Get away, FREAK!' The scout found himself clutching at his head as if trying to block out those words that insisted on echoing in his thoughts. Freak. He was a freak now. Not an Autobot.

"AAaah!" The scream startled the bee-bot into turning around. He suddenly found himself under attack by a human female with a red polka-doted dress armed with a garden hose. "Get out! Get out of here!" She yelled in hysterics at the huge creature that was eating her beloved rosary.

The blast of cold water hit him in streams as he tried to shield himself. He turned and tried to fly, but fell short when he couldn't create enough lift. His wings had gotten wet. The women only kept on screaming and turned up the pressure on the water hose. Desperate, Bumblebee grabbed one of the heavy stone pots and tossed it just off to the left of the frightened organic. The stone structure shattered, scaring the lady into dropping her 'weapon' and running inside her home to call the police. Seeing his chance, Bumblebee scrambled to his feet began to hop towards the ledge, flapping his drenched wings as he did. The first time got some water off, the second allowed more lift, and finally he ran out of roof and just threw himself into the air, wings beating like mad. He barely grazed the clothes line and managed to accidently get a bed sheet caught on his pincher like foot as he forced himself to fly away. The wind that had blown gently before had picked up and the coolness of the coming evening didn't help in the least. 'Cold, cold, COLD!' The Autobug wrapped his arms around himself in a natural attempt to conserve body heat, but it only proved to further hinder his already erratic flight path. Another gust blew, and finally his wings cramped causing him to fall like a rock. He hit a lower rooftop hard, causing him to skip once and roll twice until a rooftop entrance stopped him.

More stunned than hurt, thanks to his Cybertronian half, the scout slowly tried to lift himself to his knees… Only to practically collapse as yet another cold gust of wind swirled around the building. 'Even the organic are scared of me…' The mutated youngling thought as fresh new tears began to spill from his eyes. He curled into himself all the more from both the cold and the realization that there was no place he could go to where he'd be accepted. He felt something tugging at his leg and noticed for the first time the bed sheet tangled around his barbs. Noticing that it wasn't big enough to cover him in his biped mode, the scout switch to his organic mode, shook off as much water as he could and crawled under the sheet. It was too thin to do him much good, but it was better then getting hit by the wind directly. He had to take better care of himself if he was going to survive like this. He had to make self-preservation his number priority… If even if it meant he had to be alone for the rest of his life. As he shivered and buzz in an attempt to warm up, he didn't hear the roaring engines of a pair of jets.

Skies of Detroit

The skies were clear and allowed for smooth flying for anyone that had the means. However, two specific planes ignored the pleasantries of their mid air travel in favor of seeking out their MIA bot. They flew low enough to be able to scan for anything out of the ordinary on the rooftop of the city as well as keep an optic out for anything sharing their current air space. Like with any aerial search, the two looked for details belonging to their target: color, shape, and size. Although Bumblebee still retained his yellow and black color scheme, his overall size and the shape of his frame had changed dramatically. One would think that the scout would be much easier to spot due to such modifications, but having little to no knowledge of how the organic he was fused with would behave out in the open, there was really no way of telling how this search will go.

They've been circling the city for the fifth time in two hours until at last a familiar sound and some sudden movement from a roof caught Jetfire's attention. "Look, brother, down there!" There on a large barren roof was a giant sized bumblebee shaking its whole body before crawling under a decent size sheet.

Instantly the two junior guards maneuvered to turn around and circle the building. They had to lower themselves to a safe distance before transforming into their root modes and landing right near the techno-organic. The sound of something landing close by and the vibrations that proved it was roughly as large as he was, startled the bee-bot into standing onto his six legs and facing in the direction of the sound. There in front of him were the twin members of the Cybertron Elite Guard.

"Yellow Bumble!" Jetstorm called out as he approached the Autobug after realizing that the white rings weren't present in his optics. "We-!" However before the blue flyer could explain their intention, the bee-bot suddenly through off the sheet in a flurry of buzzing wings and quickly scampered over and off the roof ledge. "Wait!" The youngling called out as he ran after the insect with his twin right behind him before taking off after the techno-organic. "Come back!"

They had found him. It was all the ex-minibot could think as he beat his wings faster and faster trying to keep his flight path steady. Even with the cooling air slicing into his wet fur, the bee-bot could only think of escaping the flyers as soon as possible. Sentinel must have woken up and sent the two after him. Now they had found him and they were going to lock him away somewhere if they catch him.

"Yellow Bumble!" The wind brother pleaded with the runaway, as both he and his twin restrained themselves from using full speed. "We is not wanting to be hurting you!" He knew the bee-bot was running in fear for his spark and the last thing they needed was for him to get overly desperate. "Please to be the slowing down!"

As the chase continued all three suddenly felt a suddenly gush of wind that was even lower in temperature than the ones before it. The wet insect-bot soon curled up into himself before his wings finally failed him and he soon plummeted towards the earth. "Yellow Bumble!" Jetfire screamed as he and his brother shot forward into a dive after the bug. Each junior guard managed to get on either side of the fuzzy ball and grabbed a hold of what they could. Quickly they righted themselves and activated their boosters to slow down their decent and guide all of them down on the roof of a lower building. Once safely down, the two inspected the curled up techno-organic. "He is okie?" The fire brother asked over the weak muffled buzzing.

"Temperature of core is being too low." Jetstorm answered as he felt the moist furry chest and found it to be cold. "I am thinking organic side is not liking it."

Remembering what had been said before at the base, the brighter colored robot moved to hug at the large bee. "I will be heating him." If it was heat the organic half needed, then he ought to be able to provide without fail.

"Carefulness, brother." The elder sibling warned as he monitored his twin's heat levels. "Organics is more delicate being than we is." Figuring that raising the bee-bot's temperature all at once was a bad idea the jet looked around and found another line of loose cloths flapping in the breeze. Whatever the reason the organics of this planet did that for, it proved to be very convenient now as the junior guard took one of the thin sheets and began to help dry the wet fur.

Detroit Shipping Yard

After discovering very faint grooves in the dirt of the alleyway that lend in the direction towards the water; the white plated cyber ninja found himself in the bay area where several fishing and cargo ships were docked. Jazz was only too grateful that humans had such specific schedules to live and work by. It left their aquatic docking bay empty enough to be able to continue his investigation with little interruption. The ones whom worked the late shift were gracious enough to inform him that as far as their records went, none of their ships had been missing and as far as most of them were sure, no one had seen any unidentified flying objects in the skies for weeks. Although there had been one human, that worked the evening security for the docks, that recalled hearing a buzzing sound, but couldn't identify what it was or what direction it had came from or where it went.

Least the elite guard knew he was on the right track as he carefully checked out the spot where the organic guard had heard the noise. "C'mon Bumblebee…" Now if he could only find some other clue as to which direction to go from there. "Give me a clue, bot…" So focused was he looking for clues on the ground that he almost didn't hear a distinct buzzing in the distance, gradually getting louder. Thinking that maybe he might have found their missing Autobot coming in for a landing, the guard set his sights on the darkening sky hoping to spot him. "What the spark?"

What he saw flying threw the air had most certainly not been the fuzzy creature he had been expecting. The size was similar, but the shape was all wrong. Seeing that it was about fly overhead, the robot ninja quickly ducked out of sight. Whatever it was, it landed on the tin roof of one of the warehouses just behind where the hidden Autobot was positioned. From his hiding spot, Jazz could make out the menacing shaped frame, much longer than Bee's organic mode, and an eerily familiar color scheme. It too had antennas that flickered around towards the sky, until whatever they picked up had it facing the city. The guard heard what he could only assume was a laugh of some kind before the creature took off and disappeared out of sight.

"Okay… Definitely not Bee." Jazz stated to himself as he cautiously came out of hiding. He listened carefully for any buzzing before coming out completely into the open and glance towards the open water. Whatever it was, it came from a distant, isolated land structure in the water. "Hmm… Could that be Dinobot Island?" Never having been to the island before or even seeing one first servo, the guard couldn't be sure. However, if he were in the habit of mutating robots undisturbed, what better place than a nice out of the way spot like that?

Detroit: Random Rooftop

Bumblebee wasn't sure what was covering him, but it was blissfully warm. He felt something gently rubbing against his fur and removing the moister. He especially liked it when whatever the warm thing was would pet at the spot to dry it completely. "He is wakening, brother." A familiar voice spoke as he responded more to the treatment.

"That is most good." A second voice, almost equal to the other in sound, had prompted the scout to open his eyes. At the sight of the blue jet, panic had set in and the techno-organic jumped and tried to fly off. Only to find that his wings had been pinned down by the other jet brother. "No! Do not be moving!" Jetstorm cried out when the scout tried to transform only to spasm in pain. "Right now, you is much too cold being." Trying to force a cold engine into working without time to warm up often lead to it sputtering out. The youngling didn't even want to think about how it would affect a living being of flesh and fluid. "Organic half is almost shutting down when we up catching to you." It was already pretty clear that organics couldn't handle being cold without some kind of protection in the first place.

Despite the transformation, Jetfire had managed to stay clamped to the tired Autobug underneath him. "Yellow Bumble, we is looking for you for to bring home." The fire-based plane began to explain after feeling the frame he held trembling and hearing him intake rapidly in his anxiety. "You friends is in most worriment for safety of you." If they were going to bring the scared hybrid back to the base with them, they had to calm him down and get him to trust them. "Sentinel Prime sir is not knowing we is here out." The orange and white youngling added, hoping to at least prove that they weren't under any orders to bring him in, as he no doubt suspected. "He is in stasis still and not knowing you is techno-organic."

"And he will not be knowing, because we will not be telling." The blue and yellow youngling declared earning a bewildered look from the bee-bot. Sentinel's personal cadets going behind his back plates? With his full attention on him, Strom decided now was as good a time as any. "I is very sorry for the kicking… And more much so for bad word saying."

The apology had been doubly unexpected. "I too is very much sorry for being so frightening of you." Fire also declared from behind Bee as he loosen his grip after seeing that the yellow and black hybrid was willing to listen. "We is understanding now that you is not helping to be organic in part."

"Just like we is not helping to be Decepticon in part." The elder twin picked up the sentence automatically as they often do when finishing each other's words. "We too is knowing what like to being badly treated and is even more so we is sorry." The genuine sympathy in his vocals had been unmistakable.

At this point the slightly younger brother had released their captive completely so that he could face him along with his twin. "Please not to be the running away because of we say." The bright colored plane pleaded with the now docile bee-bot, his sorrowful expression made even more effective by his expressive optics. "Letting us to be home taking where you is in safety with friends." Although he was sure that they had dried the fuzzy stuff well enough, the youngling wasn't sure if it had done more damage than what they've witnessed. All the more reason to convince the bee to come in out of this weather. "We is promising not to being mean again." This promise was followed by a quick thump of a fist on his yellow cockpit, the Cybertronian version of crossing the heart.

This claim was backed up by a nod from the slightly older of the two. "And we too is promising to be helping you." This had those thin antennas perking up in surprise as the Jetstorm did the exact same thing with his own light blue cockpit. "We will be finding who be doing this and getting cure for you." If nothing else they had to at least help with finding the scout's tormentor in order to make up for their earlier mistake. "This is promising as being elite guard and…" Words failed him as the blue jet found himself unsure if he had any right suggest what he had in mind.

Thankfully that was what his warm sparked brother was for. "And you friends."

The two of them could only wait while the large hybrid got up on his knees and up straight. He studied the two carefully, weighing the options and finding that the chances that this whole thing might have been a trick was minimal seeing as these two actually admitted to having no authority to take him anywhere. Besides that they even admitted to agreeing withholding what would be considered vital information to the acting Magnus. After a life stream of bad luck and seemingly endless hard times, here for once were bots, outside of Bumblebee's small group of friends, which actually wanted to help him. They actually came out looking for him when he ran away to apologize and ask him to come home. Sure it could only be that they wanted to get themselves out of trouble with his team, but how often does a bot admit that they were wrong about him? This was certainly something the ex-minibot wasn't used to, but then again he supposed they were all doing things none of them were used to these past few cycles.

Finally the Autobug timidly held out a hand towards the two jets and gave a small, if not nervous smile. "Bzz~Ffrrreeennzz?"

At this the two brothers smiled in relief and genuine joy at being given a second chance. "Friends." The two spoke in stereo as they both lunched themselves into a hug on the surprised fuzzy youngling.

It wasn't long before the two released him and helped him back up on his legs, standing on either side of him in case his equilibrium hadn't stabilized. "Come now, time for to be taking you home." The hybrid had been looking a lot better since the heat treatment and hopefully it'll stay that way when they finally get back to the base. "You can be flying now, or we be carry-?"

All at once there came a menacing roar along with a sudden loud buzzing as something large violently collided with Bumblebee. It slammed the hybrid down with a harsh bang while simultaneously striking both twins right off their peds. Jetfire came close to falling right off the building, but managed to catch himself by hooking his legs on the ledge and locking his knee joints, causing him to hang upside down is the ally. Jetstorm had been sent crashing right through the brick structure that made the roof entrance to the building they were on and was knocked in to stasis by the sudden impact.

Bumblebee, dazed and stunned, felt himself being forced to stand. "Bumblebot not get away this time." The voice was unmistakable and had the bee-bot looking back and instantly struggling. However his insane captor had an advantage over him. An extra set of arms. "Waspinator take Bumblebot back!" With one arm around his neck, another around his waist, and the two smaller ones gripping at his wrists behind him, the scout was fully secured as he was lifted off the ground by the predatory insect hybrid.

Jetfire had barely managed to right himself back up before catching a distinct color scheme of green and black practically streaking through the sky. A yellow and black form being carried and screaming in distress. "Yellow Bumble!"

Dinobot Island

It had taken him some time to swim over the island, but it was stealthier than coming in by boat. He didn't know what kind of security had been set up for the area, but the smaller a target made himself the better his chances at infiltration. As far as his sensors had been able to pick up, there hadn't been any traps or alarms set up on the perimeters of the island, neither were there any signs of there being any the closer he got to the surface. Once on land, he made a point to keep and optic out for the allege Dinobots that had been mentioned in the report regarding this place. If memory served him right, the laboratory was last located in the center of the island when it was whole, which meant that he had wanted to be inside the crescent opening in present time. It hadn't been until he was forced to duck down after nearly getting spotted by some kind flying sentry did he noticed a cave that had an unnatural luminescence that he recognized as electric lights.

After cautiously making his way deeper into the cave, the elite was pleased to have discovered evidence of a laboratory. There a lot of broken and mangled machines around, and there were tons of wires and what looked like binding fibers hanging every which way, but one particular spot had been cleaned and showed signs of functioning. Once Jazz was sure that the area was clear of any robots, he quickly went straight for the computer consol. He had to clear off a few strands of purplish clear wires that were in the way, but once he was there he pulled out a small dark blue cube and plugged it into the first port he found. 'Here we go.' The device was especially designed to hack into encrypted files. When the screen lit up, he knew he had hit the jackpot. There were research data on organic anatomy. Documented files for earlier genetic manipulation dealing with organic test subjects. Theories on how transwarp energy could be used for techno-organic fusion. Even progress reports for an active test subject.

He had the device wirelessly go into it's second function of copying, downloading and infecting a time delayed virus to wipe out the original files while he personally began going through other data pockets. "Alright, now lets see what ya got about reversing all of this."

"That's still a work in progress, I'm afraid." A random female voice suddenly answered from above.

"Wha-?!" He whirled upward in time to see a flash of red optics and heard a menacing hiss before there came a piercing pain in his chassis. His body froze in as spasm as something was introduced into his systems, and then everything around him went black.