Julia and Elijah?

Jules and Eli?

The masochist and the one who loved it?

The reader and the writer?

A match made in heaven, right?

Depends on how you look at it.

This is the story of Eli and Julia. Well, from my imagination. I looked for stories of the two but found none really. So bam! I decided to write one. I hope its good enough.

Chapter One.

Alls well as ends well, Elijah thought, scraping his pencil across his paper in agitation. Arianne giggled beside him, tucking a hard hair behind her ear. Eli glared and smirked playfully, pinching her thigh.

"Eli!" She yelped in surprise, laughing some more. The obvious bosom set in her shirt bounced. Eli took notice. How could he not? They were right there, staring at him, bleak and round.

"My lady, we have a screamer." He winked, biting his tongue. Arianne and him always did this. That's how they became best friends. Its hard to point out second graders flirting, typically though.


Recess was the best time of the day, no homework and enough toy trains to sell a boy like Eli for life. Him and Gabe played all recess time with them, though Thomas The Train miniature was his favorite. Several times he thought about taking it home, but the guilt got to him. As the day goes, he was with his friend Gabriel, like usual, but something was off, he could feel it.

"Hey Gabe."

"Yeah Eli?" Gabriel's brown hair ruffled.

"Today feels funny."

"I got that feeling to, Eli."

After awhile though they ignored it, chattering on and on about Spongebob and what they ate for dinner the night before.

"I had chicken." Gabriel laughed and rubbed his dark eyes.

"I had spagetti! With more sauce then meatballs. It was digustin'!" The boys started roaring with laughter yet again, smacking the ground with there pudgy hands.

"I had chicken soup." There a was a tiny voice behind them, and they turned quickly around in shock. A small girl stood there, pale arms wrapped around her thin frame. She wore a bright pink dress, and you could just tell by her face that it was one of the worst things to happen to her.

"Ew, a girl! Not another one!" Gabe yelled, and pretended to gag, Elijah giving him a puzzled look.

"Your dumb!" The young girls voice was suddenly very angry, almost like a teachers. It made Eli mad.

"Your ugly!" He pinched her thigh. She glared and pinched his leg. He pulled her hair. She spit on him.


Eli grinned at the memory, chucking to himself on how different they had been back then. They use to be disgusted by each others presence; Now they were inseparable. Slowly he looked back down at his paper, which now had a long dark gash in it. He sighed.

"Is there a problem?" He looked behind him. A puff of smoke blew into his face. He sneered.

"Don't you have anything better to do then waste your lives sucking on those death sticks?" Arianne bit her lip. The boys surrounding him chuckled, one of them snatching his notebook. The high almighty Danny Benn, golden hair shining in the sunlight, smirked at him. That kind of smirk made him want to kill.

"Oooo, little fag bag has a diary! I wonder if he writes all about his butt fuck buddies and slut across the room!" The room was filled with laughter, but his face was set. Jaws clenched. Eli stayed silent, trying to snatch the book back.

"Give it back, Danny."

"Not until you clean your razors, emo." You could just feel the cables in Eli snapping. His patience waring thin. His green eyes blazed in anticipation; it was like he was waiting for the moment he could rip his head off and eat his heart whole. "Oh you mad emo boy? You wanna go cut yourself with some sizzors?"

"Eli, calm down." He heard the back of his mind yell. Eli didn't listen though, and took a step forward.

"Give it back." He repeated, and felt a slam across his head. The ground was cool against his cheek.

"Make me, fag." Elijah Goldsworthy stayed down, waiting. Danny turned to his friends, flinging the flimsy book in his hand, laughing loudly. "I guess emo boy is going to go home and cry to his bastard mother," Danny paused, leaning down in front of the lying male. "Isn't that right, emo fag? Gonna go home and cry to your bastard mother that nobody loves you?"

Eli smirked. Danny stared at him puzzled for a moment. That was all he needed. Eli's hand slammed down Danny's head, and he heard a crunch. Blood starting to pool around them. Screaming started. His hands let the notebook fall limp.

"You piece of shit!" The injured boy yelled, but Eli took no notice. Quickly he picked up his book and grabbed Arianne's wrist, walking away. It was good to be alive.

So that was the first chapter! Tell me what you think. Also Julia will come in later chapters, don't worry.