Title: X-Men: Among Thieves
Characters: Remy LeBeau (Gambit) and Rogue featuring Courier, Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, and more.
Note: Story assumes that all movies before X-Men: First Class do not exist and that FC is a reboot. I am going back to more traditional backgrounds (but more realistic for the feel of the films) instead of what we got in the previous films.

Summary: Professor Xavier and Magneto have long gone their separate ways in their belief of human/mutant relations and now each vies to build a group of special individuals who would do either great good, or great harm, to the world once the truth about mutants gets out.

But what about those who fall in between?

Remy LeBeau, sometimes called Le Diable Blanc, often referred to as Gambit, is a card hustling, smooth talking New Orleans native with a tortured past that would make Shakespeare proud.

The woman known only as Rogue has possibly the most powerful mutant gift of all, the ability to absorb other mutant's powers and memories, but the demons in her closet are much more real than imagined.

Thrown together by fate, their attempt to solve a mystery will take them across the world, deeper into their pasts, and closer to each other… if it doesn't kill them first.

Tagline: Only Take What You Can Steal.

Abbie Cornish ala Sucker Punch as Rogue
Yvonne Strahovski as Carol Danvers


A beat up Olds drives by a two story house, the driver taking a second to admire the structure. Not as classy as the homes back down in Mississippi but a decent interpretation of the plantation style. What's advantageous is that each residence had a fair amount of yardage between them.

Distance meant silence, stealth. Her mother taught her that.

Eighteen year old Anna Marie pulled the stolen vehicle into a small park down the road, fall temperatures in upstate New York keeping most people away from the picnic tables and children's play ground. Good, it would be awhile before anyone realized the car was abandoned there, hopefully she'd make it back before anyone bothered to call the police.

Not bothering to lock it, Anna Marie slid her hoodie up like she was a jogger and set out to take in a nice run. One that ended at her house.

She set a decent pace, not wanting to stand out, that was the key to deception: act like you belong and others will believe it. More than once on the sidewalk she passed the signs of a normal family life. Bikes in the yard, toys strung about. Even a mother pulling her baby girl from the back of the car as her husband toted bags from the trunk. All the things that could never really be hers.

Finally, as her chest was burning, Anna Marie made it to the house whose address she spent months hunting down.

She was a stupid woman, trying to live a normal life in a normal house in the normal upper-class suburbs. All Anna Marie needed was to find the right people with the right information, a name, an address. Almost too easy.

Kicking up off the curb Anna Marie headed towards the back yard, a wooden fence blocking access, but the gate wasn't locked only closed from behind. A little jiggering and a whole lot of attempt to look like she belonged later and she slipped inside. One quick look back to make sure no one saw her… it was three o'clock on a Thursday, normal people should be at work or getting ready to pick up their kids from school.

The back door was locked, that was too be expected as it's the contents of the home people usually didn't want stolen. Hang around enough with her mother's friends and one does learn all manner of useful trades like lock picking. It wasn't her strongest skill but she knew enough to get around a simple dead bolt.

Now, a security system, that's a whole other kettle of fish.

Some family's had board games, Rubik cubes, toys that weren't illegal in all fifty states, but not Anna Marie's. Popping the cover off the control panel as it beeped its one minute warning she found what she was looking for, a hardware connection port. Slipping the small device out of her hoodie's front pocket she plugged it in and hit a button. A few breathless seconds later the beeping stopped and returned to armed mode.

It wasn't the most sophisticated alarm system on the market but then a woman like Carol Danvers didn't exactly need help against possible intruders. A member of the US Air Force, Danvers would have had her fair share of combat training, but that was simply a fine tuning of her pre-existing abilities. Talent's that Anna Marie had seen firsthand, the day that Danvers murdered her mother.

Of course, at the time she didn't know who the tall blonde woman had been who flew away from the scene of the crime… but all it took was the right minds to get into…

Now that she was in the murderer's home with time to spare she looked around at the décor. Modern with just a hint of rustic, a fully equipped kitchen leading into a dining area with a long wood table, a pot of fresh flowers sitting on top. In the corner of the forward sitting room sat a piano though Anna Marie doubted that Danvers played, the item was for show. It's what normal people have, it's what normal people do.

Anna Marie and Carol Danvers were not normal people.

Photos lined across the piano, mostly of Danvers with family, friends. One caught Anna Marie's eye, a smiling Danvers with her bright blonde hair wild in the wind. Next to her sat an only slightly amused but balding man in a wheelchair. Could he have been the one ultimately behind her mother's death?

A crack and a pop later glass from the frame tinkled onto the ivory's. Anna Marie found a place to hide and waited to find out.


It had been a long day, as always, and Carol sometimes wished she didn't have to hide her abilities from the world, it would make life so much easier. For the time being though, it was best if she did, for everyone involved.

Tucking a bag of groceries under her arm, Carol left her car in the driveway because she had turned her garage into a work room, who didn't? It wasn't your average work space seeing as she knew things about the government, the military, and certain special humans. She was one of those beings and she felt it was her duty to help others like her, to make sure that once the truth became known that everyone would be able to live in peace.

She sighed as she opened the front door, it was a good dream. One that seemed farther and farther away each day.

On autopilot she tapped at the beeping alarm box and crossed the sitting area to put the groceries on the table. Seconds later she realized that something was off but what? Turning back she scanned the room, everything looked in place… except…

Carol went to the piano and picked up the picture of herself and Professor Xavier, her friend and colleague in the mutant community. The glass was gone and there were marks on the picture where the shards had scraped the image as they fell. She knew she hadn't done this which only meant one thing…

Spinning on her heels she crouched just a bit, ready for whatever attack was to come. But there was no bruiser coming after her, no manic mercenary, just a girl, barely an adult, standing at the entrance of the sitting room.

"You're Raven Darkhölme's girl," Carol uttered when recognition set in. It was the hair, a white streak on dark red, very distinguishable.

The sour look on the young woman's face worsened, "Now yah care about my mother's family," the girl drawled in a southern accent, "didn't really think about that when yah collapsed a building on her."

Carol's jaw tightened a bit, "How did you find me?"

The girl began to tug off the wool gloves she wore, "Just had ta talk to the right people."

Memories came back to Carol, rumors of what Raven's adopted daughter was capable of. "Listen, she was going to hurt a lot of people, she didn't exactly give me a choice."

"Yah always have a choice!" she screamed, her body trembling in anger. "Those people hated us, they'd exterminate our kind if given tha choice. They didn't deserve to be spared."

"Is that what you believe, young one?" Carol frowned, of course it was, it was what her mother taught her. "Killing them only makes us just as guilty of bigotry, we are better than that."

"We are better than them," the young woman took a step forward. "Yah may have killed her, but who sent you? Who told yah about the plan!"

"No one," Carol shook her head, "I work for the Air Force. I was already on the base when I realized what she was up to."

"Mother had a lot of enemies," the girl's eyes flickered to the broken photo still in her hand, "am I really to believe she was taken down by chance?"

Sighing, the blonde wasn't sure what to do, the girl was upset but dangerous, and so was Carol, "A body was never found."

"She nevah came home!" she screamed again, tears trickling from the edges of her eyes.

There was a very distinct chance that Raven Darkhölme simply abandoned her adopted daughter, it would be in her character from what Carol learned of the shape changing woman. But in the young red head's highly upset state, it wasn't something Carol wanted to simply blurt out. "I'm sorry, why don't we sit down and talk about all this."

"No," the red head dropped her gloves and pushed up her sleeves, "you're going to tell me who sent yah to take out mother, one way or another."

"You don't want to do this," Carol held up her hands as the girl stepped closer. "I don't want to hurt you."

"More than yah already have?" she smirked and darted forward.

Carol immediately dodged, her feet lifting from the ground as she got out of the way, passing to the left, the hallway to her back. If she was right about what the girl could do with her hands, she needed to stay clear.

"What do you hope to gain," she was getting short tempered, and stayed up about a foot above the ground, ready to dodge again, "you cannot fight me."

"You're right," the girl was hunched over, breathing sharply, hands around her stomach.

It hadn't occurred to Carol that a young woman like Raven's daughter would have access to stun grenades, but in hindsight she really should have known better. The redhead threw the device underhanded from her pitched over position, not at Carol, but past her, into the hallway. It went by so fast Carol wasn't sure what it was until it exploded, sending out a shock of light and sound than knocked her back to the ground.

"Gotcha," the girl breathed, wrapping her bare arm around her neck. Not enough to actually cut off any airflow or be dangerous… only touch flesh to flesh.

It was a sickly feeling, a wooziness, and she knew the rumors were true. The girl was draining her energy, absorbing her abilities, taking in her memories. She wanted so much to give into the encroaching darkness…

No, she wasn't going to have any of it. Reaching up, Carol grabbed the woman's arm and tugged her forward, both of them falling to the floor. Flight wasn't her only gift, she had the strength of at least ten men and she fastened tight on the girl.

"Let go!" the red head shouted and the words echoed through Carol's mind as they hit the carpet. Her mind went fuzzy, there was a reason for not touching the girl… right?

Instinct kicked in as the attacker tried to peel Carol's fingers from her flesh and the military officer grabbed the woman's wrist, flinging her to the side, pinning her to the ground. Darkness encroached on her senses but she was not about to be beaten.

Soon, she didn't have a choice.


No, no, no, they usually pass out by now, fall from her arms, it's just enough time to take what she needed and they get away relatively unscathed when they wake up.

"Let go!" Anna Marie shouted as they both fell. She had already held onto the woman longer than she would have liked. Memories flooding into her mind, overwhelming her.

Tugging at the woman's grasp Danvers latched onto her other hand and exacerbated the issue. Next thing Anna Marie was pinned down, more and more of Danvers' psyche flooding into her… along with the blonde mutant's powers.

With her newfound strength, Anna Marie tossed Danvers away from her, finally, but the contact went on too long, more than she ever touched anyone. Anna Marie laid on the floor, breathless, reliving a life that wasn't hers…


Carol Danvers stood, a headache screaming through her head. What was she just doing?

Groceries, right. She headed into the dining room and the bag had toppled over spilling out some of its contents. Staring oddly at a broken chair she tried to remember why this was strange.

Picking up the bag and all its contents, Carol went into the kitchen and sat them on the island. One by one she put the items away into their proper place. There was no room on the bottom shelf for the box of cereal so she lifted herself up a bit, just enough to reach the upper shelves. Who needs ladders when you can fly?

As she did this she set some water to boil for a cup of tea. She always preferred a cup of tea after a long day of work, it helped her to unwind.

The kettle whistled right as she finished in the refrigerator, perfect timing. Grabbing a cup from the cupboard, she poured the hot liquid over a teabag and waited for the herbs to seep into the water. She liked to sit in front of the fire place on a day like today, just calm and relaxed in front of a crackling fire. Tea in hand she headed for the sitting room…

The cup fell from Carol's hand, nearly missing the wooden divide between sitting room and dining room to land on the carpet and not break.

Carol stared down at her own body lying prone on the floor.

That's when she remembered…

Pain shattering her head, Anna Marie did as she was taught and pushed the memories of Carol Danvers back into the corner recesses of her mind. The psyche of Danvers screamed and fought but in the end it was Anna Marie's body, her thoughts, she had home court advantage.

In a panic, Anna Marie snatched up her gloves, quickly slipping them on in ease from years of practice and leaned over the downed woman. It's hard to find a pulse through gloves but she wasn't looking to check Danvers' blood pressure, just make sure she was still alive. The blonde's chest rose and fell evenly, naturally, and that was a good sign.

Standing back up she didn't know what to do. Her mother was gone. Danvers hadn't been lying, she could see from the stolen memories that it had been chance she caught on to her mother's deception. Now the blonde woman was out cold with a distinct possibility of never waking up again.

Anna Marie ran to the phone on the kitchen wall and snatched it up, quickly hitting 911. Dropping the receiver to the ground it wouldn't take long for dispatch to figure out who was calling and send out a patrol call. It was a trifle act after what had just happened, but it was the only one she could make. There was no reverse switch on her powers.

Running out the back door, Anna Marie started to feel sick, not sure where to turn or what to do. Her mother was gone and the Brotherhood was basically disbanded in the wake of her disappearance. Anna Marie's feet lifted from the ground unnaturally and almost sent her spinning.

What did her mother always say, control, the power is yours, push the emotion aside and take control. A deep breath later and Anna Marie continued to rise smoothly into the sky. High above Carol Danvers house with no home of her own to speak of, Anna Marie realized she had only one option, become a rogue agent in the ever increasingly dangerous world of human/mutant relations.

How convenient… since the world only knew her as Rogue.