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Summary: Amu and Ikuto are a happy couple…Until another girl came along. Now, Amu caught Ikuto cheating on her. And what's the scars on her arms? "You're just another piece of trash."

Amu cried at the bathroom, thinking how to stupid she was, actually trusting Ikuto. Her hands ached, trying to get to her bottom pocket, and taking out the razor. Her heart ached once she thought about the topic. The memory.


Amu walked to the park she and Ikuto used to go to. Well, he was at work, so she smiled and skipped to the plains. It was beautiful. This was where she and Ikuto had their first date. Then she saw it. The scene that horrors her the most.

Ikuto was kissing another girl…

She ran away, not confronting him. She ran home and sobbed, quietly to herself. She reached for the razors in the cabnit, and started slicing her pearly skin, fresh red blood coming out.

"U-u-u-u-u-u-ugh." She groaned as she made quick slices down her arm. She collapsed and fainted.

Flashback over

She felt dizzy at the memory, heading to bed. But before she did, the door opened.

There he was…

Ikuto Tsukiymori. And he was screaming.

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"Amu, you're silly." Ikuto whispered, tears falling from his eyes.

"I-Ikuto. I'm sorry." Amu apologized.

"AMU! You shouldn't be apologizing! I should!" Ikuto sobbed. "I'm sorry."

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