"I'm napping. Please do not disturb."

"You're incredibly articulate for someone who is supposedly talking in their sleep."

The bed dips down as he sidles up next to me, his arm making its way across my stomach. If I wasn't trying to nap, this would be very romantic.

"This is my dance space." I motion to the side of the bed where I'm currently laying. "That's yours." I motion to the side of the bed where he is NOT currently laying. "Now, let's cha-cha."

"Oh, you want to cha-cha? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?" His hand moves, gripping my hip and rolling me towards him so we're facing each other.

"Oh my god! ALL movie references are lost on you, that was from 'Dirty Dancing!'"

"Not ALL movie references are lost on me, if you referenced a good movie I would know it."

"I will not dignify that blasphemous comment with a response." But I will give him one of my epic eye rolls.

"I think you just did by calling it 'blasphemous.'"

"I think you better check yo self before you wreck yo self."

"Okay, Ice Cube, consider myself checked." The grin on his super attractive face is saving his super attractive ass from being pushed on the floor. "Now, back to that cha-cha." He slides his hand up from my hip and begins gently caressing my breast. It's enough to get me a little heated but not enough to make me shut up.

"There will be no cha-cha-ing! The invitation to cha-cha was my way of telling you to get out or get on your side of the bed. Which you would've understood had you ever seen 'Dirty Dancing.'"

"Your mind is a scary place."

"My mind is one of the main reasons you're in here trying to cha-cha with me instead of letting me nap." My breath hitches on the first 'cha' because he's licking and sucking on my neck. I feel every swipe of his tongue and nip of his teeth all over my body. Suddenly, napping is the worst idea of all time.

He stops and says, "So that IS what the kids are calling it these days, I knew it!"

His super attractive sense of humor gets him a cha-cha that scores a perfect 10 in my book.

Thanks so much for reading, I love y'all to pieces!

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