"Tory! Tory!" Someone was shouting my name.

I groaned, and mumbled something.

"Seriously, Tor, wake up!" When I realized who was talking, my eyes snapped open.

"Ben!" I paused. "Well, that rescue mission went horribly wrong."

He chuckled darkly. "As long as you didn't bring Sewee..."

I changed the subject quickly. "Any idea where we are?" I got up and prowled around the perimeter of the room. It wasn't that big, and seemed to be made entirely of concrete.

"None. I'm not even entirely sure we're still on Loggerhead."

I froze, then swore. "I didn't think of that..."

He rolled his eyes. "When do you ever."


He shot me a look.

"I think most of the time."


"Alright, half. But that's as low as I'm going."

Ben chuckled. "As fun as this is," he said dryly, " we really need to figure out how to get out of here."

"There wouldn't happen to be an unlocked door, would there?"

He shook his head, and I sighed. "Of course not."

There had to be some way to get in and out of the room. Ben had told me that someone came in, asked where the rest of the pack was periodically, then left. Unless they could appear lot of thin air - which would really suck for us - there was a door somewhere.

We tapped, kicked, and knocked on every inch of the walls and floor.


Zip. Nada. Zero.

"This is impossible," I muttered, looking up and blowing my tangled hair off my forehead.

I froze. "Ben, c'mere for a sec."

When he was standing beside me, I pointed straight up, at the dim outline of a trap door on the roof.

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