"Time to get up! Ar-…" Shigure faded off as he looked in the living room. Haru must've shared a bed… He walked up the stairs and opened Kyo's door, feeling his eyebrows shoot up at the sight of the empty bed. He immediately went back down stairs to get his camera. I've got to get this… He returned quietly upstairs, opening the door to Yuki's room. Perfect. He snuck forward and lifted his camera. Yuki was on the wall side spooning against Kyo who faced Hatsuharu with his arms around him. Hatsuharu faced Kyo, his arm going over his waist with his hand on Yuki's hip. He quickly snapped the picture and hid the camera when the flash made Yuki and Haru stir.

"Time to wake up now! You still need to pack!" Yuki opened one of his eyes and glared at Shigure.

"Leave." Shigure chuckled but started to leave just as the other two were waking up.

"I'm so glad we get to get away for a while! I can't wait to show Aya the pictures…" Yuki let out a long breath through his nose against Kyo's neck when he finally heard the door close.

"Annoying mutt…" Kyo shuddered and arched slightly.

"Y-Yuki…" He kissed the back of Kyo's neck lightly.

"Sorry neko." Kyo let out a barely audible whimper, his body temperature going up as he started fidgeting.

To the other two in bed, the key word had been 'barely'.

"Kyo, are you-" He was up before Hatsuharu could finish, pushing out of their arms and climbing out of bed. He got to and out of the door in record time, leaving Yuki and Hatsuharu to sit there in confusion.

"You don't think…"


It wasn't until they were all standing on the porch that Yuki and Haru saw Kyo again.

"Feeling better Kyo?" They both watched as Kyo's face heated as he continued to look away.

"Fine." Hatsuharu sighed and Yuki pinched the bridge of his nose. Just as Kyo was about to say something a large van pulled up, Hatori and Aya up front.

"We're here! It's wonderful that you can join us Gure!" As soon as the van had stopped Ayame had gotten out and glomped Shigure.

"You'll never believe what I have to show you…" Momiji came out of the back and greeted the three boys.

"Hey! Need help?" Kyo simply walked past, bag in hand. Momiji looked over at Hatsuharu and Yuki, confused. Hatsuharu shrugged and held his hands out, silently saying 'who knows?'. Yuki and Haru grabbed their own bags and ran into Kyo as he finished putting his bag in the back. Momiji looked up at him like he'd remembered something.

"Oh yeah! Kyo, yesterday, was Yuki really going to kiss you?" Kyo's eyes went wide and he blushed a deep shade of red.

"Wh-What?! Where the hell'd you get an idea like that?!" Momiji tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"That's what it looked like. Hasn't Kyo-kun been kissed before?" Kyo went an even deeper shade of red, not daring to look up at Haru or Yuki.

"Mind your own business ya damn brat!" Kyo stormed off after that and Momiji pouted for a few seconds before shrugging it off and going to find Ayame. Yuki and Hatsuharu stood there in a shocked state. The thought that Kyo had never been kissed had never entered their minds.

It did now though and they finally looked over at the other, the same thought running through their heads.

"Are you…"

"Yep." Haru smirked and Yuki raised an eyebrow at the ox.

"You thought of something." It was a statement more than a question but Hatsuharu answered him anyway.

"I did. I'll fill you in later." They climbed into the back after that, surprised to see that Kyo was standing by the door. Hatsuharu went in first, then Kyo, and Yuki going in last, closing the door behind him. Hatori turned to them as soon as the door was shut.

"You did pack everything, right?" Various answers of 'yes' followed and he nodded once before turning back around. Suddenly both right side doors opened and the rest of the passengers climbed in. Since the back was more like a minivan in seating, Momiji sat to the right in one of the singular seats. The front however was more like a truck in that three people could sit there, Hatori at the wheel, Shigure in the middle and Aya on the end.

"And away we go!"


The car ride there was almost completely uneventful. Aya and Gure talked non-stop, Momiji joining in occasionally. Kyo would lean forward to argue with what they were saying, though that happened less and less as the car trip went on. Shigure noticed that about an hour had passed and not a word had been heard from the back seat. He turned and looked back to see why, only to find all three of them fast asleep. Kyo was leaning on Haru's shoulder and holding onto his arm while Yuki leaned on his shoulder, their hands intertwined. Hatsuharu simply had his head on top of Kyo's. Shigure grinned and pulled out his camera, snapping a few pictures before turning back around.

"Aya! Take a look…"


The car lurching to a halt woke Yuki and Hatsuharu, who stretched slowly.

"We're here! Come on, let's go greet them!"

"How about we just let them sleep. We arrived later than expected." Aya pouted but didn't argue with Hatori. The three adults got out and Hatsuharu and Yuki glanced over to Kyo, surprised to see him still asleep. Yuki went to wake him up when Hatsuharu silently shook his head. Yuki looked at him curiously but slid out of the car. Hatsuharu carefully slid Kyo over to where Yuki had been sitting and climbed out over him, turning around to pick Kyo up and out of the car.

"Get the door please?" Yuki nodded and waited for Haru to walk away before closing the car door. Momiji walked up to them about to say something when he saw Kyo asleep. He smiled and walked back to Yuki, picking up his and the rat's bags. Yuki looked at him in surprise as he grabbed the other two bags.

"Thanks." Momiji smiled.

"No problem!" Hatori had seen what they were doing and he stayed by the door, holding the door open.

"Haa-san, what's taking you so-" Ayame showed up in the doorway before they all got there and his eyes lit up in a way Yuki knew a bit too well.

"Oh how cute! Gure, come look at this!" Yuki sighed, bowing his head and shaking it at his brother's antics. Shigure peaked his head through the open door, an evil grin making its way to his face.

"Thank you for calling me out Aya." He pulled a camera out of nowhere and snapped a picture, the flash momentarily blinding everyone at the sudden flash of light. Kyo frowned in his sleep, curling into Haru slightly and turning his head to his chest. Another flash went off and Hatori scowled at the dog.

"Stop it Shigure, the flash is annoying." He quickly ducked back inside, Aya following him to see the pictures. Hatori sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I apologize. Just go in." Hatsuharu said nothing and walked past, the dragon moving out of his way. Momiji and Yuki could tell Hatsuharu was still not in the best of moods after Shigure's little stunt and kept quiet. The rabbit dropped Yuki's bag in the same room as Haru and Yuki and the rat corrected him, more out of reflex than anything else.

"This isn't my-" He stopped mid-sentence when Momiji rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

"Well that was interesting." Yuki frowned when Hatsuharu ignored him, gently placing Kyo on the bed.

"Hey." Hatsuharu continued to ignore him as he stalked out of the room, almost stomping down the hall. Yuki scowled and followed him, stopping the ox halfway down the hall by grabbing his shoulder to spin him around.

"What's your problem?" Hatsuharu scowled at him, batting his arm away.

"Just leave me alone Yuki." He went to turn away only to have Yuki grip his arm.

"Tell me and I will." Hatsuharu glared daggers at the rat.

"Drop. It." Yuki only glared back, his grip not loosening in the least. Finally Haru seemed to snap as he jerked his arm out of Yuki's vise-like hold and swung at him with the other. The rat knew it wasn't meant to hit him and he easily dodged it watching Haru's other hand while grabbing the hand that had missed. Haru did feign a punch with that arm but pulled back at the last second. This distracted Yuki for the split second he needed to swipe his foot out and knock the rat over. Unfortunately for him Yuki didn't let go, making them both stumble to the floor.

Suddenly Haru was on top of Yuki, sitting on his chest and pinning his wrists down.

"You couldn't just fucking let it drop, could you? Why the fuck do you care anyway? You can't even tell your family about-" Yuki managed to throw him off and reverse their positions, Haru somehow retaining his grip on Yuki's wrists.

"I wasn't thinking, you- Hey!" Hatsuharu had sat up and pushed Yuki into the wall, pushing forward so Yuki was forced to let Haru between his legs. Yuki tried to push against him but Hatsuharu had pushed up to his knees, rendering Yuki's legs useless. As he was pressed against the wall like this Hatsuharu was the only thing keeping him up.

"Exactly! You weren't thinking! Do you have any idea what you would've sounded like?" Yuki glared at him but Hatsuharu could tell he'd gotten his point across. Hatsuharu let go and sat back at the sound of a door opening, Yuki finally able to slide to the floor. He wound up sitting on Haru's knees with his legs bent while he looked away. Kyo stepped out, confused and sleepy.

"What's going on?" Hatsuharu stood up and extended a hand toward Yuki who took it after a moment's hesitation.

"It's fine Kyo, go back in. We'll be there in a sec." Kyo narrowed his eyes at them for a moment before doing as he'd been asked. Hatsuharu used the grip he had on Yuki's hand to pull him close, kissing his forehead before starting to pull him toward the door Kyo had just gone through.

"Come on." Yuki rolled his eyes a bit but Haru saw a small smile right before he turned and walked into the room.

Kyo was changed and laying in the middle of the bed curled on his side when they re-entered the room. Haru and Yuki could tell he was still awake but no one said a word. Yuki and Hatsuharu climbed into bed as soon as they were done changing, getting in their now normal sleeping positions. They were both surprised when Kyo moved into both of them instead of simply laying there as he'd done before. He brought his hands up and held on to Yuki's arms that wrapped around him, tangling his legs with Hatsuharu's.

Hatsuharu smirked and put a hand on Yuki's hip to pull them all closer.

"You ok K-"

"Shut up and go to sleep." Yuki let out a snort of laughter while Hatsuharu simply smiled and shook his head.

"Good night." Kyo didn't say anything but moved closer to the both of them, his breathing slowly evening out as he fell asleep, the others not long after.


"Hey Kyo!"

"Ah! What the hell?" Momiji had launched himself at Kyo, wrapping his arms around his neck from behind.

"It's a good thing we came here, huh? You don't seem too good." Kyo bent forward and flipped Momiji off his back, scowling down at him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Momiji pouted and Yuki rolled his eyes, Hatsuharu shaking his head as they watched the scene from their respective spots in the living room.

"Kyo-kun's been sleeping a lot, so I thought you might be sick." Yuki and Haru frowned and sat up. Kyo had been sleeping quite a bit, which was strange for someone as active as he was.

"Are you feeling alright Kyo?" He flushed a bit at Yuki's question and looked away.

"I'm fine damn it."

"Kyo…" His head snapped back around and he glared at Yuki.

"I said I was fine ya da- Hey! What the hell are you doing?! Put me down!" Hatsuharu had walked forward and grabbed Kyo, putting his shoulder into his stomach and putting him over his shoulder without breaking stride. He walked calmly walked away, Yuki following after a moment.


He had decided to go outside, putting Kyo down instead of dropping him. His feet had barely touched the ground when he shoved at Hatsuharu.

"What the hell?!" Haru straightened and glared at Kyo.

"Momiji's right. What aren't you telling us?" Kyo scowled.

"Nothing!" Kyo swung at Hatsuharu first and he dodged, aiming a kick to Kyo's shoulder. It didn't fully connect but it was enough to put the cat off balance. Unfortunately for Kyo, Yuki decided he was going to take Hatsuharu's side and grabbed Kyo's arm and pulled him completely off balance.

Kyo scowled and swung his legs out from his new position on the ground, something Yuki saw but Haru didn't. The rat quickly stepped out of the way and Hatsuharu went down, Kyo immediately on top of him. He pulled back an arm to swing at the ox when he felt Yuki grab both of his upper arms, Hatsuharu holding his legs still.

"What the hell? Get off! Fight fair damn it!"

"Alright." Kyo looked down at Hatsuharu, surprised. The ox grinned mischievously back up at him.

"After you tell us if you're not feeling well." Kyo glowered and tugged at his arms, itching to have his hands around the annoying boy's throat.

"Kyo…" The cat turned to glare daggers at Yuki as well.

"Do I look sick? Now get off!" Yuki only tightened his hold on Kyo, looking over his shoulder to Hatsuharu, frowning.

"Then what's wrong?" Kyo was blushing a deep red all the way to the roots of his hair.

"Come on neko." If possible he flushed even more at Yuki's words, looking away.

"I'm not sick…It's all your fault anyway…" Both Hatsuharu's and Yuki's eyebrows rose at that, looking at the cat expectantly, waiting for him to continue.

"You care to elaborate on that kitty cat?" Kyo finally turned to glare at Hatsuharu but his blush didn't diminish in the least.

"It's not my fault if I like to sleep ne-" He cut off, his eyes going wide. Hatsuharu smirked and sat up.

"Is that so?" Kyo was about to snap at him when Aya's voice interrupted him.

"Hatsuharu-kun, Yuki-kun, I need you to stop trying to molest our dear Kyonkinchi for a moment. Haa-san wants a word with him." Kyo was blushing madly by the time Aya had finished but scrambled up anyway, running into the house. Aya chuckled and waved at them before following.

Yuki sighed and held a hand out to Haru who looked at him curiously.

"Something up?" Yuki shook his head as he helped Haru up.

"Let me think about it." Hatsuharu shrugged and put his hands in his pockets.



It wasn't until Hatsuharu was soaking in one of the hot springs later that night that he saw Yuki again. The rat had been acting oddly since this morning, not talking much and just watching everyone.

He looked up, surprised to see his older cousin joining him.

"Hey." Yuki gave him a nod but otherwise didn't acknowledge him as he slowly lowered himself into the hot water. Hatsuharu shrugged it off again, knowing he would tell him eventually.

He was right when a few minutes later Yuki lightly kicked his leg, not hard enough to hurt but just enough to get his attention. He jerked up right, having started to doze in the warm water.

"Yeah?" Yuki had a determined look on his face, though he wasn't looking at Haru.

"I've been thinking." Haru raised an eyebrow at the odd statement, though decided against a smart remark.

"And what conclusion did you come to?" Yuki looked at him then but he couldn't decipher the emotion behind his lilac eyes.

"You're going to have to choose." Hatsuharu frowned. He made it sound as though it were inevitable but played dumb to try and get more information out of the rat.

"Choose what? Are you feeling ok?" Yuki frowned like he knew what he was doing but explained himself anyway.

"Between Kyo and I. It can't work."

"And what makes you think that?" Yuki began to grow frustrated, annoyed that the ox seeing his point of view.

"We're both too controlling. I saw this with Kyo today. We can't both 'top' him, for lack of better word I suppose." Suddenly Hatsuharu smirked and Yuki felt himself grow wary. Hatsuharu moved closer, Yuki backing away until he was in a corner.

"Back off Haru." The ox just kept smirking and put both hands on either side of Yuki.

"You know, you're right. Only one of us can do that." He felt Yuki freeze at his words so he took advantage of the moment and brought his mouth close to Yuki's ear, whispering,

"But I get you." He felt Yuki shiver and knew he'd filled in what he'd left out. Yuki put both of his hands on Haru's shoulders and started to push him away.

"I'd never submit to yo-"

"You will." With that Hatsuharu pushed forward and kissed Yuki, his arms going around the other's waist. Haru bit his lower lip and Yuki gasped, trying to pull his head back. Hatsuharu simply followed and slipped his tongue inside Yuki's mouth where they fought for dominance. Hatsuharu brought his hands up and scraped them down Yuki's back, the older boy letting out a soft moan and arching into Haru.

The ox smirked as he won, exploring every inch of the other's mouth. He pulled back once they both needed air, Haru simply moving to Yuki's neck. Yuki's arms had gone around Hatsuharu at some point and he tilted his head to the side, panting.

"You cheated." Hatsuharu chuckled and ran his nails down the rat's back again, loving how he arched into him and let out another moan.

"All's fair in love and war nezumi." Hatsuharu chuckled again when Yuki answered him with a soft growl, bringing his head up to kiss him. Hatsuharu kept dominance over the kiss, using his nails to trace patterns all over Yuki's back.

The rat was a twitching mess in a matter of minutes, his mind completely fogged over.

"H-Haru…" Said boy looked up and smirked at Yuki's clouded expression.

"Submit." Yuki shuddered as Hatsuharu whispered in his ear. Yuki nodded, clutching at Haru's shoulders.

"Good nezumi." Yuki gasped when Hatsuharu suddenly stepped back, the cold air ghosting over his skin as he sank down a bit, his grip on the ox's shoulders the only thing keeping him up.

"Yes Yuki?" The rat glared at him. Keeping one hand on his shoulder while he dove the other through Haru's hair as he pulled them together for a kiss. Hatsuharu moaned at the feel of Yuki's nails against his scalp and retaliated, bringing his own hands down to the small of his back and digging his own in. Yuki hissed and arched into the touch, neither of them paying any attention to their surroundings.

Kyo had been walking around aimlessly when he stumbled upon them. He gasped and stumbled back, falling on the stones. Yuki and Hatsuharu separated immediately, the both of them looking over at Kyo in concern.


"Are you alright?"

The cat ignored the both of them as he sat there in an almost trance like state. It wasn't until they tried to get out of the water that Kyo seemed to snap back to attention, hurt and betrayal showing in his wide golden eyes. He scrambled up and ran off, still not saying a word. Yuki and Haru both cursed colorfully as they quickly got out of the water, barely stopping to dry themselves as they haphazardly threw on their clothes. Haru was done first having only bothered with his pants and shoes before chasing after Kyo. Yuki cursed again and slipped his shirt over his head and soon followed, hoping he wasn't too far behind.

He wasn't, he found out, as he quickly caught up to Hatsuharu in the dense wooded area. He passed him, turning when he saw a flash of orange do the same. It wasn't long before he had to stop though, leaning against a tree to catch his breath. Hatsuharu finally caught up and saw this, stopping next to Yuki.

"Are you ok?" Yuki simply nodded his head, struggling to regulate his breathing. He waved the ox off in the direction Kyo went in, still unable to run.

"He went…that way…" Hatsuharu nodded.

"Get back to the house." He took off after that, not seeing Yuki roll his eyes as he continued to lean against the tree. Hatsuharu simply kept running. He had yet to spot Kyo and was beginning to get worried. He was just about to go into panic mode when he saw a small patch of orange up ahead before quickly dropping out of sight. He quickly made his way over, surprised to see Kyo sitting on the ground holding his ankle. The cat looked up and the betrayal in his eyes stung deep.

"Get lost ya damn brat! I don't need you here!" He ignored the additional sting the words caused but stayed away from Kyo.

"And how do you plan on getting back then?" Kyo scowled at him, now trying desperately to get to his feet.

"I'll find something that's not you damn it!" Haru scowled and was about to reply when Kyo got to his feet only to hiss between clenched teeth as he almost fell. Before he could hit the ground however, something caught him from behind. Hatsuharu looked, surprised to see Yuki there.

"How about me then?" In any other circumstance, it would have been comical to watch Kyo's face go from pale to blushing to pissed as he tried to swing at Yuki, failing miserably due to his injured ankle and bad positioning.

"Where the hell did you come from?! Let go of me damn it!" Yuki did no such thing, tightening his hold on Kyo instead.

"Stop fighting neko and tell us why you ran off." Hatsuharu finally stepped forward and Kyo tried to take a swing at him but couldn't put any real power behind it due to the rat's hold under his arms.

"Damn it, I said let go! What the hell would you two care for anyway? Go have fun on your own!" Yuki sighed and bent to pick Kyo up bridal style, both to stop him from standing on his bad ankle and so he could see his face. Hatsuharu saw Yuki struggling due to Kyo's persistent moving around and immediately moved to grab Kyo's lower arms, leaving him nearly immobile. He still tried to squirm around and get free, his eyes closed tight, hands in fists.

"Come on Kyo, just tell us." Both Yuki and Hatsuharu were close to letting this become the all-out brawl Kyo seemed to want to make it, but they also knew that it probably wouldn't help any in their current situation. That did not, however, get rid of the temptation.

The very strong temptation.

"Why don't you go 'talk' to Yuki, ya damn ox!" Hatsuharu was just about to give into his urge to pound Kyo when he noticed something suspiciously close to tears leaking out under the cat's still tightly closed eyes. He sighed, all the fight leaving him at once. Damn it…

"Kyo." Said cat eventually stilled but kept his eyes closed, not wanting to look at either of them. It was Yuki who finished Hatsuharu's statement, knowing he couldn't stay silent when he could feel the ever so slight tremors going through the cat's body.

"We wouldn't have asked if we didn't want to know neko. We weren't trying to hurt you." After a few moments of tense silence Kyo finally opened his eyes that were still shining with unshed moisture. Neither one of them mentioned this for fear of a fight that would shortly follow. Kyo glared weakly at the two of them.

"Ōmae suki."* Kyo's eyes widened as he turned his head to face Yuki. The rat wasted no time brushing their lips together, puling back a few seconds after making contact. Hatsuharu smirked at the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look that Kyo had, quickly leaning in to brush his own lips against Kyo's before pulling back as well. By now Kyo's eyes were huge and there was a deep blush working it's way up his face and even to the tips of his ears. The orangette quickly tugged on his hands, bringing them up to cover his mouth as he looked away from the both of them. Yuki chuckled softly and Hatsuharu outright laughed at how...well...adorable Kyo was being.

Kyo, as if knowing this, stayed silent the entire way back, not looking up at anyone. It wasn't until they got back to their room that they noticed that Kyo had fallen asleep somewhere along the way. They walked into the room and Yuki carefully set Kyo down on the bed before straightening back up.

"I'll go get the things we left outside." Hatsuharu nodded his head in thanks. He'd completely forgotten about that. Yuki slipped from the room silently and Hatsuharu moved over to the dresser and got out two sets of pj pants. Once this was done he went over to the bed and carefully stripped Kyo of his shirt and undid the cat's belt, slipping his pants down and quickly pulling the other pants up.

He himself got changed after that, just finishing as Yuki walked in. He looked at Kyo, surprised to see him already changed. He hated it, but an ever so tiny sliver of anger went through him.

Hatsuharu watched curiously as Yuki turned toward the dresser and got his own sleep clothes out. Then he grinned as an idea popped in his head. He silently walked up behind Yuki, wrapping his arms around him.

"Getting jealous? I might undress you someday too." Yuki's eyes had gone wide when Hatsuharu had snuck up behind him and he could feel a small blush rise to his cheeks at his whispered words.

"Haru! This is what got us in trouble in the first place!" Yuki hissed out, turning his head to glare at the boy behind him. Hatsuharu just laughed quietly, wrapping his arms tighter for a moment as he kissed the side of his neck.

"I know." He stepped back and let Yuki get changed. Once he was done however, the rat soon found himself in the same position as before.


"I love you." Yuki froze, the ox's head in the crook of his neck. He slowly turned around in Haru's arms, putting his hands on the other's shoulders. He had to look away when he saw the sincerity in Hatsuharu's eyes, another small blush rising up. He took a deep breath, his hands tightening on his shoulders.

"I…I might…just maybe…like…you too…I guess…" Hatsuharu grinned, pulling Yuki against him and burying his face in his neck.

"That's all I ask."


Shigure and Ayame were both bothering Kyo, Yuki and Hatsuharu the next day as to why they all seemed so tired, but none of them said a word. Whenever they were alone, Hatsuharu would sneak up behind Kyo to touch him and the cat was going batty. It wasn't anything he could call him on, a bush of the arm, suddenly stopping when he was walking, holding something too long, he was about ready to pound the brat. He finally snapped at Haru late in the afternoon when the ox stopped in the middle of the hall again.

"Knock it the hell off!" Hatsuharu turned around, a completely innocent look of confusion on his face.

"What're you talking about? I didn't do anything." Kyo balled his fists and glared at the boy in front of him.

"You've been pulling stuff all day! So knock it off!" Kyo was thrown off balance when Hatsuharu suddenly moved close to Kyo, shocking him into taking a step back which Haru promptly followed.

"So, what, you only like it when Yuki touches you? Is that it?" Kyo scowled and shoved Hatsuharu back.

"Quit acting stupid brat." Kyo went to storm past him when Hatsuharu put a hand on Kyo's shoulder, using it to roughly shove him into the wall.

"You wanna repeat that?" Kyo continued to scowl at him, shoving him away once more.

"I said you're acting stupid. You got a hearing problem too?" The sudden swing Hatsuharu took at Kyo was surprising but not undodge-able, which is exactly what Kyo did.

Yuki looked up from the book he was reading on the bed when he heard something hit a nearby wall loudly. What's going on? He put his book down and got up out of bed, frowning when something even heavier hit the wall seconds later. He opened the door and was shocked to see Kyo and Hatsuharu fighting farther down the hall.

"Hey!" They both stopped and looked over when they heard Yuki's voice, the armistice not lasting long. Haru twisted out of the grip Kyo had on his shirt and quickly shoved him away, bringing back a fist while the cat was still finding his footing. Yuki quickly stepped in front of Kyo and grabbed Hatsuharu's wrist, twisting his arm around behind his back.

"What happened?" Neither answered him, looking away.

"One of you say something. Now."

They both stood silent, Kyo glaring at Hatsuharu's head while said boy stood ramrod stiff, looking straight ahead. Yuki stared at Kyo for a bit, attempting to make the boy meet his gaze and tell him what happened. When that didn't work, he turned his head to look at Hatsuharu's profile. A slight shuffling sound made Yuki swivel his head back around, but a second to late as Kyo's retreating form disappeared around the corner.

*I like you.

Yes, I fully realize how short this is, I'm extremely sorry for making you wait this long, but various issues with home, school and the computer itself impeded me from doing much more. I will endeavor to either simply write more and post it on this chapter (to make it as long as the first) or simply start a new one. In all honesty, my muse is almost dead from disuse, so please excuse any wait, though I swear it won't be as long.