A/N: This is an updated version of chapter one. Note that this is set in the Pokemon Adventures world, not the anime.

"He's getting away!"

"If he's not recaptured we'll be punished!"

Lance had his hands covering his mouth to muffle his breathing. His back was to a tall, wide tree that would only give temporary cover. He would have liked to climb it, but his current condition made it impossible. His gaze darted around, thankfully no one was near, but he only judged that on where their shouts came from. In truth, he couldn't see no more than two feet in front of him even with the full moon's filtered light.

The light faded as clouds lazily floated in front of it. The shouting quickly turned into panicked cries. After several a few moments of thuds and cries of pain, there was dead silence. Lance slowly lowered his hands, waiting for what seemed like hours to see if there was still a threat. He slowly breathed out. He was safe, for now.

He took one step forward and leaned back against the tree for support when everything felt like it was spinning. He waited until it got bearable and sent out his gray prehistoric Pokemon, Aerodactyl. Out of all his Pokemon, it was the fastest and most agile. He climbed onto its back and nearly fell off. Aerodactyl lifted its wing to help him regain his balance. For the safety of its Trainer it would have to fly at only one third of its speed, possibly even slower if he got dizzy again.

Just about as it was ready to take off it sensed a deadly presence nearby. If it took off now, Lance would be put in even more danger. If it stayed where it was, he would be protected but risking the safety of his other Pokemon if they had to take its place after its defeat. It shifted restlessly, unable to decide. Lance was about to read its mind but stopped himself. It would, like the rest of his abilities, take the energy he did not have. He knew his Pokemon well enough to know it wanted to use an attack and tightened his grip slightly, telling his Aerodactyl he agreed with it.

It powered up and fired a golden beam through the darkness, revealing nothing unusual in the brief flash other than the multiple unconscious people lying everywhere, including a few that had run into each other. One of them had run into a low hanging branch and would most likely be out cold for quite some time. A loud bang rang out seconds later, the Hyper Beam making contact either with a tree or a defensive attack. Obviously, bright, long-range attacks were useless; and quick, noisy attacks would have the same effect. The only choice was to wait, close combat being the only thing that would be useful.

Light slowly returned as the clouds thinned out, the moon's light playing with the shadows. That wasn't what Lance saw. Dark images of unknown Pokemon leaped out at him.

"Why aren't you attacking?" he hissed through clenched teeth.

Aerodactyl lifted one of its leathery wings, trying to attack one of the shadows without much enthusiasm. Seeing this, Lance relaxed a little, beginning to feel sorry for overreacting. It wasn't his fault he was so tired... He didn't have to voice his apology for Aerodactyl to understand him.

A twig snapped and Aerodactyl shifted its weight, forcing Lance to fall off it. It drew him close with its wing. What was shaped like a large, round pine tree slowly walked forward as if it had all the time in the world. Lance eventually recognized it as a Pokemon from the distant Sinnoh region Lorelei told him about: Abomasnow. He knew by its color it was an Ice-type even though its name gave it away. The only Pokemon that would stand a chance type-wise were Gyarados. Tyranitar, and Horsea- not that he would need them all.

Abomasnow stopped about five or so yards away, deciding its distance was enough.

"Fire Fang!"

Aerodactyl's speed was more than enough to attack and get back to protect him. It gained altitude with a few flaps of its wings and darted forward, its mouth enveloped in flame. Abomasnow's fist encased in ice, slamming into Aerodactyl when it got close. Lance recalled his frozen Pokemon before it could hit anything.

He sent out his twin Dragonair, sapphire-blue serpentine Pokemon with curly, white wings, one of them coiling the tip of its long tail protectively around him.

"Hyper Beam!"

The beam laced through the trees in an unpredictable pattern. When it made contact, it looked for sure it was a victory. It wasn't. Abomasnow just stood, there, unfazed. It then fired hundreds of sharp shards of ice out of its long, white fur. The Dragonair that had used Hyper Beam took the attack for its partner and Trainer.

Lance recalled it just as it began to collapse. It was too strong for Tyranitar... He looked up at his other Dragonair, reminding himself his Pokemon would try their best for him, even if it was a fight to the death. For a brief moment a thunderstorm sounded good; that way a thunderbolt would take out the opponent. The only problem was the trees, and Dragonair, were much taller. "Water Pulse into Thunder Bolt!"

Dragonair fired the water attack, lacing it with electricity. Abomasnow didn't react at all. It fired another Ice Shard again, this time each shard crackled with static. Lance switched in Gyarados before his Pokemon could get knocked out. "Bounce!"

Gyarados coiled and sprang into the air, narrowly avoiding tree branches. As it came back down, Lance was nearly tempted to shout "eat it!" The instant the Pokemon hit Abomasnow it was zapped from the access electricity in its fur.

Lance recalled it, the Pokeball nearly slipping out of his hand. He started to wonder if he should give up when Abomasnow fell, supporting itself with outstretched arms. Lance got out Dragonite's Pokeball even though there was very little room for it.

"Impressive. Most Trainers wouldn't last that long." Someone stepped from behind Abomasnow.

That voice... Lance slowly walked backwards in unsteady steps, jumping slightly when he backed into a tree. All he could hear now was the rapid pounding of his heart in his ears as he tried to calm his breathing. The Pokeball slipped out of his hand. He looked at his hand, 'sweat?'.

He was just about to retrieve it when something tugged at his foot. Vines sprang from the ground, curling around his legs, binding them. The vines rapidly bound his arms against his body, preventing him from moving. He was slowly lifted into the air about seven or so feet. Lance glared at where he guessed the enemy was. This man had the ability to make almost anyone around him treat him with respect. Lance was not one of them.

"Using that ink trick with Horsea won't work again. You'll be punished for escaping."

"Compared to what you put me through I thought you would be incapable that." He instantly regretted those words. His enemy's cruel smile could be felt.

The vines started to glow a soft green, painfully sapping the rest of Lance's energy. When the attack ended his throat hurt even more from his screaming. The vines loosened, dropping him to the ground.

The man walked up to him, making direct eye contact. "You will have no choice but to obey me now." For a fraction of a second it looked like his eyes glowed.

A searing pain that made a migraine headache look unnoticeable went through Lance's head. Just before he passed out an image of a mostly grey and white Pokemon appeared, shattering into millions of colored fragments.