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Treecko ran along the tree branches, waiting impatiently for Lance and Myst to catch up. The entire time they had been walking they'd discussed battle strategies and techniques. Bored, Treecko went far on ahead. Seconds later a shriek filled the air and Treecko came flying back from an attack. It righted itself and darted forward, repeating the process every time it was thrown back.

"Stop attacking us!" a boy with green hair ran over. "Can you help knock it out?"

A small white Pokemon with what looked like a green helmet blocked Treecko's Bullet Seed with a defensive screen.

Lance attempted to recall the Pokemon but it kept evading the SpeedBall's red beam. "It really wants to battle…"

"That's fine," Myst said. "What do you think?"

The boy hesitated. "Okay… Ralts, Confusion!"

"Evade and use Iron Tail!"

Instead Treecko used Bullet Seed, only to get chased by its own attack. It used Dragon Breath but that also failed. It darted forward with a Quick Attack, despite being told to use Dig. When it got close to Ralts it leaped into the air, preparing to use Iron Tail.

"Shock Wave!"

The electricity stalled it long enough for the rest of the attacks to hit it. Lance recalled it then, questioning why it had been so disobedient.

"It should know it's not the strongest Pokemon out there now. Thanks, Wally," Myst said.

Wally picked up his Pokemon. "You haven't been back in a while. Ruby gave me Ralts when it was still an Egg."

"It's really strong for its age, just like all bred Pokemon."

Horsea nodded in agreement at Myst's statement.

"I've never seen one of those before… can I battle it?"

"She's a lot stronger than Treecko." Lance explained.

"That's okay," Myst said, "Wally has other Pokemon."

"They're at home. I want to prove I can be stronger without them."

"Maybe a little later, then." Myst looked at Lance, getting a nod in agreement.

A sudden chill ran down Lance's spine, startling him. Images began to flood in again, all of them hinting at panic. "There's something nearby…."

Ralts gripped Wally's shirt, scared.

Horsea fired a Water Gun just as a long stream of fire came from ahead, putting out the flames.

A grey and black wolf along with a black and orange dog with a collar of bones ran into the clearing.

"Mightyena and Houndoom," Myst identified them. "Their Trainer must be nearby, but…"

Wally inched towards her for protection.

Mightyena's colors indicated it was most-likely a Dark-type, and Houndoom's meant it was a Dark-Fire.

"Can any of your Pokemon use Bug or Fighting-type moves?" Lance asked.

Myst shook her head and Wally picked up a spikey pink and yellow caterpillar. "Will this work?"

Wurmple struggled to be put down, spitting several darts at the dog Pokemon. They completely missed. "It'll have to. Poison String, Horsea, Razor Wind!"

Wurmple's darts missed again. Houndoom's tail glowed, slicing the attack in half.

"String Shot!" Wurmple's attack missed completely, hitting a tree branch. "Again!" It wasn't even close.

Mightyena fired multiple Shadow balls as Horsea used Bubble Beam to fend them off.

Myst sent out Flygon. "Sand Storm!" The end of its tail glowed as a sandy wind hit Houndoom just as it lunged forward with a Fire Fang.

Wurmple's String Shot, once again, missed. Mightyena ran forward, its tail glowing. Horsea used Icy Wind. Mightyena threw it into the air.

"Bubble Beam!"

Bubbles showered down, fizzling out Houndoom's Flamethrower. Wurmple's String Shot nearly hit its target, wrapping around a tree branch before winding around Horsea. Lance caught his Pokemon, holding her in one arm as he got out Treecko's Pokeball. "Dragon Breath!" Treecko Dug into the ground instead.

"It's fully healed?!" Wally's attention was instantly turned when Houndoom leaped at him. "Reflect!"

Treecko reappeared and attacked Mightyena before running off.

"Come back!" it, of course, didn't listen. But maybe… Lance closed his eyes, concentrating on the images. Several new ones popped up and seemed to be of the Pokemon battling. Just then a few centered on someone that was very familiar… All of the images burst, becoming intense. Lance didn't know whether it was from the images or Mightyena that knocked him to the ground.

"Water Gun!"

The force of the attack was much more powerful, sending the Pokemon flying.

"Have Ralts use Shock Wave!"

Wally hesitated before doing so. A huge web of threads lit up; several of them were attached to the Pokemon, zapping them. They were recalled seconds later. Myst helped Lance stand up. "Didn't I tell you not to do that?!"

"The girl that attacked me before was there," Lance said. He looked around. "Where's Treecko...?" His head began to really hurt.

Myst lowered her voice, sensing his pain. "Wurmple could have used Poison Sting," she said as the Pokemon crawled off, pleased with itself as if it were the one that took out the Dark-types.

"With its aim I wasn't going to risk it," he gritted his teeth as the pain became stronger. Everything began to spin and go dark. The last thing he remembered was falling.

Hisoka put her headset on. "You failed to inform me of one of the Subject's powers."

"He's developed another in that short amount of time?"

"No. It's just a stronger version of the others. I stayed out of the girl's range but the Subject was still able to detect me. He also displayed several other abilities simultaneously and it appears it was too much for him at the moment. He'll become a threat again if he's able to use them all at once like the last time he nearly escaped."

"Recapture him before that happens."

"I plan to. I just need to confirm something first. He's encountered Houndoom before but he didn't recognize it."

"It's evolved since then."

"A Class A would still know. If my assumption turns out to be correct I'll use it against him." She hung up and turned to see Treecko burst out of the ground. "You again..."

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