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Halloa, all! I had originally considered uploading this fic in the crossover section, as it is indeed a crossover. But. The story being a crossover between two fairly obscure cartoons possessed of small fandoms, there was an even chance that this fic would hardly be read at all. So. For convenience's sake, I'm uploading this on FFN under the SH22 section, and putting in plugs on a BLoSC forum.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century are my absolute favorite cartoons. Buzz Lightyear and Mira Nova have long been my hero and heroine. Sherlock Holmes has been my hero for quite a while now (just go look at the story list on my profile), and I really like Beth Lestrade. Warp Darkmatter and Evil Emperor Zurg have long been favorite villains. Professor Moriarty is a newer favorite.

The most natural thing in the world would be to bring them together and see how they manage. That, in essence, was my initial reason for this little crossover epic. The other reasons… well, you'll figure them out as we go. =) Now, I could say "The game's afoot!" OR: "To infinity and beyond!"

Which would you rather pick?

Disclaimer: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command & Co. belong to Disney/Pixar. Characters original to Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century belong to DiC. Sherlock Holmes himself belongs to the public domain. All that belongs to me are the backstories of these characters and this whole wild idea.

==Enemies Within, Part I==

So Many

In the 31st century, Professor Moriarty teams up with the Evil Emperor Zurg, and Star Command will have to call upon Sherlock Holmes to defeat the Napoleon of Crime.

Dramatis Personae

From the 22nd Century:

James Moriarty: A clone of the original Professor Moriarty, this man is as brilliant a criminal mastermind as his predecessor—and even more dangerous, since he will actually do his own dirty work. His ultimate goal is no less than world domination, and the greatest threat to his goal once again is none other than Sherlock Holmes.

Martin Fenwick: A French geneticist, Dr. Fenwick created the clone Moriarty to help him achieve wealth and power… but the clone had other ideas. Fenwick now serves his own creation very faithfully, if not quite competently. Curiously, the Frenchman looks more alien than human with his ashen skin, deformed face, and stooped posture.

Sherlock Holmes: Returned to life by a scientific breakthrough, the Great Detective inhabits the body of a young man once more, though his personality is tempered the wisdom of several decades of life. Like Moriarty, he has adapted extremely well to the new century but remains a Victorian at heart.

Watson: A compudroid of New Scotland Yard, Watson scanned the journals of the original John H. Watson, M.D., and took on the good Doctor's persona. He now lives in 221B Baker Street and acts as Holmes's partner-in-solving-crime.

Beth Lestrade: New Scotland Yard's youngest, most rebellious inspector is a descendant of the original Inspector G. Lestrade and clashes with the Great Detective about as often as her ancestor did. Nevertheless, she is responsible for Holmes's return to life, and she has since become his supervising officer.

From the 31st Century:

Evil Emperor Zurg: The galaxy's Most Wanted got on that list by dint of intended galactic conquest. This purple alien overlord is the avowed enemy of the Galactic Alliance and of Buzz Lightyear. Despite his characteristic kookiness, Zurg can cook up some intelligent schemes and is actually quite dangerous.

Warp Darkmatter: A humanoid, Warp once worked as a mole for Zurg, acting as Buzz Lightyear's partner. He is one of the very few people who can hold their own against the Great Galactic Hero in a fight. Warp now works openly as Zurg's right-hand man; ironically, his own right hand was damaged—his entire right arm is now cybernetic.

Buzz Lightyear: Star Command's poster boy and human head of Team Lightyear, Captain Lightyear is sworn to defend the galaxy against the likes of Zurg. He is bold and daring, if not quite sensible.

Mira Nova: A Tangean Royal, Mira is both humanoid princess and Space Ranger. She is one of the best, Buzz's copilot, and often the voice of reason in her team.

Booster: A gentle giant of an alien, Booster is a naïve but dedicated Ranger, whose best friend is a robot.

XR: An eXperimental Ranger, XR is a tin can-shaped, wise-cracking robot, who is as good a troublemaker as he is a Ranger.

Commander Nebula: The tough but not unkind human runs Star Command and considers Buzz to be his protégé. XR and his "brother" XL consider Nebula to be their dad, as he signed the work orders that gave them life.


The Summons

See the devil on the doorstep now

My, oh my

Telling everybody, oh, just how to

Live their lives

Warp Darkmatter had a bad feeling about this.

He watched the controlled chaos of the brainpods and Grubs around him and could not help shaking his head. His boss had come up with a real doozy this time.

Zurg had been in the "evil business" since about the time Warp was born—forty-one years ago, thank you very much—but the Evil Emperor had been on his campaign for galactic conquest for only ten years. Well, he said "only". It kind of felt like forever, and Warp hadn't even been fulltime on Planet Z for five years yet.

It felt like forever to Zurg, too, apparently. After the ordeal with the space mummy (and dang if Warp ever wanted to be drained of his lifeforce again!), Zurg had decided that a helping hand was in order to conquer the galaxy. Furthermore, he had the wild idea to call upon an evildoer from the past. He'd scoured the history books from scores of planets, and Warp had been drafted into research duty, too.

Dolfine of Rhizome was not what Zurg was looking for. Neither were Telminster of Tangea, K'yoda of Tradeworld, Ani-Sk-Din, Omu, Stalbyk… Genghis Khan had been an intriguing possibility. But there was the whole Dark Ages thing, and nobody wanted to deal with that.

Continuing through human history, Zurg had come across Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler. Warp had had one heck of a time dissuading his boss from picking any of those monsters. He discovered that Zurg had no idea what the Holocaust or the Iron Curtain was, and very little idea as to what Earth's three world wars had really been like. Half-human himself and raised on Capital Planet, a.k.a. Planet Earth, Warp did understand, and knew that he did not want those human horrors unleashed upon his, frankly, wishy-washy galaxy.

Moving on through human history, Zurg stumbled across an extraordinary individual—a clone. At a point in Earth's history when cloning was very much illegal, a French geneticist named Martin Fenwick had retrieved DNA and RNA samples of mankind's most infamous literary villain: Professor James Moriarty. Born in the year 2101, the clone of the deceased Victorian mathematician set out to conquer the world. One man had stood in his way, the same man who'd killed the original professor: Sherlock Holmes, returned to life through the efforts of one Inspector Beth Lestrade of New Scotland Yard.

The clone's résumé, as it were, was impressive. Moriarty had a genius for mathematics and astrophysics, and he was a consummate strategist and mastermind. His only failing was that he, like Zurg, had always been defeated by his archenemy.

"But Holmes would not be here to stop him this time, would he?" Zurg had mused. "Delicious."

Well, that did it. Zurg was captivated with the idea of meeting a Victorian supervillain, let alone working with him to conquer the galaxy.

Warp's problem with the idea was simply this: if Moriarty was brilliant enough to take over the galaxy, he was brilliant enough to overthrow Zurg. Would such a massive intelligence be content with a power share? Warp's gut told him the whole thing was one big mistake of epic proportions. Zurg, as per usual, refused to listen.

So now Warp watched as an incredibly complex computer worked to bring home a human being physically and mentally intact from nine centuries ago. Warp was a technician and a mechanic of no mean skill, but the science of it went over not only his head but more than half of the brainpods', as well. That took some doing.

At last, violet light shimmered in the transportation tube. Dozens of beings watched in silent awe as a humanoid shape materialized in the tube. When the light faded, it left behind a tall, well-built man in his late thirties—Caucasian, thick black hair streaked with silver, chiseled features. His clothes were an odd mix of what Warp thought must've been Regency fashion and 22nd century utility. But what truly struck him were the newcomer's eyes: dark blue, calculating, sharp enough to cut one's self on.

He suppressed a shiver as Zurg approached the tube, his arms thrown wide. "Welcome to the 31st century, Professor Moriarty!" he cried joyfully.

The man stepped out of the tube and swept the vast chamber with a penetrating, analytical gaze. His expression betrayed no surprise of what had to be, even for a postmodern mind, an alarming sight: brains in jars attached to robot bodies and alien, gnome-sized Grubs—in Zurg's own words, his freak show staff. The cold blue eyes came to rest a moment on Warp, and he felt as though he couldn't breathe. It was as if, in two or so seconds, the man had taken Warp Darkmatter apart and learned all that there was to know about him. Warp felt naked and defenseless beneath that gaze.

Then the terrible eyes moved on, and Warp found himself nearly gasping for breath.

The man's gaze at last settled upon Zurg, and he smiled slightly. Warp started: he had not expect the man's smile to appear genuinely pleasant. "I believe you have the advantage of me. Whom have I the honor of addressing?" The voice was a smooth, cultured, undeniably British bass. Warp could definitely imagine it being used in a college classroom.

Zurg smiled widely. "I am the Evil Emperor Zurg—" Warp rolled his eyes, shook his head minutely—"and this is my domain, Planet Z." The poor purple guy looked ready to burst with giddiness. Craters, this was so not good. "Welcome, welcome!"

Despite the fact that Warp didn't want to be subjected to the severity of those dark blue eyes again, he cleared his throat. "Oh, yes," Zurg said in a duller tone. He motioned at Warp. "This is my right-and man, Warp Darkmatter."

Warp stepped forward and nodded as the penetrating gaze returned to him. "Honor to meet you, Professor," he said evenly.

"Likewise, I'm sure." Moriarty gave him one final, measured look before turning back to Zurg. "Might I inquire as to why you have brought me nine hundred years into the future?"

Zurg genially threw his arm around Moriarty's broad shoulders, and Warp realized that the man was only an inch shorter than Zurg's 6'7". Holy nova. "You see, Professor, it's like this. There is a corrupt interplanetary government known as the Galactic Alliance, and an even worse police force known as Star Command…"

It didn't take long for Zurg to bring his guest up to speed, and Warp was impressed with his boss's business-like brevity. Moriarty remained motionless—except for those dark ice chips he had for eyes, which were almost constantly roaming—and seemed to absorb everything Zurg said.

At last… "Essentially, then, you wish for my aid to depose this Galactic Alliance and set up a strong empire in its place."

Zurg clapped his hands once. "That's it in a nutshell!"

Moriarty smiled pensively, his gaze turning distant. "I see. It is certainly an intriguing business." He took a few steps forward, then turned back to Zurg. "My aid does come with a price, as I'm sure you must know."

Warp winced. Here it comes

"Name it," Zurg urged.

Moriarty's dark blue eyes met Zurg's crimson ones squarely. "I want Capital Planet for my own."

Of course. His lifelong ambition.

Zurg laughed in triumph. "Done!" He struck out his hand.

Moriarty grasped it with a smile that did not bode well at all for Star Command. "May fortune smile upon our partnership." Warp almost felt sorry for Buzz.

Zurg was beaming. The freak show was cheering.

So why did Warp still feel uneasy about all this?

Sliding down the Information Highway

Buying in just like a bunch of fools

Time is ticking and we can't go back

My, oh my

Author's Note:

If there's anything in this first installment that's unclear to you, it should all be cleared up in the first few chapters. I hope.

Forgive me if Zurg seems a bit flat. I've been writing BLoSC fanfiction for over three years now, and I still don't have a firm grasp on his characterization. He's a mix of goofiness, evil, and dead seriousness that's really hard to get right.

Warp, on the other hand… Warp, I love dearly. I think he was probably my first character crush. Working from his POV is all too easy since, out of all the BLoSC cast, he's one of the most realistic characters.

Moriarty… well, heh-heh, whether he's the original or the cartoon clone, I love him. The clone himself is like and unlike the original, but very respectfully characterized by the SH22 writers: a serious, brilliant man who is determined to take control of the world and will crush anyone in his path, even his esteemed archenemy. He's certainly not like Zurg, who's an unstable mix of lovable silliness and dangerous solemnity. If Moriarty has one weakness, it's his temper—but he's not psychopathic, not in the popular sense of the word. He has his lights, and he sticks to them. The fact that they oppose the established law is immaterial to him.

Now, I must ask that you be patient. This will be a long, careful work-in-progress, and I'm afraid we probably won't be seeing the Great Detective until Chapter 3 at least, if not 4 or even 5. Nevertheless, we'll not only meet Sherlock Holmes, Watson, and Beth Lestrade, but, in the future, we'll be seeing a host of BLoSC characters, including Gravitina, Torque, the evil Buzz Lightyear, Dr. Ozma Furbanna, Romac, Ty Parsec, Rocket Crocket, XL… In other words:

Stay tuned and please review!