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Don't Tell Me

"I never got to ask-"

She jumped at the sound of his voice echoing through the girl's locker room. Artemis nearly dropped her bra in the puddle of water at her feet. Naturally, she was the only one in there last she checked. Zatanna and Megan had opted out of the sparring session, and with Aqualad and Superboy on a grocery run, it had left the blonde with Robin as a partner to sharpen her skills with. She thought she was alone.

Artemis was mistaken.

His voice sounded haunted when she couldn't see him. The archer could identify the owner of the words immediately but was trying to slow her speeding heart rather than confronting him about being in the girl's locker room.

"-how long you knew."

"Get out of here, Baywatch!" She swatted a hand around the corner, knowing that was where he would be lurking. Artemis's fingertips just barely brushed his shoulder. The girl was quick in slipping her bra on and pulling her jeans out of the locker. "You're such a pervert!"

"Why didn't you guys tell me sooner?" he asked, now sounding pathetic beyond belief. "Miss M and Supes are together? I mean, it makes sense but no one ever said-"

"Wally, no one thought it needed to be said. I didn't even know."

He paused. "When did you find out?"

She pulled on her jeans one leg at a time. "About two weeks ago. Halloween."

Artemis jumped at the sound of his fist hitting a wall. "Shit." And honestly, she felt bad for him because he had been so naive. Maybe she could've enjoyed it more if he didn't sound so pitiful.

"How long?"

Artemis sighed. "As far as I can figure, Bialya. But Belle Reve, I know, was serious because she was skittish as Hell around him when they got back."

"And all the bike fixing-"

"You know it."

He slapped the wall once more. "I feel like an idiot. Just a complete idiot." His hand smacked the tile again. "Total moron. I'm so blind."

She pulled the black turtleneck over her head and slid one arm in. "Wally, I didn't even figure it out. Zatanna told me."

For a moment, he felt better. Then he had to think. He'd been blind because of his unrelenting hope that Miss M would suddenly fall for him. What had Artemis missed? She knew people, how to read them, how to analyze them. Artemis was all too good at people. And yet she missed something so obvious? "How come you didn't figure it out?"

"I..." Artemis had to think about this one herself. Sure, once upon a time, Conner had the nicest abs on the block. Then she woke up and remembered she was Artemis Crock and that those abs would never be hers to touch. "I just didn't want to think about being alone. I just figured everything would stay platonic around here. That's how most teams work, right? A bunch of friends."

Wally leaned against the wall, just listening to her talk. Maybe her voice could soothe the heartache.

Because no, he wasn't totally crushed over losing Megan. He just felt stupid. He should've seen it earlier. It had been obvious all along. They lived in the same mountain! Wally wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he couldn't be called a fool.

Yet he still felt like one.

Artemis sucked in a breath. "I didn't want to see it. But now it's all in the light. Conner and Megan. Robin and Zatanna. Hello, Artemis, should've known." She tugged at her sleeve, vision hazy with thought. "Things change."

The ginger shook his head, eyes closed tight as he folded his arms across his chest. "Yeah. They do."

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