Disclaimer: I do not own Minutemen.

So when I was in 8th grade, I saw the movie Minutemen and hated the ending. I wrote an extension of the movie, which ended up getting bigger and bigger until it became a fully fledged screenplay. As of late, it's been doing nothing but take up space on my flash drive, so I figured I'd do something with it. So, here's one year of work in several installments, still formatted as a screenplay. The Minutemen ride again!

Scene 1

Setup: Two years previous. Sophomores Virgil and Charlie are in Charlie's bedroom. Virgil is sitting on Charlie's bed, looking stressed out. Charlie is on the computer, working with a complex computer program.

Charlie: 97%…98…99… YES!

[Charlie jumps out of the chair and punches the air with his fists.]

Virgil: Great…what were you doing again?

[Charlie turns to face Virgil.]

Charlie: For the last time, I just created a virus protection computer program that cannot be hacked into!

Virgil: (sounding very uninterested) Oh yeah, great.

Charlie: Virgil, what's wrong?

[Virgil sighs and doesn't answer him.]

Charlie: Was it Derek again?

Virgil: Yep.

Charlie: The usual jokes?

Virgil: Do they ever change?

Charlie: I guess not.

[Awkward silence for two seconds]

Charlie: Look, that stuff wears off after time. I bet by next year, he'll forget the incident.

Virgil: Charlie, that incident was big! He'll never forget it! He'll be cracking jokes until graduation.

Charlie: Maybe not.

Virgil: Look, just…just drop it, okay?

Charlie: (sighs) Okay.

[Charlie goes to sit back down at the computer. Virgil sighs.]

Virgil: (mutters to himself) We're never going to be popular.

Scene 2

Virgil (voiceover): For the past 3 weeks, one thing has been on my mind: time travel. I know the other guys said they wanted to bag the idea, but I still wonder about it. Could we be able to do it again? And if we could, how would we do it? Charlie kept claiming it was impossible to do it, but to be truthful, I want to be able to time travel again. As the Minutemen, our peers all finally noticed us. We finally mattered a bit to the rest of the student body. Now we've lost all that. I know that if there were some way, a way to get all of that back, Charlie and Zeke would feel the same. But should we try again? Is it worth the risk, the risk of endangering everything we have?

Setup: Summerton High. It has been three weeks since the black hole incident, and the guys have done no time travel since. The bell rings for lunch, and Virgil, Charlie, and Zeke walk out of class.

Virgil: Dude, that class was so boring!

Zeke: Thank god it's over. Let's grab lunch.

[The guys walk to the cafeteria, get lunch, and sit at their table. While they're eating, Virgil brings up a completely random topic]

Virgil: So, guys? I was thinking about the time travel...

Zeke: Oy...

Virgil: Do you think we'll ever use the machine again?

Charlie: (starts speaking, slowly raises voice to a shout) Need I remind you where we were 3 weeks ago? If we use the machine, we'll damage the space-time continuum, again, causing a black hole, again, or worse! Imagine the consequences! KABOOM! (Flails arms dramatically)

Virgil: Okay! I can go without the sound effects.

Zeke: But dude, he is right.

Virgil: Come on, Charlie. You said yourself you wanted to continue time traveling. We'll just be more careful, and maybe the black hole won't happen this time. You never know.

Charlie: No, Virgil. We can't take that risk, it's too much. If we want to be able to time travel safely, we need to make our methods much more reliable. Like you said, we don't know what might happen. I've been working on a way to do this, but I've had no luck finding anything. I want to keep doing this as much as you do, Verge. Besides, if I knew how to do this safely, you would know already.

Virgil: Yeah, I know. (Sees Stephanie) I got to go. (Walks off to talk to her)

Zeke: Wait, so if you're working on the machine improvements, does this mean no more teleportation?

Charlie: No. I mean, yes. Way too dangerous for us.

[Zeke flashes him a satisfied smile]

[Jeanette stops over where Charlie and Zeke are.]

Jeanette: Hey Hummingbird, what'cha doing?

Charlie: (doing his best not to keep eye contact) Um, well, uh, not much, I guess.

Jeanette: Oh. Well, just wanted to say hi! (Kisses him on the cheek) Well, I need to get to class. Bye! (Walks off)

[Charlie has a shocked look frozen on his face.]

Zeke: (snapping his fingers in front of his face) Charlie? Charlie? Earth to Charlie! Dude, we need to get to class!

[Charlie still frozen, Zeke picks him up and walks away, grumbling under his breath.]

[Meanwhile, Stephanie is standing over by a post, not far from where Derek is sitting at a table with the other popular kids. Virgil walks up.]

Virgil; Hey, Steph! And how might you be today?

Stephanie: (smiles) Not bad, Verge. You?

Virgil: I'm okay.

Stephanie: Oh, I've been meaning to talk to you.

Virgil: What about?

Stephanie: Well, about 3 weeks ago, I heard you talking to Derek in the library.

Virgil: Ah, yes.

Stephanie: "You were always going to be a jerk"? What the heck, Verge? You haven't really been getting along, but you always acted civil around each other. What changed?

Virgil: Steph, it's nothing, long story.

Stephanie: Ok...?

Zeke: (Dragging Charlie along, losing his grip on him) Hey Verge! A little help please!

Stephanie: What's with him?

Virgil: No idea. Well, I'll see you later.

Stephanie: Yeah, see ya.

[Virgil walks off to help Charlie, and Stephanie walks over to where Derek is, and the bell rings for class]