Scene 11

Setup: The next day, which happens to be Saturday, at the Fox household. Virgil gets up from bed and takes a look at the paper. The headlines scream "Student Injured by Falling Concrete at Summerton High"

Virgil: Oh, no.

[Virgil scans the page, looking for the name of the injured student. The student ends up being Stephanie.]

Virgil: Oh, no! Please, no!

[Virgil rushes upstairs, gets changed, and drives to the hospital. At the hospital, Virgil practically runs up to the front desk]

Virgil: (to the receptionist) I'm here to see a patient.

Receptionist: Name?

Virgil: Stephanie Jameson.

Receptionist: Miss Jameson is not in a state to receive visitors right now. You may be able to see her in a few days.

Virgil: Thank you.

[Virgil walks out of the hospital and pulls out his cell phone, and punches in a number. Someone immediately picks up.]

Virgil: Hello, Mr. Tuttle? May I speak to Charlie, please?

[2 hours later, the 3 guys and 2 girls are at Charlie's house, in his room.]

Charlie: Virgil, why do you always throw out mission ideas at times like these? What about the words 'well deserved break' do you not understand? Don't you remember what happened last time?

Virgil: Charlie, last time it was the FBI. This time, it's only a group of teenagers.

Charlie: Teenagers who want to expose us!

Virgil: Listen, Charlie, we need to help her. This isn't just a broken leg; it's a crippling injury.

Charlie: I repeat the words creepy crush once again.

Virgil: Charlie, I went to the hospital today.

Jeanette: How bad is she?

Virgil: How should I know? They wouldn't let me see her. They said that she wasn't fit to take visitors.

Zeke: Dude, that's bad.

Karli: How so?

Zeke: They only say that when someone's either grotesquely injured, or they're in a coma.

Charlie: It could also mean that she doesn't want visitors.

Karli: Charlie, this isn't something we can take a chance with. You guys need to help.

Charlie: Why?

Karli: If you don't help her, everyone's going to be taking about it. They'll want to know why you didn't help her. And that will fuel the motivation to unmask you. If it comes to that, if and when they do, Derek's gonna be mad, especially because Stephanie's his girlfriend.

Charlie: (sighs) Okay, fine. But I still see danger here. Danger for us.

Karli: No argumentthere.

Virgil: What do you mean, danger?

Charlie: And I thought you were the one that read that article.

Karli: Do you not know what the words roof collapse mean? It means not so small chunks of concrete raining down on your head. When one of you pushes Stephanie out of the way, if you miscalculate by one second, you'll be the one lying on a hospital gurney instead of her.

Charlie: And there's the small issue that none of us actually witnessed the critical moment. So if we do this, we'll be improvising the whole time.

Virgil: (annoyed) Charlie, stop making such a big deal out of all this. Only one chunk of concrete fell, and there are some bushes near the place where the work was being done that we can hide in. It won't be that hard.

Charlie: Yes, it will be! Virgil, this isn't just someone humiliating himself or herself. This is a situation when someone obtains a crippling, maybe fatal injury! It's dangerous! I refuse to stick my neck in the noose for her until we have a concrete plan of action!

Virgil: First of all, you won't be the one catching her.

Zeke: Verge, I am not going to risk breaking my spine.

Virgil: I wasn't talking about you. I'll be the one to catch her. Second, Charlie, I have no objection to your concrete plan idea.

Charlie: Virgil, we cannot make a complete plan of action that is accurate and safe in 24 hours. Plus, it's Saturday! How are we supposed to get into the school?

Karli: Why only 24 hours?

Charlie: Because the machine only goes back 48 and a day's already passed.

Karli: Oh, you don't have to worry about that.

Charlie: Dare I ask why not?

Karli: Didn't I tell you? When we built the rift closer, I had to make some modifications to the time machine. While I was making the mods, I noticed the 48-hour restraint in the program. So I fiddled with it a little.

Virgil: And?

Karli: Let's just say that the restraint is no more.

[All the guys go silent for a minute out of shock.]

Jeanette: Seriously?

Karli: Yep. Now you can go back as far as you want. But you can't go forward. Not yet.

Charlie: How in the world were you able to pull that off?

Karli: Just change some wires connections and computers settings, really. Oh, and modify some parts.

Virgil: Can we return to the matter at hand? Since we have the restraint out of the way, we can take more time to plan this, right?

Karli: Verge, take as much time as you need.

Virgil: So, what do you say, Charlie? Are you in?

Charlie: Yep.

Virgil: Zeke?

Zeke: I'm your man.

Virgil: All right then. Let's do it.

Scene 12

Setup: After 3 days of planning, the Minutemen have a plan, and are ready to go. After school, the 5 meet in room 77, ready to move. Jeanette and Karli take the controls, and fire up the machine.

Jeanette: Be back quick, okay?

Virgil: No problem. (Jumps into the vortex and disappears. The other 2 follow him)

[Back in the past, the scene plays out. Stephanie walks out of the school with Derek, and Derek looks up.]

Derek: Ooh, better be careful waling underneath that.

[Derek and Stephanie walk towards the parking lot, but ten seconds later; Stephanie noticed that she forgot something.]

Stephanie: Wait! I dropped my purse!

[Meanwhile over in the bushes, the guys are ready to move.]

Zeke: (to Virgil) Okay buddy, you ready?

Virgil: Ready as I'll ever be.

[Stephanie is picking up her purse, when the chunk of the roof falls out.]

Workmen: Watch out!

Charlie: Now, Virgil!

[Stephanie looks up, and Virgil leaps from the bushes. He shoves he out of the way seconds before the rock falls exactly where Stephanie's purse was. Derek, upon seeing this, rushes over to help her.]

Derek: Steph!

[Stephanie, still on the ground, looks up at Virgil's masked face.]

Stephanie: I'm not sure who you are, but…thanks.

[Virgil nods silently, and runs for the school entrance. Derek run up to Stephanie, closely followed by Vice Principal Tolkan, who had seen the whole incident. Derek helps her up.]

Derek: Stephanie! Are you okay?

Stephanie: I'm fine. Thanks to the Minutemen.

Tolkan: The Minute who?

Stephanie: Minutemen. That's their name.

Derek: Who told you that?

Stephanie: (smiling) A good friend.

[Immediately, Stephanie is surrounded by students, asking if she's okay, and if they knew who those guys were.]

[On the other side, the 3 guys are spit out of the vortex.]

Jeanette: So?

Charlie: Mission accomplished.

Karli: I told you.

Jeanette: Hey guys, you might want to see this. (Hands Charlie a newspaper with the headline "Student Saved from Nasty Fate: Mysterious Students Rescue Fellow Classmate")

[Upstairs, the guys are standing by Karli's locker, reading the article.]

Charlie: "Just in the nick of time, Senior Stephanie Jameson was saved from being crushed by falling concrete."

Virgil: "The students responsible for Jameson's rescue remain anonymous, due to the fact they were wearing snowsuits and masks at the time of the rescue. Vice Principal Tolkan of Summerton High commented that these students have made appearances as such during the past few weeks, and that their identities remain unknown."

Charlie: "Tolkan comments 'We hope to see more from these heroic students in the future.'" They're calling 'them' heroic?

Derek: (walks up) It's more then what can be said for you.

Virgil: (sighs) Derek, why now?

Derek: My popularity has increased because the Snowsuit Guys saved my girlfriend.

Virgil: So you came to shove it in out faces. Wonderful, now beat it.

[As the guys speak, Stephanie walks up behind them]

Derek: So, I thought I'd remind you –

Stephanie: -That you're a jerk, Derek.

Derek: Steph? What are you talking about?

Stephanie: I'm talking about a certain incident during freshman year that you lied to Virgil about. Yes, Derek, I know about that, and you won't do anything like that to him again.

Derek: Steph, I –

Stephanie: We're finished, Derek.

[Stephanie walks away.]

Derek: Steph, wait –

Stephanie keeps walking, ignoring Derek completely. Derek turns to the 3 guys and 2 girls. Virgil has a satisfied smile on his face.]

Derek: You have something to do with this, don't you?

Virgil: I wish.


[Derek makes a lunge for Virgil, but Zeke grabs him and shoves him away.]

Zeke: Leave him alone, or I'll weld you to your locker!

Derek: Oh, so you got a bodyguard now, huh?

Virgil: Looks like you could use one yourself.

[Derek, unable to think of a good comeback, is silent for a moment.]

Derek: I'll get you for this, Virgil. I'll get you all.

Karli: You and who's army?

[Derek, once again short of a comeback, walks away.]

Zeke: Kar, this is not the time to get a smart mouth.

Karli: He wouldn't hit a girl. I know his type. All talk and no action.

[The bell rings, and the guys go off to class.]

[That day, after school, the guys are down in room 77. the guys are doing some general maintenance work on the machine. Karli and Charlie are working at the computers, Zeke is replacing some wires on the machine, and Virgil is hovering over Charlie, looking at the computers.]

Karli: Hey Charlie! Can you check the files on the closure rates for the rifts? I need to do some speed checks.

[Zeke is working on parts of the machine near the diving board and he starts to raise his head.]

Virgil: (in a rushed fashion) Zeke, watch you head!

[Zeke hits his head on the underside of the board.]

Zeke: Ow!

[As he hits his head, nobody notices when Stephanie sneaks in.]

Stephanie: Virgil?

[Everyone turns to face Stephanie, shocked to see her down there.]

Virgil: (turns around) Stephanie? What are you doing here?

Stephanie: I was looking for you, because I had some questions about our trig homework. Chester said you came down here, so I came looking.

Virgil: How'd you get though the door?

Stephanie: It wasn't locked or anything.

Virgil: Really? Because I thought someone was supposed to lock it. (While saying this, he turns to look at Charlie.)

[Charlie mouths 'I thought I did.' At Virgil.]

Stephanie: What is that? (points at the machine)

Virgil: This? This is one of Charlie's inventions.

Stephanie: What's it do?

Virgil: It's a… it's…uh…

Charlie: It's a super powered generator.

Virgil: Yeah. That.

Charlie: I'm trying to make it run on all sorts of alternative fuel sources, and when I do that, we can power the school with it.

Stephanie: Oh, well, that's cool. Anyway – Wait, what's that?

[Stephanie points to a box in the corner that contains their suits. It's covered with a blanket, but part of one of the hood is peeking out from underneath. Stephanie walks towards it and moves to uncover it.]

Virgil: Oh, that? That's nothing. Wait, don't -

[Stephanie uncovers the box and sees the suits inside.]

Virgil: - uncover it.

Stephanie: Snowsuits?

Virgil: Uh, yeah.

[Stephanie takes one of the suits and holds it up. She looks at Virgil, shocked.]

Stephanie: It's you guys?

Virgil: (sighs) Guilty.

[Awkward pause.]

Stephanie: So, how do you do it?

Charlie: Do what?

Stephanie: You know, help everyone. How do you do it? Are you psychic, or something?

Charlie: Psychic?

Stephanie: That's the rumor going around. Because you guys always know when something bad is going to happen.

Virgil: We'renowhere near that.

Karli: Believe me, those guys aren't psychic. If they were, we would've known that you were coming.

Stephanie: True. So, how do you do it?

Virgil: Well… (Looks back at Charlie)

Charlie: Ah, go ahead and tell her. It won't hurt. She knows half the stuff anyway, she might as well know the rest.

Virgil: (to Stephanie) Okay, well, before I say anything, I think the whole sworn to secrecy thing about all of this goes with out saying.

Stephanie: Definitely.

Virgil: And you can't laugh at me when I tell you.

Stephanie: Verge…just tell me.

Virgil: Okay…well, the three of us, me, Charlie, Zeke, we, well…using this machine, we…

Karli: (Annoyed) Oh, for Pete's sake Virgil, just spit it out! It's a time machine.

Stephanie: A time machine?

Virgil: Uh, yeah. Time machine.

Stephanie: (sounding doubtful) Okay…

Zeke: You want proof?

Stephanie: Some proof would be nice, yes.

Charlie: Jeanette, fire it up.

[Jeanette starts up the machine, and the vortex appears.]

Stephanie: Oh. My. Gosh. This is just-

Virgil: Too cool?

Stephanie: That's an understatement.

[Jeanette turns off the machine.]

Stephanie: So, uh, one more question.

Virgil: Yes?

Stephanie: Which one of you guys caught me the other day?

Virgil: (smiles) Guilty again.

Stephanie: Thank you, Verge.

[The 2 hug each other.]

Karli: (sarcastically) I'm sorry to interrupt the love fest, but Verge, we have actual work to do, so when you feel like ending this extremely romantic moment, why don't you come back over.

Virgil [voiceover]: It was nice having Stephanie know about us and the machine. Now any awkwardness that might have occurred between us because of secrecy was gone. Plus, I knew she wouldn't tell anyone, because she's always been trustworthy. Believe me, I know.