The Twelfth Doctor

I know a billion other people have probably already done this, but I was watching Eddie Izzard talking about the Daleks, and weird things occur to me when I watch Eddie Izzard. So I thought I'd conduct an experiment that may also serve as a writing exercise. I have collected a small sampling of actors whom I or one of my friends thinks would do the Doctor proud, and will include selected media in which to watch them. I will also include short drabbles of how I think their Doctor would be. Then I will ask you to cast your vote and/or submit your own Doctors, either with your written drabble, or you can direct me to their media and I can do my best. Thank you for your support!

Candidate #1: Eddie Izzard. Because we need a Doctor who won't give you a paper cut when you hug him. We've got wit, relative genius, sarcasm, and platform shoes.

Selected works: acting- Roman Nagel (the guy who builds the projector) in Ocean's 12 and Ocean's 13. It's a small part but it leaves an impression.
Self- Eddie Izzard: the Daleks, Eddie Izzard: Star Trek, Eddie Izzard: Learning French (because 'je dois partir maintenant parce-que ma grand-mère est flambée' is an excellent escape line) and any other videos, all of which can be found on Youtube.

Candidate #2: Benedict Cumberbatch (every wholockian's dream)

Selected works: Sherlock (duh), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Peter Guillam, Atonement - Paul Marshall (another small roll, but exhibiting admirable acting skill, plus it's a great movie.)

Candidate #3: Eddie Redmayne. A debatable choice, but I was curious what a timid Doctor would be like, and I think he has great potential.

Selected works: My Week with Marilyn - Colin Clark, The Good Shepherd - Edward Wilson Jr. (and coming December 2012, Les Miserables, in which he will play Marius).

Candidate #4: Eoin Macken. I'm basing this only off his performance in Merlin. Jack Harkness, prepare to meet your match.

Selected works: Merlin - Gwaine (his first episode is season 3 episode 4 or 5, but by season 4 he is a regular), Centurion - Achivir (according to imdb. I haven't seen it), Siren - Ken (again, just from imdb).

Candidate #5: Billy Boyd. Another odd choice, and again I've only ever seen him as one character, but I love him and really think he could bring an interesting and unique angle to the show.

Selected works: The Lord of the Rings - Pippin (don't be put off by his goofball nature. It could be a real asset to the Doctor), On a Clear Day - Danny

Candidate #6: Simon Pegg. He's got it all, funny faces, science genius, sarcastic comebacks. An unhealthy interest in "excitement" (Star Trek)

Selected works: Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Benji, Star Trek (2009) - Scottie, Shaun of the Dead - Shaun

Candidate #7: Don Cheadle. It's time for a black Doctor. He's American, but has got a good British accent.

Selected works:"Ocean's 11, 12, 13" - Basher, House of Lies - Marty, Iron Man 2 - Rhodey, Crash - Graham Waters

And finally, purely for fun, Candidate #8: Michael J. Pollard. Because we were watching The Odyssey in class and my friend had a vision. He's old, fantastic, and has a Boston accent.

Selected works: The Odyssey - Aeolus (but it's only a 5 minute segment, so I would advise trying it on Youtube), Bonnie and Clyde - C.W. because that's the only other movie he's been in that anyone knows.

For further information on all these actors, feel free to IMDb them and search for any other movies.

Ladies and gentlemen, cast your votes! Drabbles will follow soon. Please put any requests or comments in reviews, and send your drabbles to my PM inbox. Thanks again!