On All Hallows Eve the group gathered on the roof of Deacon's apartment (King still disagreed with calling it that) and prepared for the journey to Hell's palace. Lilith and Lucifer were excited to see them according to Drake, who had traveled to the underworld every full moon since his trip to retrieve the three vampires. Neither the King nor Queen of Hell were allowed to leave their domain, which is why they had their children do most of their work for them.

Drake had four brothers and a sister. The order of the 'devil's spawn' went Blackheart, Hecate, Drake, Balthazar, Azazel, and Rider. While all the children were close, they tended to pair off into twos, Drake's other half was his sister Hecate, who had also come to live with them in the coven. It had come to pass that she was Jarko's mate, and they were both quite smitten with each other, much to Zoe's blatant disgust; of course she thought they were all disgusting because they were in relationships.

Hecate had gone to the palace early to ensure that everything was in order and when they arrived in the ball room it appeared that her work had paid off. The entire room was covered in decorations, some scary and some not. Drake was worried that Zoe might get scared but over the last few months the girl had come to know that she was protected by the biggest, baddest things on earth. Even Drake's eclectic brother, Blackheart, had taken a special shine to the young girl and was determined to protect her.

The party was in full swing by the time they got there. Lilith grabbed her new granddaughter as soon as introductions were made and pulled her to the dance floor, followed closely by Hecate and Jarko. Mercury had decided to borrow Hannibal, and Deacon was with Vitani, both pairs dance at a more adult pace then the group with the grandma and her new little one.

Though Vitani was Zoe's grandmother, she had taken a role closer to mother then grandmother, so it was only natural that Lilith would take over as grandma.

A Deal had been reached in reference to the Daywalker, Blade. His soul had been handed over because he had killed the mate of someone in the royal family. Attacking one of such value was punishable by death and that was known by all supernatural beings. The fact that so many did not know was a product of the watering down of many supernatural creatures; one of which his son had seen to personally.

Of course, the Daywalker's soul hadn't been the only one that was wanted viciously by the underworld; it had just been the only one of dispute. The House of Talos had been kept in the palace's personal dungeon for a merry few months, after his son had finally finished with them, as well as Deacon… and Vitani… and Mercury… and Quinn… and of course Lilith had wanted her voice heard in the matter. Yes, they hadn't faired very well in recourse of their crimes. Only a person who dared to harm Zoe would ever fair worse than them.

Partners changed many times threw out the night, Drake even danced with Hannibal several times, despite his lack of talent. Zoe, despite her true exclaims not to be tired, was sent to bed around two however it was more for her protection than anything else. It was around this time that demons started to get a bit raunchy despite Lucifer's presence.

Although the family couldn't access the portal after the moon fell, it had already been decided that they would stay in the Underworld for a month. Lilith was so excited to get to know both her grandson and granddaughter that she'd practically been bouncing from the walls all day.

By 2:30 Drake was talking to his brothers at the bar, with something green lying between them. They were laying bets on which demon would get drunk and piss him off tonight; he was sure of it. Yes, as Lucifer looked out over his family he was sure of it; life was good.


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