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It starts right after Kendall unties Katie from the chair.

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Katie's POV

Ugh, those ropes left marks on my wrists! And they burn so much! But that's not the biggest problem at the moment. There's also the thing with Moon. That moron thinks he can take over the world! It would be so much easier to stop the chaos of the Beetle pushing back the actual moon out of its orbit if that nutter didn't put up that stupid shield!

Oh, it looks like James and Penny are trying to figure out how to… No, they're kissing. This doesn't seem like the time to… okay, now James is falling and… ouch! There goes Moon! Ha, nice work!

Moon lies right at my feet. Oh the irony of it all.

I watch as Kendall rips the Beetle out of the laser operating machine thing and they cheer in victory as words flash across the screen, reading "World saved."

At this time, I fail to notice Moon, slowly and quietly, crawling behind me. I also miss seeing him grab a weapon that belonged to one of his henchmen. I was too busy celebrating his defeat.

I'm about to go join the guys when I feel a hand clamp down on my shoulder. I turn to see which guy could have woken up after their intense beating, but who I actually see confuses me out of my mind. I'll give you three guesses.

Moon throws his whole arm over my chest so that his left hand grips my shoulder. In his right hand, he holds a gun. Just my luck, huh?

He's shoving me out the door with him, pressing down on my chest so hard that it actually hurts!

"OW!" I shriek. "Let go of me you psycho, it's OVER!" And it is over. We have the Beetle, so what can he do? Toss away more cats maybe? I don't see how that would help.

I can't help but run outside with Moon. He's dragging me with him; I don't really have a choice! He's stronger than I thought he would be! And the guys are now sprinting behind us, trying to catch up.

Suddenly, I turn around and stop. Everybody stops. I'm confused that Kendall hasn't tackled the guy to the ground by now, until I realize that Moon has let go of my shoulder and is now clenching my forearm in his fist. His eyes are growing bigger by the second and his smile is seriously starting to freak me out.

"Bravo, Big Time Rush," he bellows. "But I've still got your princess!" he jerks me back and forth to prove his point.

I'm starting to believe this guy literally has half a brain.

"Now give me the Beetle as I make my getaway, because I always get EVERYTHING I WANT!"

How pathetic.

"Look," Kendall says while he steps forward. "If I give you the Beetle… will you let her go?" I can see how serious he is about this and that he's also trying to think of some other way to stop Moon. It looks like he can't think of anything, but I know this is a bad idea! I try to send him a look to tell him to take back what he just said, but I guess I can't hide my fear. He's made his decision.

"Would I lie to you?" Moon sarcastically questions, stretching out every other word. Out of the corner of my eye, I see his hold on the gun tighten and I can't help but wonder what he's going to do with us once he gets the Beetle. Is he going to lie and shoot me anyway? Is he going to shoot all of us? I'm worried because that gun doesn't look like the kind to carry tranquilizer darts.

I'm brought back to reality by the sound of my big brother's voice. He says only one word.


I look in his eyes. They're shining so slightly. Though I don't understand what he's trying to ask me. I might be able to if I wasn't so distracted by the painful feeling caused by my captor's digging nails. If I could, I would just beat this guy senseless for what he did and what he attempted to do! He deserves to be smacked silly for all of this! I'm telling you, he needs a therapist! Oh, but the poor guy (I'm referring to the therapist) would go nuts and quit his job. Yeah, that's how bad Moon is!

If it wasn't for him holding my arms back, I would just… just…

Then I understand.

I nod my head. "Give it to him big brother." I turn my head in Moon's direction just a little to show that I know what he wants me to do. Before he says anything, James flashes a knowing grin. Kendall smiles and nods his head. "Alright Moon, catch!"

He throws the Beetle high up in the air and, as Moon reaches up in excitement to grab it, I stomp on his foot. I think I heard a crunching sound. Good.

Moon yelps and kneels down in pain. As he does so, the Beetle, already opened up, lands on his back and sticks there. I turn around and enjoy the sight of him physically hurting. Take that!

"Katie! Katie! Come on, Katie!" I hear all four of the guys shout at me. I turn back to them and race to the outstretched arms of my brother. He pulls me close to him and squeezes me tight, as if I'll try to leave. His eyes are closed tight.

Carlos comes around from where he's standing and tries to hug me, but it seems difficult what with the giant gun in his arms.

"What? Where is it?" I hear Moon scream. His hands are searching his own back, but he can't get to the Beetle.

"I can't reach it! What- this isn't FAIR! YOUR MUSIC STINKS BY THE WAY!" It's a little too late to insult us considering his floating higher up into the sky. We all give a mocking wave goodbye. Well, except for Kendall. He has his hands on my shoulders, still keeping me as close to him as possible.

Just then, the MI6 agents come driving up the path in their van. Ugh, too late!

They start rambling on and on about how Big Time Rush is a group of good boys who aren't bad and that they should repay them, blah, blah, blah. Next thing I know, we're climbing in a helicopter so Big Time Rush can kick off their world tour and perform in front of England. All the while, Kendall still hasn't let go of me.

We're all sitting squished against each other; me in the middle, Kendall to my right, James to my left, Logan next to James, Carlos nearly hanging off the helicopter next to Kendall. Penny went with the MI6 people.

By the looks of it, James is fantasizing about his kiss with Penny, Carlos is smiling about his dream coming true, Logan is admiring his dart pen weapon, and Kendall is… staring into space.

"Hey," I nudge his elbow. "Thanks for coming."

He sighs and looks at me. "How could I not? I mean, when Moon told us we had one hour to give him the Beetle and get you back, and I saw you tied up… he didn't tell us what he was going to do. I couldn't just…" he trails off.

Now I'm not good with this sort of stuff. So to lighten the mood, I say, "Well, you're good at beating guys up."

He chuckles, and then kisses my forehead. A few minutes pass until we hear a whole bunch of voices screaming "BIG TIME RUSH! BIG TIME RUSH!"

"Get down there big brother," I say. "Make those fanatics go crazy."

He smiles and positions himself on the ladder.

"Stay safe baby sister."

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