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Chapter 8

Harry Potter walked into his room to see Draco sitting on the sofa reading a dark colored paperback book. He was feeling warm and refreshed, having just come back from Quidditch practice. He'd already showered and changed back into school robes. He very carefully floated a disillusioned box just next to the sofa with his wand, setting it down silently. He needn't have taken the precaution. Just as he was sighing in relief that Draco hadn't noticed, the portrait door behind him closed rather loudly and Draco didn't even flinch. He was apparently lost to the world.

"Draco?" Harry asked.

"Hmph," The blond grunted in response.

"Er…I'm back," Harry announced with a smile.

"Mhm…" Draco nodded absently.

With a roll of his eyes Harry quickly went over to the sofa and plopped down heavily, knocking the blond off balance and making him lose the page in his novel.

Draco elbowed him in the ribs, "Git," He mumbled flipping back through the pages to find where he'd left off.

"Oww, you prick. I have a bruise there," Harry whined holding the spot where a buldger had grazed him earlier.

Draco didn't reply, having found his page. He was careful to note the page number this time, just in case his boyfriend decided to jostle him again.

"What're you reading?" Harry asked, peeking over at the print.

Draco glanced at Harry, the first eye contact he'd given him since he walked in. He turned the book away from Harry's sight a little and continued reading, "Just a novel."

"What about?" Harry asked scooting impossibly closer to the blond and again trying to see a few lines in the book.

Draco sighed and shouldered Harry away, "A vampire falling in love with a muggle. Astoria recommended it but I find it ridiculously inaccurate and sickeningly romantic."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "Yet you're so pissed off when you lose your page."

Draco's lips tightened and his cheeks began to color, "…Shut up."

"That's what I thought," Harry smirked victoriously, "Wouldn't you know it? Draco Malfoy reading cheesy romance novels in broad daylight. I'll have to alert the presses."

Passing his breaking point, Draco threw the book down and nearly tackled Harry, "I said, shut up!" He repeated, holding Harry down before tickling his ribs.

"Okay! Okay!" Harry shouted between his laughter, trying in vain to push Draco off, "I won't tell!"

"Swear it," Draco commanded seriously, not ceasing for a second.

"I— I swear!" Harry gasped, "I swear on—on all the dirigible plums in the world!"

That made Draco stop out of sheer confusion, "What the fuck is a dirigib—mmf!"

Harry had decided to counter attack, surging upwards and reversing their positions. There were nearly falling off the sofa but Harry began tickling Draco under his arms, making him snort in uncontrollable laughter.

"Stop!" He cried piteously.

"Oh shall I, Mr. Malfoy? What will I get in return?" Harry asked in a sarcastically apathetic voice.

"An—Anything." Draco breathed.

"Oh?" Harry asked his eyes nearly glowing in the dim room, "Anything, you say? How about…"

He leaned down and pressed his lips to Draco's making warmth spread through the blond's entire body. He sighed in contentment kissing back and wondering why they hadn't been kissing more frequently. This reminded him why he was fighting so hard to make things work. This reminded him why he'd come back at all. Because, he fucking loved this man.

Harry's smirk fell and Draco's laughter ceased entirely and they both completely forgot whatever they'd been playfully fighting about (as they so frequently found themselves doing). All that mattered was that they were kissing again and it'd been too long. A second's break from Harry's lips was too long and Draco wondered at how he could've forgotten this.

Eventually Harry pulled back just a few inches, his eyes darkened by his dilated pupils. He softly stroked Draco's cheek and stared down into his eyes.

"When's the last time we kissed?" Harry whispered.

"I don't remember," Draco replied.

Harry grumbled and began kissing Draco's neck, "Let's never go that long without kissing again," he said against Draco's soft skin.

Draco nodded his agreement, "Never…"

Harry sighed huffily and pushed his messy hair back from his forehead, "You've distracted me from why I came in here."

Draco pushed Harry up and got them both sitting upright, "Perhaps you did because this is your room?" he asked sarcastically.

"No…" Harry said with a grin, "But keep guessing."

Draco's fingers absently tried to tame Harry's wild hair but they both knew there was no victory to be had there, "Because you think someone is waiting here for you; too impossibly in love with you to realize what a moron he is."

Harry cocked his head to the side, "Perhaps… Would I be wrong about that?"

"Of course," Draco snapped but there was teasing humor in his eyes, "Who would actually be stupid enough to fall in love with a prat like you?"

Harry smiled and pressed another warm kiss to Draco's lips, loving how soft they felt. When he pulled away, he made a show of looking dejected, "You're absolutely right. What an idiot I've been thinking about him all day and even going and getting him a—well it doesn't matter now I suppose."

Draco's ears pricked up at that, "Getting him a what?" He demanded.

"Oh it's useless. He doesn't love me after all," Harry sighed throwing an arm over his face and falling back against the arm of the sofa dramatically, "Woe to my pitiful heart!"

Draco actually chuckled and the sound was enough to make Harry smile despite his acting. That was a sound he expected he'd always enjoy.

"Harry James Winifred Potter," Draco scolded.

Despite the menacing tone, Harry had to laugh out loud, removing his arm from his eyes so he could give Draco a look, "Winifred? Really?"

Draco shrugged with a smirk, "Well I had to add something for dramatic effect. Your name is quite plain, really."

"Oh shut up you," Harry laughed again, "Leave me back to my misery and take your unnecessary middle names with you!"

"Harry…" Draco whined. It wasn't really whining, not in the usual sense at least. Perhaps to others it sounded that way. But to Harry, Draco's soft pleading voice tugged at his heart. Some sickeningly romantic part of his brain told him to just give the blond whatever he wanted and serve it on silver platter with a cherry on top.

"Oh alright," Harry sighed, "Take the fun out of everything why don't you," He said siting up again.

Draco smiled and warmth curled in Harry's chest, "Now what was it that you were talking about? What did you get?" Draco asked excitement showing in his expression.

Harry smiled and pulled out his wand pointing it at the seemingly empty spot beside the sofa. The disillusionment charm rippled away and left in its place a large pale blue box with silver trimming and ribbons adorning it. On top was a half dozen dark blue roses, their silky petals the color of a sapphire. Beside those was a folded card of creamy parchment that had twinkling stars on it and Draco's name written clearly in dark ink.

Draco's face went slack and he looked at Harry confused before his eyes fell back to the gift. He let out a soft breath and whispered, "What day is it?"

Harry smiled and leaned in close, just wanting to feel his warmth, "It's Wednesday," he whispered.

Draco shot him a heatless glare, "You know what I mean. Harry… I—I mean…" The blond trailed off, "I've forgotten whatever this day means," He whispered sounding ashamed, his eyes still staring at the present in awe.

"There isn't any special day, Draco," Harry clarified, "I got it because I want to make you happy. Because I'll love you as much today as any other day, with all my heart."

Draco's eyes looked a little shiny which surprised Harry but he didn't comment. The blond turned to look at him with the widest smile he'd had on his face since before the war. He threw his arms around Harry in a tight embrace, "You hopelessly romantic git," Draco mumbled as he peppered kisses over every available inch of Harry's face.

Harry just smiled and enjoyed the affection. This was the man he'd fallen in love with and the one he wanted by his side for however long his life would last. A thousand years or more if they could manage it. Even that time wouldn't be enough to enjoy Draco's company.

With one last kiss to his cheek, Draco stood excitedly and went to his gift.

"Careful," Harry warned, "It's fragile."

Draco scrutinized the box pointedly as though trying to see through it before carefully picking it up and placing it on the coffee table. He picked up the roses first, bringing them to his face to smell before carefully touching the soft petals with his fingertips.

"What made you choose blue?" he asked, turning to look at Harry.

Harry scratched at the back of his neck, feeling a little embarrassed. He knew blue wasn't Draco's favorite color, "I know you're not a fan of red, and they seemed too cheesy anyway. The green ones were the same color as the stems which looked sort of odd. I was thinking I might get you silver ones but I saw those and just…"

Harry trailed at Draco's understanding smile, "I absolutely love them," He said his voice going to that velvety soft tone that made Harry's heart melt.

Draco sat down the roses and picked up the card next and his grin was a thousand miles wide when he read the simple line it held: Just because it's Wednesday. Love, Harry.

Draco sat down the card just as carefully as the roses, as if it was fragile too, before he began unwrapping the box. The ribbons fell away easily and the paper was pulled off in just a few quick motions that kept it from being terribly shredded. Draco pulled up the flaps of plain white cardboard and gasped.

I tiny white kitten was sitting at the bottom, on its own fluffy bed. In the box along with the kitten were a few small toys. Draco turned to Harry with his eyes wide, "A cat?"

"A kitten," Harry corrected, "One of those magical ones that will never turn into an old annoying cat."

Draco laughed out loud, "Really? I can't believe you even remember that. This is…" Draco trailed gently picking up the kitten. It fur was as white as snow except for a few gray markings on its head. It blinked owlishly at the blond, its dazzling dark blue eyes shining in the light.

"He or she?" Draco asked.

"A she," Harry answered, "The last thing we need is another vain male here…"

Draco lightly kicked his shin even while hugging the kitten close, "Oh she's adorable."

Harry's eyebrows rose while he ignored the very slight stinging in his leg, "I never thought I'd hear you coo like that."

Draco shot him a short glare, "Cute things, Potter. They do strange things to my mind. Fortunately for me, you're not exactly in that category."

Harry gasped and put a hand to his chest, "Oh the witless wonder has struck again!"

Draco kicked him again and this time he did it hard enough to really shut the other boy up, "Dick."

"Ow! Merlin, Draco I buy you a kitten and you thank me by crippling me?" Harry asked as he rubbed what was sure to be a bruise in a few hours, "You're so abusive."

Draco didn't smile at that and he sat down hesitantly beside Harry, "Sorry… I didn't think of it like that," He pulled his wand out of his pocket and cast a simple healing charm at the spot, "I suppose I'm so used to beating you up that I sometimes forget a boyfriend shouldn't do that."

Harry could see that Draco was about to seriously fret over his ill-placed comment and quickly reached out to touch his shoulder, "Don't be ridiculous love. I'm certainly not fragile at all. And with the shit that comes from my mouth some days I'm not sure how you keep from kicking me more often."

Draco cracked a smile and relaxed into the sofa, the kitten still clinging to his chest and curiously playing with his tie.

"What shall we name her?"

"Hmm…" Harry said leaning closer to Draco and placing his arm around his shoulders. Draco scooted closer to him as well until their sides were flush, "Well she's technically yours. You should pick."

"Looking at those eyes, I don't think I have much choice." Draco petted the kitten softly behind the ears and asked, "How would you like to be called Blue?"

The kitten stared at him blankly for a bit before catching one of his fingers and puzzling at it. Draco laughed, "Well I suppose she'll realize soon. Familiars are usually very smart. I'm sure she's just adjusting to us."

"Right," Harry smiled. Why Draco Malfoy would feel the need to defend a kitten's intelligence, he'd never know.

"I'm glad you like her," Harry whispered leaning close and kissing Draco's cheek. It was meant to be quick but he found himself going back for one after the other until the kisses were trailing down the blond's neck.

"Why don't you do a little exploring, Blue," Draco said setting the kitten down on the floor. In a flash of white the kitten was bounding off, taking Draco's suggestion to heart.

While Harry was bemusedly watching the kitten attempt hoping up onto the bookshelf, Draco grabbed his collar and pulled Harry in for another searing kiss. It held his attention immediately and he soon became lost in it.

For a long time they continued, seemingly unable to stop. They kissed until Harry's lips began to tingle with numbness and all he could taste was Draco. The blond finally stopped him with a soft sigh against his mouth and Harry just let his forehead rest against his lovers.

"Harry," Draco whispered, his voice little more than a distant, airy sigh, "I have something I want to talk to you about."

Harry nodded absently, already busying himself with pressing his fatigued lips along the sharp line of Draco's jaw, "I'm listening, love," He muttered.

Draco sighed again, this time more forcefully and went silent for a moment. He was struggling with himself, Harry could tell.

"It's just…" Draco started softly, "I was thinking earlier. I want…" Draco's chest lifted as he took a deep breath, "I want to …try again."

Harry lifted his head and looked at Draco's sheepish expression. It was so out of character it made Harry forget what he was about to say. It took him a few seconds pause to remember.

"I don't understand, Draco. What's changed?" Harry asked honestly. He'd been a bit hesitant to ask. He was never sure exactly how relationships worked having never had a successful one before this. He'd certainly never had a conventional one. He had wondered if perhaps he and Draco had only had sex so often because of their youth and stress levels of the time. Maybe real relationships just weren't like that.

So he'd left Draco alone about it; it wasn't as if he could force him. However, he had to admit, he was curious.

Draco's pale eyes shone with trepidation when he finally made eye contact with Harry, "A lot," He said plainly, "An entire war."

Harry nodded even though he wasn't sure how the war would have affected Draco's libido so long after it was over.

"Well… yeah," Harry allowed, "But I don't think everyone's been… er, having this problem."

Draco slouched and his hands clasped together. He didn't actually start wringing them, but he seemed close to it, "I'm not sure how to explain Harry. I'm not even sure I should try to explain. But I think I can overcome this. I'll just need you to be patient."

"Patience is my middle name. Have you seen the insanely high maintenance man I'm dating?"

Draco smiled a little but shook his head, "I'm being serious."

Harry pulled both of Draco's hands into his own and looked him straight in the face, "I'll be whatever it is you need, you know that."

"I know," Draco echoed, "So… Can we? Try, I mean?"

Harry grinned, "I couldn't think of a better way to spend the rest of the evening."


Draco would've been a filthy liar if he said he wasn't nervous as Harry led him purposefully into their bedroom. Luckily, he was a damn good filthy liar when Harry asked him. He'd been able to whisperer that he was fine without alerting the other man to the turmoil his mind was actually in.

When the Gryffindor was sufficiently convinced that this was something that Draco actually wanted, things began to move fast. Draco was lying on the bed in moments and then beginning to grow dizzy at the feeling of Harry steadily kissing his way down from Draco's ear. The only sounds in the room were heavy breath and the soft sound of Harry's lips against Draco's skin. Draco felt heat slowly overtaking him, creeping through his muscles and leaving him shuddering. His groin felt the hottest and fear followed shortly after.

Harry paused at feeling Draco tensing and looked at him, softly stroking his cheek. He didn't say a word, but the question was obvious in his expression.

Draco looked into Harry's plaintive, questioning eyes and for a moment, he considered just saying it… that he and the Dark Lord had—But no. He couldn't even think about it in the privacy of his own mind. How would he manage to say it?

He shook his head instead, "I can't explain. It just… scares me."

Harry's brow creased a little in obvious confusion, "I don't understand…"

"I know," Draco sighed, "Me either."

Harry hung his head and sighed heavily before pressing another kiss to Draco's lips. As soon as he did they both became lost for a few more minutes. Harry's tongue was so warm and soft and the way he slowly explored Draco's mouth, tracing nonsensical patterns, made the blond feel as though he was finally complete. His entire body was aching, crying out for more and only his mind was scared to reach out and take what was rightfully his.

His hands tightened around Harry's arms and his heart was thumping erratically but he wouldn't hide anymore. He couldn't. No matter what had happened in the past, he couldn't let their future suffer for it. He finally wanted this bad enough that he could ignore the heart stopping terror trying to hinder him.

Draco began undoing buttons whenever his fingers encountered them and they continued lightly kissing and touching and trying to ease themselves further into this part of their relationship that had been long neglected.

Draco's hands had been going lower and lower by the second but just before they reached their goal, Harry leaned up on his elbows and looked at Draco again.

Instead of responding with enthusiasm Harry's face showed traces of doubt, "Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

Draco took a moment to again thank whatever forces of the cosmos that had given him the beautiful, amazing man before pressing a soft kiss to his lips, "I'm positive."

Harry nodded and kissed him again, this time deeper. Their tongues moved seamlessly together in a rehearsed dance they'd suddenly remembered the steps to. Harry's hands were exceedingly gentle, almost hesitant as they touched him, but Draco didn't mind the treatment. While a carnal part of him cried out for more he recognized that he need to ease himself into this.

Draco let his hands wander as well, feeling the warmth of Harry's body, the way his muscles tightened and moved. Draco began to feel more alive than he had in weeks and he arched up against Harry for more. He felt the heat between Harry's legs but the fear did not swell outside of his grasp. He could still control it; keep it locked away in some tiny little corner of his mind. He instead felt burning desire to touch, to see, to taste that part of his lover again.

He reached down slowly, so that Harry would know exactly where his hand was heading. His fingers skimmed over soft cloth only feeling Harry through his pants. He grabbed the man's cock and was surprised at how much hunger it filled him with. Harry moaned wantonly, and his hips pressed forward.

Harry seemed content that this wasn't going to end badly, as it had last time and began to pull off his clothes. His bare chest was so warm and Draco couldn't stop himself from leaving soft kisses dotted along his skin. Then Harry's pants were pulled off and thrown aside leaving his hard member to spring free of its confines. This time, Draco's hand was shaking a little when it curled around. Fear hiding in his mind surged forward attempting to overtake him and Draco froze.

Harry, now knowing what he was dealing with, was quick to respond.

"Hey," He whispered, trying to bring Draco's attention back to him. He kissed his lips over and over until Draco's mind began to calm, "It's alright."

Draco nodded and shivered a little, "Sorry," he whispered.

Harry shook his head, "Don't be."

The dark haired man went right back to kissing down Draco's neck and bare chest. The touches were so sensual and Draco's body was alight with pleasure beyond what his memories had ever implied. Now the fear was being overtaken by the pleasure, instead of the other way around.

Harry's hands moved painstakingly slow as they pushed down Draco's boxers. The feeling of Harry's warm calloused hands against the smooth skin of Draco's hips was magic and his cock was already hard. Electricity was zinging through him and he slowly started stroking the cock that had been in his hand this whole time.

Harry stilled and whimpered, his muscles beginning to tremble in weakness to the pleasure overtaking him. Draco latched his lips onto the crux of Harry's neck and shoulder. He could feel the other man's pulse just beneath his lips. Harry's hand wrapped around Draco's penis and he stroked once making Draco's spine arch again in pleasure. It was such a beautiful sensation.

It was as though time was speeding up and Draco was feeling himself slip away into it. For the first time in a while, it didn't feel like a terror. When he felt Harry's lips closing around him his entire world seemed to stop and begin spinning in the other direction. His young and strong body responded accordingly but his mind felt sluggish and drunk. Pleasure was an almost unfamiliar feeling to him and it took him a moment to adjust.

Somehow, Harry seemed to remember so much of what he liked and how to touch him. Except the other man seemed to tone it down a bit in respect of Draco's hesitance. Draco's entire body was tingling from the repeated up and down of Harry's tight lips and hot, firm tongue.

Harry's hands were leaving trembles in their wake as they deftly touched all the right places at all the right times. In an embarrassingly small number of minutes Draco felt his belly tightening with lust and heat swirling through his veins.

When his orgasm hit him, his senses finally seemed to all kick in full force. Suddenly, the muffled sounds he'd been hearing became his own sharp breaths and long moans, his foggy picture of a messy black head of hair slowly moving over his lap became the man he loved. The air against his skin, the heat springing through his taut muscles all became real and for a moment, his mind was blissfully open and empty.

When his orgasm ended, he fell limp back onto the bed, feeling now how the linens were damp with his own sweat. Harry was breathing heavily against his thigh and smiling smugly. Electric green eyes glanced up at him.

"All that you remembered?"

Draco smiled and sat up to pull Harry to him, "Plus some."

With that, and some of his confident imbued into him again, Draco pushed Harry back and proceeded to return the favor for all he was worth.


Studying…Draco thought, I should be studying.

But Draco wasn't studying. He should have been considering everyone else was, but he just… wasn't. He couldn't find it in himself to care at the moment. He was the definition of blissed out. Everything had changed thanks to the previous night he'd spent with Harry. They hadn't done more than exchange oral sex but it had been enough; it had been everything they needed. Harry was oozing self-satisfaction and contentment. Draco couldn't hardly remember the last time he'd felt this relaxed and for the first time this year, things really seemed to be on the right track.

"Oi, Draco," Ron interrupted his thoughts, "You look a little lost there. Which problem are you on?"

Draco held up his parchment with a sigh, "I'm finished. I was just…daydreaming."

Harry gave him a sarcastically doubtful look before going back to their short answer questions for transfigurations. Glancing at Hermione's parchment, you might think it was an essay.

"Don't mind him," Ginny commented from where she sat reading her own book for a different class, "He's obviously just gotten laid."

"Ginny!" Harry hissed in embarrassment, his cheeks already beginning to darken to a delightful shade of red.

The redhead looked hardly ruffled just flipping a page in her book, "May I present article number one of proof," she replied, referring to Harry's dramatic reaction.

Harry grimaced and turned to Draco with a pout on his face, "Draco," he whined, "Stop her."

The blond smiled to himself, "From what, Harry dear?" Draco replied, "Honesty is a virtue, you know."

"I believe you're thinking of patience," Hermione interrupted snappishly, "Which is what I have to keep reminding myself as you two become further and further distractions."

Harry had the couth to look slightly ashamed but Draco just shrugged and continued pretending to read.

"I'm actually pretty happy for you," Ginny said sincerely, "You both look cheerful and relaxed today. It's a breath of fresh air to all the sulking we usually see."

Harry looked affronted, "I do not sulk,"

"You do and we both know it so let's stop talking about it. Hermione has rather nasty stinging spells for those who distract her studying and I'd rather not be on the receiving end!" Ginny said.

Harry hmphed and frowned as he picked back up his quill. He looked very much like he was sulking.

"Article number one of proof," Draco muttered to Ginny conspiratorially making her snort. Harry kicked him under the table.

"Honestly!" Hermione breathed, pointedly flipping the page, "Our last year, so much to do, NEWTS and all. Just can't be serious…" She was muttering to herself disjointedly.

Draco was actually considering leaving. He was already finished anyway and he knew he and Harry really were a distraction. He was just thinking about going to find Astoria when someone called his name.

"Draco!" Eli said as he rolled forward. He was then hastily shushed by everyone within hearing distance making the poor boy flush in embarrassment before continuing forward.

"Eli," Draco said, careful to keep his voice low and quiet, "Good to see you."

"Yeah, you too," Eli nodded, "H-Hey Harry," The boy greeted nervously.

But Harry, ever unwittingly charismatic grinned at him, "Hello, Eli. What brings you here?"

Eli rolled his eyes, "Homework, what else? Seems like the same for you all."

Draco nodded, "It's a necessary evil."

Eli shrugged, "I guess. So umm… Actually, I wanted to ask you something, Harry."

The Gryffindor looked up from his work, his face showing curiosity, "Umm… sure. What is it?"

"Well…" Eli started, "I'm failing potions. Professor Slughorn recommended I get a tutor and said you were the best student he'd ever had. I mean… now that I kind of know you a little. Do you think you could maybe… tutor me?"

Harry struggled not to laugh, before shaking his head, "Sorry Eli, but Professor Slughorn just likes to play favorites. I'm not that bad at potions but—"

"Not that bad?" Hermione interrupted, "Need we recall the exploding orange acid you nearly killed the entire class with?"

"Or the poisonous sludge you produced just last week when you were making that Elixir of Euphoria," Draco reminded.

Ron happily chimed in, "Or the time you were partnered with Neville and both of your noses swelled up to the size of—"

"Alright!" Harry whispered harshly, "So I'm shit at potions. Shut up."

Eli looked confused and glanced back and forth between all of them. Harry sighed and answered more succinctly, "I'm sorry, Eli, but no. I'd probably injure the both of us. But Draco's actually amazing at potions, if you want to ask him."

"You are?" Eli asked with big hopeful, hazel eyes.

Draco shrugged, "We all have our talents. I will tutor you, if you'd like."

"Of course I would!" Eli said to another round of shushes from the entire library. At this rate, Madame Pince would soon be scurrying over to scold them.

"Alright," Draco nodded, "What time would you like to meet?"

"Hmm…" Eli paused to think, his brow furrowing dramatically, "Now would be nice."

Draco rolled his eyes, "Now is fine." He was looking for an excuse to leave anyway, wasn't he?

"Wha—? Really?" Eli asked excitedly, "Awesome."

Draco stood, gathering his books and placing them in his bag, "I suppose I'll see you all later."

Everyone else muttered their goodbyes but Harry shot him an impish grin and Draco couldn't help but smile in return. He hoped that was a silent promise for tonight.

Eli was careful to be quiet on their way out of the library, but he was very talkative. As soon as the library doors were shut behind them, his voice rose in volume, the words falling from his lips almost ceaselessly. He told Draco all about the latest potion he'd been working on and what had gone wrong with it. Apparently, Eli wasn't very good at counting his stirs and making sure they were just the right speed. Potion making was a delicate art, and Draco got the feeling that Eli's personality wasn't quite suited for it.

There was only one spare potions lab unoccupied at the time, the smallest and oldest with pockmarked and scorched work tables. However, Draco was so used to hanging out down here it hardly bothered him. Eli's chair carefully got him down the stairs into the room and Draco was sure to watch him until he was on solid ground. He didn't want the boy to fall again.

"Alright, Eli, how did you do on your last Swelling Potion?" Draco asked.

Eli's mouth twisted a little in displeasure, "I got a pass, but just barely."

"Let's start with that then. If you can't master that, there's no way you'll ever make a passable Shrinking Solution," Draco told him as he went to the cabinet and pulled out ingredients. He grabbed one of the old school cauldrons, one with the least amount of grime sticking to it and took it back out the table setting up the station.

He led Eli carefully through the motions, making sure to explain each ingredient and what it would do to the potion as they made it.

"So when gurdyroot is crushed instead of diced, it has the opposite effect?"

"Exactly," Draco nodded, "Adding it sliced would likely lead to burst blood vessels instead of swelling. So you must be very careful to only crush it with a blunt object."

"Geez," Eli said adding the crushed root and stirring carefully on Draco's instruction, "I wish Slughorn would take the time to explain this stuff."

Draco scoffed, "He's a bit busy playing favorites to offer sound potion making advice. Stop stirring, you'll overwork it."

Eli smiled up at him, and Draco realized Eli reminded him of someone, though he wasn't sure who.

"Thanks," the boy said, "You're a life saver you know."

Draco ducked his head a bit, feeling flattered. The eyes of a young boy probably couldn't see him as he actually was.

Before he could respond, Eli continued, "A lot of people say bad things about you and other Slytherins. But I think you lot are all right. I've never seen you be cruel to anyone at least."

Draco smiled patronizingly, "Well you were quite young during the war, but many terrible things did happen."

"You did terrible things?" Eli asked with the fearless shame of a child.

Draco's expression tightened a bit, "Yes, Eli. We all did. The light and dark sides were both unscrupulous at times."

"Oh…" the boy mumbled stirring distractedly, "But everyone says the light side was good."

"They were better than the Death Eaters," Draco said, "But they're still just people with faults and imperfections. Stir counterclockwise after you add those frog knuckles."

Eli obeyed his commands easily, but he had a smile on his face again, "Except Harry of course."

"What?" Draco asked confused.

"Harry. Everything he did was amazing," Eli grinned excitedly, "Did he tell you that he rode a dragon?"

"Yes," Draco nodded, "A dragon that he stole from Gringotts. I suppose they don't emphasize that as much."

Eli's eyes were wide as saucers and the potion was bubbling ominously as it was neglected, "He stole from Gringotts! Whoa!"

"That's a criminal act, you know," Draco pointed out, "You must remember, in a war, neither side is good. The only thing you must consider is which on is worse."

"Yeah," Eli nodded, quickly going back to the potion as it began to boil loudly. Adding the powdered dragon egg shell calmed the potion a bit. It only needed to simmer for a few minutes before adding the last two ingredients and stirring once.

"I guess I never thought that the light side could be criminals…" Eli continued as he skimmed down the ingredients list in his book to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything, "Ephraim always says the ends justify the—"

"Ephraim?" Draco interrupted and when Eli looked up again, Draco knew exactly where he'd seen those hazel eyes before.

"Yeah," Eli shrugged, "My brother. Hey, isn't he in your year?"


Harry went out to play a short seeker's game with Ginny after they finished studying. It'd been fun but he wasn't surprised to have won. Ginny was quick on a broom, but Harry noticed her attention span seemed a bit shorter than before. But then, she also didn't train regularly as a seeker so perhaps he was just imagining it.

They were walking back to Harry's room. He'd invited her to come in and have a Butterbeer with him. They really didn't spend much time together and Harry missed it. She'd been the one to help him pick up the pieces of his shattered heart and move on to defeat Voldemort. Without her, they might all still be at war. From Harry's perspective, she'd been as important a player in the war as Snape had.

Lisa greeted them kindly with a curtsey and the portrait door swung open. Inside, Astoria stood up from the sofa and smiled, "Oh, Harry. Good to see you. Do you know if Draco's around?"

Harry dropped his broom in shock. He couldn't help the frown on his face. He tried to control it, but the sight of her, sitting in his one safe haven made his stomach twist with discontent.

"He's not here?" Ginny asked leaning her broom against the arm of the sofa, "How did you get in?"

"Oh," Astoria smiled, brushing some of her hair back from her shoulder, "The kind girl in the portrait let me in. I— Harry!"

Harry walked back outside and quickly closed the door before either Ginny or Astoria could follow him out, "Lisa," He scowled, "We really need to talk about security."

The little girl's eyes were wide and she sucked in her bottom lip as though she might cry, "O-Okay… I'm sorry, whatever I've done."

"You let in Astoria!" Harry nearly shouted, throwing his arms up in outrage, "You can't just let people in to my room without my permission! That's dangerous. You're meant to be protecting my room, not deciding for yourself who can and can't come in! It doesn't matter how nice they seem or if I've let them in before. You can't—"

"Harry!" Draco's voice interrupted his tirade and a heavy hand came down on his shoulder, "What the hell is the matter with you?"

Harry glared at Draco, "She let in Astoria, without even—"

"But I gave Astoria the password," Draco said.

"You what!" Harry shouted shoving the blond away from him. He felt betrayed. Their room was supposed to be an escape from the stresses of outside. How the hell was Harry supposed to relax knowing Astoria could come waltzing in any minute!

Draco ignored his outburst and turned to Lisa. The girl was biting her lip hard, painted tears streaming down her face, "Did Astoria give you the password?" he asked.

She nodded once, sniffling and Harry felt his anger began draining from him as though someone had pulled the plug. He sighed, and put his face in his hands for a minute.

"I'm-m sorry…" Lisa whispered before running away, her yellow dress flashing through the other portraits.

Draco didn't comment but the look on his face when Harry finally braved a look at him said he was not pleased. Wordlessly, the blond opened the now unguarded portrait door to find Ginny and Astoria sitting beside each other.

Ginny looked a bit spaced out, reminiscent of Luna, but there was a frown pulling down on her lips. Astoria had a hand to her chest and was pale as a ghost.

"I suppose you heard all of that," Draco said walking inside. Harry followed with his head down, only because he didn't want to be left out in the hall alone.

"Not words exactly, but shouting," Ginny clarified, "We decided to wait it out."

Draco turned to Harry, an expectant look on his face and Harry stared back defiantly. He was still pissed that Draco had given someone else the password to their room. He was too angry to feel truly remorseful, but he tried to work his face into a calmer expression. He faced Astoria and Ginny before mumbling, "I'm sorry."

Astoria shook her head, "It's alright, Harry. I understand how touchy everyone's nerves have been after the war."

"Considering how relaxed you were before, it was a bit surprising to see you blow up like that," Ginny responded, disapproval in her voice, "Maybe you should lie down. We'll save the Butterbeer for another day."

Harry sighed in frustration, "No, Gin, please. It's alright, I'm alright."

"I know you are, Harry," the redhead smiled as she stood, "Which is why you'll manage for a night without me."

Ginny picked up her broom from where it rested against the arm of the couch and began to leave. Astoria stood as well, "I think I'll leave as well, if you don't mind, Draco. We can talk some other time."

Draco nodded and stepped forward to hug her making Harry's fists clench so hard he thought his nails might draw blood, "Alright," Draco said to her, "Stop by tomorrow please." His voice was so gentle when he spoke to her, and Harry felt like fire was clouding his vision, seeing Draco's smile directed at another.

"Let's walk together," Ginny offered, opening the door for Astoria. The Slytherin girl seemed taken aback by the proposition but readily walked beside Ginny as they exited the room.

It was silent for a moment before Draco pulled off his robes and threw them over the back of the sofa. He didn't speak to Harry, only began walking around the sitting room as though looking for something. Harry stood like a statue, his eyes following Draco, unsure what to say.

Finally the blond stopped and crouched, reaching underneath an end table. He pulled up a shivering little ball of white fur and gently cradled the terrified kitten to his chest. Blue snuggled to her master, still trembling and Draco stood about to head for their bedroom without another word.

"I said I was sorry," Harry said, stilling Draco in his tracks.

The blond scoffed, his back still to Harry as he faced their bedroom door, "You're not half as good a liar as you think you are, Harry."

Harry scowled bitterly before stomping over and grabbing Draco's shoulder to turn him around, "Alright, so I'm not sorry. Why would you give her the password to our room?"

Draco looked confused and angry, "Why wouldn't I? You've given Ron the password before."

Harry sputtered a bit, "B-But that's different. He's a boy, and I changed it right after!"

"You didn't change it for three days," Draco corrected with a sharp glare, "And what does gender have to do with this?"

"Because!" Harry shouted, catching a whiff of jasmine perfume as he stepped closer to Draco, "Because she and you—You two were…" Harry trailed not sure what else to say.

Draco's face had lost most of its anger now and was showing pure confusion, "You think Astoria and I were—"

"Weren't you?" Harry asked seriously, feeling trepidation tingling through his limbs.

Draco let out an incredulous laugh, "God, no! Merlin, Harry is that what all this is about?"

Harry bit his lip looking away, "But you two are so close. And sometimes you smell like her and it just…"

Draco rolled his eyes and took a step back as though considering in his head how to deal with this situation, "Harry, Astoria and I are no closer and you and Ginny are, and likely even less interested in each other. After all, we never dated."

Harry's mouth twisted a bit as he thought about that. Draco had never once complained about him spending time with Ginny, even during their sixth year. He'd only ever complained when Harry had kissed her and continued pretending to date her. Hell, Draco had actually encouraged him and Ginny to stay friends.

"You promise?" Harry asked looking up at Draco, "You promise she and you never did anything?"

Draco's face was serious but he looked almost hurt that Harry would even imply such a thing. Harry didn't want to hurt Draco, he didn't want to imply that Astoria and he had ever been anything more than friends. But he felt it, whenever he looked at them together.

"I promise," Draco said and Harry let out the breath he'd been holding. Draco never broke a promise.

"I'm an asshole, aren't I?" Harry asked, looking up sheepishly into Draco's face.

The blond nodded and Harry cursed before chuckling and running a hand through his hair, "I've been worrying about nothing."

"Glad to see you understand that," Draco replied.

There was a brief pause before Harry cleared his throat and said, "You know how hard it is to argue with you when you're holding a kitten?"

Draco's mouth hesitantly curved up into a smile; he was trying to resist it but he ended up laughing. Harry joined him a second later, starting feel more like himself again.

"How about you, Astoria and I spend some time together?" Draco suggested, "I think you might just be jealous of her because you don't know her well enough."

"Jealous?" Harry questioned, his eyes wide, "No, no, no. I wasn't jealous. I was just— It's different than that."

Draco raised one eyebrow in clear disbelief, but just shook his head at Harry's adamant refusal and turned to enter their bedroom. Draco had placed Blue's bed in the corner near the bathroom and Harry watched as the blond man gently placed the kitten there and wished her goodnight. It was strange to see someone whom Harry knew could be ruthless be so very compassionate. Harry leaned on the doorjamb and watched, feeling awful that he'd chased away both of their friends with his outburst, but sort of happy to have Draco all to himself.

"Are you going to stay up much longer?" Draco asked as he sat down on the bed and pulled off his shoes.

Harry shrugged and walked forward slowly. He sat down on the bed beside Draco and smiled slyly, "I dunno. I was wondering how badly I've fucked the evening."

"Pretty badly," Draco answered honestly, still not paying much attention as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"Badly enough that I couldn't kiss you right now?" Harry asked, his eyes looking up longingly.

Draco's brows drew together and he snorted a laugh, "Never thought you were one for all that alpha male 'marking your territory' shit."

Harry growled in frustration, "Come on! I was not jealous."

Draco was pulling off his belt now, his bare chest tantalizingly close. After last night, Harry remembered clearly how all that pale skin tasted and he wanted more of it.

"You were amazingly jealous. I was when you were with Ginny so I know exactly what it looks like," Draco replied, still sounding decidedly underwhelmed by their conversation.

Unable to take Draco's apparent lack of interest Harry grabbed his shoulders and tackled him onto the bed, "Fine," He said roughly, "I was jealous. If I'm honest with myself I still am. But I love you Draco and I just want to kiss you right now."

Before the last word was out of Harry's mouth, Draco kissed him. It was like a bucket of water on the little jealousy flame that had been smoldering in Harry's belly. He felt better almost instantly, assured that Draco was his and his alone.

Draco pulled away, amusement in his pale eyes, "This is definitely not part of a healthy relationship," he commented before kissing Harry again.

Harry moaned against Draco's lips in agreement, his hands releasing Draco's shoulders and gently caressing his skin. In the brief breaks between their lips, Harry spoke, his words often cut off as Draco continued kissing him, "I remember, we used to have sex angry at each other, or that time you made me beg to suck your cock…"

Draco groaned at the memory and Harry found his hand slipping down to the waistband of Draco's trousers, searching blindly for his fly, "That certainly isn't what most would call healthy."

Before he could do more than flick the first button open, Draco grabbed his wrist. Harry paused, looking up to see Draco's lips downturned into a frown though his pupils were dilated and his cheeks were flushed.

"I don't know," He whispered softly, and Harry knew what he meant.

He sighed, trying not to feel disappointment. It was wrong to feel that way. He had to keep himself in check and just stay supportive, right? If Draco wasn't up to it, there was nothing Harry could do.

"I'll go really, slow," Harry whispered, ignoring how pitiful his voice sounded, "I promise to stop whenever you say."

Draco sighed heavily and looked into Harry's eyes for a long moment. Harry felt Draco's warm hand slide across his cheek, his fingers gently moving the hair from his eyes. When Draco's palm passed by close to his lips, Harry kissed it, still keeping eye contact. He waited patiently for whatever Draco's response would be.

Finally the blond replied, "Okay." At Harry's wide grin he added, "But slow."

"My middle name," Harry muttered already dipping his head to kiss along Draco's neck.

"I thought it was patience," Draco replied his hand tangling in Harry's dark hair as he turned his head to offer his neck for more kisses.

"You said it was Winifred," Harry replied with a rough nip just over Draco's pulse.

The blond jerked and laughed, "Shut up, Harry."

Harry was more than happy to oblige.

It took them a few minutes to get ready, especially since they seemed to pause every few seconds to kiss each other. Draco was already halfway undressed so that was simple, but Harry hated all the time it took him to take off his own clothes. Each time he had to lean away from their kisses to undo a button or pull off an article of clothing, his lips felt cold and needy. Wasn't there a spell to get naked faster?

Draco was now wearing just his boxers, positioning himself in the center of the bed. He sat up against the head board, watching as Harry stumbled, nearly tumbling to the floor, in his haste to get his pants off.

Harry was about to pull off his own boxers but he could see the apprehension on Draco's face. He left them on for the moment, figuring they could be pulled off in a hurry later. Harry had to be gentle, he promised he would be. He moved slowly, leading Draco into long, warm, unassuming kisses. He didn't rush into anything, only letting things happen as naturally as possible.

Draco was slow to loosen up, but Harry noticed as the man's stiff shoulders began to slump, his eyes fell half-lidded and his throat relaxed letting more quiet moans slip out.

Slowly but surely, Draco began to ease himself downwards until they were actually lying down, nearly naked. Harry checked Draco's expression, glad to find it calm before swinging his leg over and straddling Draco's hips. The Slytherin swallowed once, and his face tightened a fraction but he still seemed alright.

"This okay?" Harry asked, rocking his hips once and feeling something warm and firm beneath him.

"Y-Yeah," Draco whispered in a shuddering breath, his hands resting on Harry's hips.

Harry leaned in for another kiss, feeling the way Draco melted beneath him. He was considering what they should do. Was Draco ready to actually have sex? Should Harry just suck him off again?

Draco was tentatively rocking his hips up against Harry's which was so wonderful Harry started having trouble thinking at all. It wasn't so much physically affecting as it was psychologically. Draco was finally responding again; Harry had been waiting months for this.

Harry was pressing wet kisses along Draco's slightly scratchy jawline. He'd apparently forgotten to shave. When he reached the man's ear, he spoke, "I want to ride you, that okay?"

He knew it was true the moment he said it. A moment ago, he hadn't known what he wanted but now he wanted Draco's cock inside him so bad he thought he might sob if he was refused. Draco likely wasn't ready to let Harry top; something to do with his urge to have rigid control over everything. But perhaps if Draco were the one on top, he'd feel more comfortable. Harry didn't move, hardly even breathed while he awaited Draco's answer.

The blond finally licked his darkened lips and replied, "Yes," in a low hiss.

Harry couldn't help but groan at the idea of it. It'd been so fucking long. He wondered if he could even take it right away. Probably not, honestly…

Slowly, so as not to alarm his partner, Harry removed their underwear, throwing it over the edge of the bed into the black abyss that was the rest of the world. If there was one wandless spell Harry got a lot of practice with, even when he was by himself, it was the lubrication charm. He still had it mastered and he used it now, touching Draco's warm cock and stroking it. He noticed the other man wasn't completely hard and he had to stroke him and kiss him a lot to work him up to it.

He stopped when he noticed Draco's muscles tensing again, though he didn't know what caused it.

Don't get frustrated, Harry. You've got to just stay patient. Wait for him, however long it takes, Harry thought to himself as he removed his hand from Draco's cock and just kissed his face, waiting for him.

Draco took a few deep breaths, his eyes showing the barest hints of shame, "I'm sorry," he mumbled.

Why does he keep saying that? Harry wondered. It wasn't the first time he'd thought it. But whenever he tried to pry into the Draco's sudden sexual problems he was promptly shut out. And usually kept out for far longer than he might've been had he kept his mouth shut. So Harry didn't verbally question it, he just sighed and kissed Draco's forehead saying, "You have no reason to be."

Harry waited a few more minutes, even though the tension in his own body was becoming unbearable. He softly touched Draco's skin, and nuzzled his neck, trying to remind him that this was an act of love not pure need. While he was busy reassuring his lover, Harry reached back and tested his entrance with his slick fingers. He shuddered, still as sensitive as before at least, but it felt pretty tight. When he glanced up at Draco's face, he saw that the blond was watching and that made the heat in Harry's belly go up a notch.

Harry inserted his finger slowly, feeling the way the muscle gave and trying to gauge how much stretching he'd need. Draco was watching, his eyes slightly more alert than they were a moment ago. When Harry slipped in a second finger he couldn't hold back his groan. He felt when Draco's hand covered his, when he started slowly pushing Harry's fingers in deeper.

Harry hummed in approval and spread his legs a little wider, feeling Draco's cock slide against his hipbone. Harry pushed in a third finger and Draco touched around the rim of the stretched hole making Harry gasp. Harry moved his fingers back and forth for a few minutes, feeling that part of his body relax as though it had never forgotten what to do.

"Ready?" Harry asked.

Draco didn't look exactly how Harry remembered him. He didn't look uninhibited and lusty. He looked intense, as though he had to think far too hard in order to do this. But he could tell that Draco wanted him and wanted this to happen.

Harry reached down to position Draco's still slick member, stroking it a few times as he placed the head at his entrance. He pushed his hips down gently and watched as Draco bit his lip hard. When the head slipped in, Draco gasped like cold water had been thrown over him. Harry swallowed thickly, relaxing his muscles and slowly rocking his hips further and further downwards.

"F-Fuck," Draco choked out, his hands clenching, his face flushing darker.

"Almost," Harry replied, as he tried to work his internal muscles to suck Draco in deeper.

Draco sniggered once in appreciation of Harry's joke before he was moaning again, his body rigid under the power of such ecstasy.

Finally, Harry's ass settled against Draco's hips. Now the real fun could start.

"Come on," Harry encouraged, kissing Draco's tired, swollen lips, "Rock for me."

Draco responded gradually, but his body got used to the motion soon. They established a rhythm, slow and deep, and stuck to it. Harry was raising and lowering his hips as best he could while still bent over Draco. He didn't care that his back sort of hurt and after a few minutes his thighs started burning from exertion. It felt so good to have Draco inside of him.

He'd been concentrating so much on just getting to this point, he'd hardly been thinking about how amazing it felt. It felt amazing to have the silky skin of Draco's shaft rubbing against his sensitive rim. It felt even more amazing to feel the burning heat of Draco's arousal buried deep inside his body. The sensation of Draco slipping in and out steadily made Harry feel as though his skin was set alight.

"Good," Harry moaned thoughtlessly, "So fucking good."

Draco's hands squeezed Harry's hips and he started thrusting upwards with more force. The blond's head was tilted back, his eyes closed, his mouth letting out the most delicious moans. Harry reached down to touch his own cock, still hard and nearly entirely neglected. As soon as his hand wrapped around it he knew they were nearing the end.

Draco was thrusting faster and his nails were digging into Harry's skin. Harry was pushing his hips down to meet Draco each time. His insides felt like they were melting from the heat and friction. Then Harry shifted his hips and quickly became reacquainted with his prostate.

"Oh fuck!" He shouted, "Yes, Draco. Just there…"

Draco reached up with one hand to grab Harry's tangle of black hair and pull him into a scorching kiss. Having his hair pulled actually sent tingles down his spine instead of pain, or maybe that's just because he was in the middle of having sex.

We really are. We're having sex. God, I hope we never stop!

But that was a hopeless wish, Harry knew it had to end and he was actually looking forward to it. Not because the sex would be over, but because he wanted to come. He wanted Draco to come inside of him. The thought made his muscles tighten in anticipation.

"Harry," Draco was whispering against Harry's lips, his voice quivering, "Harry, I love you."

Harry whimpered feeling his chest clench in a way that was almost painful, "Love you too," he managed to grunt before pressing more kisses to whatever parts of Draco he could reach. Honestly, he didn't know which body parts he was kissing sometimes.

"I can't anymore!" Draco cried out, thrusting up with almost bruising force and sending shockwaves of pleasure all the way up through Harry's body.

"Don't stop," Harry urged, "Please… Please don't stop."

Draco was ramming Harry just right, hitting his prostate dead on nearly every time. Harry's hand had stilled nearly to a stop on his own cock, just the warm squeeze of his hand was enough to bring him over the edge right now. He was trying to hold out, trying to make it last as long as possible.

Harry knew the exact second when Draco was at the point of no return. The hand still trapped in his hair squeezed tight and Draco choked on the moan that was halfway out of his throat. His hips slowed; he thrust hard, a few more times. Then his back arched and his eyes rolled backe, his body emptying its seed as he sucked in deep, hungry breaths.

Harry enjoyed the last few thrusts, feeling wetness inside himself that he knew was Draco's cum. It only took him a few quick strokes of his hand to finish himself off, pleasure still radiating from his entrance. His orgasm hit him so hard he couldn't breathe; he even saw stars, little bursts of light behind his eyelids. He came on Draco's stomach, thick spurts leaving lines of semen striped up and down the blond's scarred skin.

Draco's eyes were wide, staring up at the ceiling. His pupils were blown so wide that only a fraction of the usual blue-gray was visible. When Harry kissed him though, Draco responded, his lips moving lethargically and his eyes slipping closed. Harry slumped down on top of his lover, his body exhausted.

They took a few minutes to catch their breath, hands still trailing over warm skin, lips still tiredly kissing whenever they could.

"How was it?" Harry finally asked when he could speak.

A grin slowly curled into Draco's face, "Perfect," he breathed.

Harry smiled in return and then gently pulled himself off of Draco. His entrance twitched a bit as Draco's limp cock slipped from him and he knew he'd likely be feeling sore tomorrow. He didn't care. Harry flopped down tiredly on the bed next to Draco, feeling heavy and relaxed.

He heard and felt the bed dip when Draco leaned over to grab his wand from the bedside table and cast a quick cleaning charm over the cooling semen on their chests, and what was slowly dripping down Harry's thighs.

Harry was sure he tried to say thank you, be he wasn't sure if the words actually managed to make it out or if they made the slightest bit of sense. He was so drained.

Before he could stop himself, before he could reassure Draco with more kisses and caresses, he was slipping off into a deep, deep sleep.


















Harry took in a deep breath, slowly waking up. Draco's hand was on his chest, warm and heavy, just over his heart. The blankets had been pulled up over them and Harry could feel the rest of Draco's naked body pressed against his side.

He opened his eyes and suddenly, it was like someone had thrown a wet comforter over him. He felt it settle like a spell deep in his muscles and realized that he couldn't move. Panic began to radiate through him. He felt so out of control of his body he couldn't tell if he was breathing. He was trying to suck in breaths, but his chest was burning and—

Harry looked up when he felt himself being watched. It was blurry without his glasses but a hooded being was slowly floating towards him. Harry felt the happiness leaving his body, felt anger and despair taking its place. It was a dementor. Adrenaline pulsed through his veins and he struggled even harder against his invisible bonds.

He could tell, even though he couldn't see the creature's face that he was about to get the kiss. He was going to have his soul sucked out. He stared up in terror at the shadowed empty hood, and realized this was the end. But just as the demon was leaning over him, Harry trying desperately to scream, Draco stirred.

There was a pause as both Harry and the dementor's attention were drawn to the blond. When Harry looked back at the creature, he knew its target had changed.

No, Harry tried to say, No, don't you fucking touch him. Leave him alone!

It was useless, he couldn't even move his pinkie finger and Draco was laying there, his head snuggled close to Harry's shoulder, his lips slightly parted. His face looked innocent in sleep, lax and trusting. Harry was fighting as hard as he could, but he was starting to feel dizzy, his eyelids felt heavy. He still couldn't breathe and little black spots were starting to blink into his vision.

He was going to die. Or Draco was going to die. He was going to have to see Draco die. Harry felt his eyes get wet at the corners, felt his tears streaming down to his temples as he lay there helpless.

I can't breathe. I can't breathe! Harry internally screamed in alarm, Please, don't touch him. Don't hurt him! Go away, just g—

"GO AWAY!" Harry screamed at the top of his lungs as he surged up from the bed, nearly throwing Draco off of it.

The blond let out a startled yelp and caught himself before he fell off the edge of the bed. He was shaking, his eyes wide and searching for a threat before they settled on Harry. Harry was breathing hard, feeling nauseous and trying to blink away the little black dots still swimming in his vision.

He was sitting straight up, his heart pounding so hard he could feel his pulse throughout his whole body. Now that it was over, he knew what it was. He remembered. Apparently, Draco did too because his face changed from scared to pitying.

The blond shakily exhaled the breath he'd been holding and sat down beside Harry, gently touching his shoulder. At the touch, Harry wasn't able to keep himself together anymore.

He collapsed in on himself, drawing his knees up and holding his face with both hands letting out a heart-wrenching groan. He heard Draco suck in a sharp breath, he felt the other man's hand now trembling where it sat on his shoulder, but he couldn't even reassure him because he was choking on sobs and shaking so hard he thought he thought he might actually throw up.

He cried for a long time like that, trying to remind himself that it was over; they were both alive and it'd only been his imagination. But he knew now, it was not a singular occurrence. It'd happened twice. It would happen again. The fear of it was stifling and Harry again felt he had to struggle to breathe.

"I-It's okay," Draco whispered, his own voice sounding weak like he might be close to tears, "It's okay, Harry. I'm here."

Harry turned and wrapped his arms around Draco, sobbing onto his naked shoulder. He felt better as soon as Draco's arms were around him, but only by a fraction. He was still scared from how powerful it had been. But he was also scared that he was losing his mind, that this would happen more frequently and that there would be no way to escape it.

"I'm sorry," Harry tried to say, but his throat was so raw from crying it came out as hardly a squeak.

"It's okay," Draco repeated and Harry was sure the other man was close to tears now, just from the sound of his voice, "Don't be sorry, love. I've got you."

I'll never sleep again, Harry thought to himself as Draco rocked him and gently cooed sweet, comforting words into his ear, Never.


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