Author's Note: We are ready to post Part 2 of 'This Never Happened' and we realize that so many readers have already chosen a 'story alert' for Part 1, so we added a couple paragraphs from our first new chapter here, to Part 1, to 'alert' everyone to be on the lookout for the posting of the story's second half. Chapter 85 will be posted in its entirety in Part 2.

CHAPTER 85: A Preview

Stephanie's POV

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I hate Joseph Morelli! He's been ruining my life – or trying to ruin it, anyway – since I was a little girl. My mother had warned me to stay away from "those bad Morelli boys," but I thought I knew better than she did and didn't pay her any attention. Of course, Joe took advantage of my naïveté. First, he taught me the "Choo-Choo-Train" game when we were kids and then he took my virginity when we were teenagers. Now that we're adults, of course, I do know better. And this time, that jerk has gone too far!

You see, I'd had a plan for the evening. My future father-in-law was going to come over to my house for what he thought would be another one of our cooking lessons. Except the only thing that would be cooked was Papa/Rico/Ricardo Mañoso's own goose. Hurricane Stephanie was going to make that sneaky, conniving man 'fess up' to his true identity and be honest with me for once. I had planned to make him feel very, very sorry he had ever lied to my face or harassed his son, my fiancé, in my presence. Okay, so maybe it hadn't been a complete plan, but it was my plan and then stupid-ass Morelli ruined everything.

. . .

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